How can I express to my boyfriend and mom how I am feeling?

Hey mamas. I’m a 20 yo FTM to an almost two-month-old. I stay home with her and do college online. I’m not working atm and am with my baby all day every day. This has taken a toll, and I get overwhelmed and sad. I’m on antidepressants (started when I was pregnant). After I had my baby, I got on the depo shot. I’m wondering if the birth control is contributing to me feeling defeated? I also feel awkward/bad for admitting this. I don’t know how to talk about it with my mom or bf. I’m just a mama who needs to vent. My bf works long hours, and I don’t see friends often. Looking for advice and encouragement. TIA


Sounds like postpartum depression

Sounds like postpartum depression. You should see someone.

Look around for new mom groups… go to storytime at the library… :heart:

That shot knocked my daughter around something chronic, she got it twice and had all sorts of issues… And is still dealing with them now and it’s been almost 6 months off it…
Could be a combination of the shot and postpartum depression, but if go to talk go someone asap,

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Start talking to your doctor. It doesn’t get easier. Only worse if you don’t seek help. Good luck mama

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Sounds like ppd. You are absolutely not alone and should NEVER be ashamed for feeling the way you do. Your doctor should be able to provide info on groups and where to get help.

Never be afraid to admit that you need a break. Ask one of them to take care of your baby so you can take a bath and relax or even so you can go to the store alone.

There is nothing to feel bad about. Do you have friends you can confide in, and go with you to the doctor? Your body has gone through so many changes, and this could be postpartum depression. Or, it could be circumstantial - home alone with the baby and isolated. You say you’re on antidepressants, so my first point of call would be your doctor so that they can get to the root of the cause. Good luck xx

Join a mom support group, I bet them have some at your local pregnancy center,

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Definitely ppd. For sure tell your dr. Find ppd mom groups on Facebook to join or even a friend that may have had ppd. It’s very common. You are not alone mama

hugs that’s postpartum. You’re hormones have to settle down again, this will happen over time and sort itself out. Depending where you are take baby for walks or find ways to get out of the house for a little. Your whole world has changed, it will take time to get used to. It’s going to be overwhelming for a while. As long as you feel safe around the baby I would say reach out to mom groups in your area, even on Facebook. Walks to get fresh air. DONT BE HARD ON YOURSELF!!! I know that’s easier said than done but even mom’s who have multiple children go through this. Talk with your doctor too. They will be able to help you. When baby naps take a warm bath, try to pamper yourself when you can. I’ve been there. The slump is hard and you feel alone. YOU ARE NOT!! :heart:

Talk to your dr. Look locally for mom groups. Put your kid in the car and just go out for a day (hard with a newborn, I know)
I am a single mom. Have been since day one. Sometimes all you need is to get away for a day. I used to go over to my sister’s for the weekend just to get out of the house while on leave

A lot of women get the blues being a sahm too. I definitely do sometimes. Make sure you are going out as well! Join a play group and if you need that little break from bubs (nothing wrong with it, everyone does) see if someone you trust can watch them for an hour or two.

That’s the first thing I thought too- postpartum depression. I will say though, I always had trouble with hormonal birth control and found that it exacerbated my mood issues so it may be something to bring up with your doctor as well. Motherhood is hard, just do the best you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help- there is no shame in it! You can do this! :muscle:t2::heart:

I’m not sure about depo shot but I definitely understand feeling defeated. It is hard going from being social to being home all day with no one to talk to. Best advice I can give and what helped me was trying to get out. Maybe sign up for some classes at school next semester just to get out and feel like a person outside of motherhood.

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Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for help from your family and physician. You deserve to feel better and your child deserves a mom that can give her best. Take time for yourself. Have your mom babysit. Go out and get a massage or your hair done. You got this. As your child gets older it gets much easier. I promise. :revolving_hearts:

Hang in there, Mama, it gets better. You need to check into postpartum depression very soon.

Sounds like it could be postpartum depression. Could be just needing some adult company. Ask Mom to babysit go out for a ladies night with some friends. Ones life doesn’t end because they become a momma it just enriches your life if you don’t let it consume you. Talk with someone about this your Dr. A friend a stranger willing to help what ever it takes. God bless you.:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

We can’t say for sure if it’s from the shot or not as it’s different for everyone. But I would sit down and tell them exactly what you wrote to us.

Firstly please dont feel defeated we’ve all been there. Its hard work going from being just you then being a stay at home mam. I was one and it can be very lonely reach out to friends and family and make time even if it’s just half hour in the day doing something just for you. Also if its something you’d like look for a baby group close by or go for a long walk getting out and about in the day. Having a baby changes so much but it does get better with routine and time :blush: if you do think it is the depo then speak to ur gp for other options… good luck xxx

Yes look into different birth control my doctor said I should have never been offered the depo shot with mental health record with depression and anxiety, please talk to your doctor and family maybe change your meds around a little

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I’m a SAHM and feel defeated some days and it’s ok to feel that way, but keeping those feelings to yourself isn’t going to make it any better. Talk to your mom or significant other or a friend. You need to make sure you take care of yourself so baby gets the best version of you that there is. As a SAHM you dont get much time to yourself. You have to make sure you make time for yourself. Even if it’s just a nice hot relaxing bath at the end of the night. Or a dinner with the girls once a month. Keep your sanity for the both of you. Good luck!

Talk to your mom first then go to Dr asap if you feel like you can’t take care of that baby let mom know or bf if depressed get help being a young mom is hard …I had my first at 20 and I worked. Please talk to some one . And fast …maybe the depo and pills you take and how u feel . It’s okay to ask for help. Don’t feel embarrassed that’s what is mom’s are for

I’m in the same boat right now, just recently was I able to start doing a favorite hobby of mine again. If you want to talk you can messege me about it :yellow_heart: My boyfriend works all week, long hours and my baby and I hardly get to see him. I’m a sahm watching my baby 24/7 with no breaks so I understand

I took the Depo Shot over a 6 month period. I noticed it made my depression and anxiety much worse! Didn’t realize how much worse till i was off of it. Good luck!

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I feel you. I’ve been here. Keep pushing forward. :sparkling_heart:

Postpartum more than likely and the meds you have may not be working for you which is normal two to your doctor see your options

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I think everyone here can agree there’s many times we all feel defeated.
Do NOT ever hesitate to talk about your feelings/ how you are feeling. Regardless if your baby sleeps through the night and never cries, every mom needs to be heard.
I would definitely schedule an appointment with your doctor. Tell them everything. They can really help, and possibly point you in the right direction to seek help.
If you’re having a hard time telling your support how you feel, write them a letter. It’s hard to put your feelings into words, but then at least they would be aware of what you’re going through. And it would open the lines of communications with them!
Best of luck to you, and just know, things get easier!

I was in the same boat.
Had my son at 18. I’m 21 now. He’s 3. I was never on any meds. Tried therapy once. But let it all eat me up till one day I exploded. I’m hoping maybe start with your mom about how you feel. She might not get it but for you to get it off your chest might help. My bf works long hours as well. I’m asleep before he even gets home. So I know how it feels. Please message me if you ever need to vent.
You’re doing great.

Depression medicine can make depression worse if your not on the right medication. Try something new and find something to do, see some friends you never see and let your mom babysit.

Birth control has been known to caused depression.

You need a break and time for YOU!.

I was depressed the entire time I was on the depo shot (more than a year) and once I decided not to take it again, it only took a couple of months to get back to normal.

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Find those mommy classes where you can take the little one? Reach out to friends and see if they want to hang out with you and your little one. It’s important if you can to also get some time to yourself

I was on depo, I used to be so happy and never once thought bad things or suicide. Now
I’m constantly thinking of killing myself and had to go see a doctor and on medication now. The depo shot made me not want to do anything anymore, I stayed home and laid in bed all day. Can vouch that sometimes birth control can mess you up (no children I recently had a miscarriage though hence why I joined this page)

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Hon, you just had a kid and postpartum depression is a thing! Add to that the hormone wrecking depo ( which messes you up) and yeah, your probably feeling pretty crummy.

Talk to your OBGYN ASAP. They are trained in these types of things, a lot better than general practitioners. They will help :heart:


Depo destroyed me emotionally, maybe see about switching to the minipill, it’s safe if you are breastfeeding, and go to a counselor if you dont feel that you can express it to your husband or mother. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who isnt so close to the situation.

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I would suggest talking to your doctor about a low hormone birth control.

Most importantly, you are not alone! I felt the same way and I was too “embarrassed” to talk to anyone and let it go on. I finally talked to my doctor and got help, but I regret that it took so long. You need a little help and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! No one will think any less of you for taking care of yourself(and if they do, fuck em). Your baby doesn’t need a perfect mom she needs a happy mom <3

Stay calm itll work out your doing a good job

Different birth control. You were fine on anti-depressants so Depo shot is what is new. Tell your doctor what is happening and you want to try something different.

I’ve never had depression except when I was in the Depo shot. It was awful… and made all my hair fall out :confused:

100% understand! I feel the same way all the time! When I was on depo, it made me depressed and emotional. I stopped taking it and my body went through a rough detox and it definitely made a difference for the good. Just keep pushing through mama, your not alone :heart:

The depo made me feel awful! Even four months after I gave birth. As soon as I stopped it the anxiety went away

I understand how you feel… I’m almost 21 FTM with a now 8month old. I live in a camper on my In laws property, i stay home all day everyday,before this when I was pregnant we lived in a 1b/1b apt and was put on early bedrest/light duty… months before I got pregnant I had finished school and was CNA certified… being put on light duty I was let go of my job because I was a new hire and they dont allow light duty unless hurt on the job… so I got stuck in the 1b/1b apt all day everyday never left unless to go to the store or go out every once in a while.and went from an apt to the camper were in now with our son plus being stuck next to my in-laws makes it worse… depression is real and being stuck with a child who is alive and full of energy sometimes it’s amazing cause it keeps me up and others it just drains me more…dont feel bad for admitting it,admitting it is the first realization that you are a strong woman!a

Depo shot can cause Post Partum depression symptoms to be worse. I was on it for over a year and ended up splitting up with my partner because of how low I was feeling. Once I went off it I was fine (my partner and I got back together and I’m fine now)

I know that feeling. I’m 26 SAHM. I’m have depression and anxiety. I had a depression thing the other night where I literally just out there crying for about 30 minutes. My daughter’s were asleep, so I got on our game system to try to get my mind off the bad thoughts. But it only worked half way. I waited up till my hubby got home, at 1:50am to talk to him about what triggered it. Helped me relax again. I’m not on any pills. The first ever depression pill I was given was after the birth of my second daughter. That’s when I told the doctors about it, because I felt the PPD flare up before she was born. So after I delivered her, they pricribed a breestfeeding safe anti-depression pill. The first and second time I took the pill. I almost immediately couldn’t breathe. I was deathly allergic to one of the ingredients, but I wasn’t sure which one. So I never tried another antidepressant one again. But I do have a cat that helps me with my depression. I raised him since he was two days old so he grew up knowing my symptoms and helps me a lot.

if you need some one to chat with, PM me. I’ll be a listening ear. And help with advice if asked.

Try going for a little walk it might help