How can I get baby to like the car?

My baby hates riding in the car if its only her in the back seat and cries the entire time due to being alone back there, any suggestions on how to make her and my ride easier? Shes in a convertable carseat so there isnt a handle or anything to do the carseat toy.


Just lay the toy in her lap… I also put a binky clipped to seat and some other odd toys just incase one get away. Took awhile but my son’s fine now. Oh teething toys… The spiral toy I lay in his lap.

Following! My daughter is 14 months and is the same way! And she throws her toys out of her car seat :roll_eyes:

Mirrors! I had it set up so my daughter and I could see eachother while I was driving


Mirrors and maybe her favorite stuffed animal

We use those play rings that link together to attach a toy to our son’s harness (he likes to throw the toys out of the carseat lol). You could also look into getting one of those mirrors that attaches to a headrest so she can see you and vice versa.

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I had to put a mirror on the headrest for him to be able to see me and I could see him and at night I had to leave a light on so he wasn’t scared. Thankfully he grew out of this

I hang a toy from the headrest
And I have a backseat mirror so I can see her in my rearview

I advise taking this question to Carseat Safety :heartpulse:

If you have a tablet get a headrest holder put it in there and let them watch a sing along or something like that. I Have to do it with my 2yr old I download some things off Netflix they have quite a few shows with colors and alphabet and numbers, nursery rhymes…

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My little ones loved our DVD player, but now you can put tablets up with a movie, or music. My oldest is 14 way back when they loved baby Einstein. Just a thought.

Maybe a large stuffed animal in backseat with her???

Mirrors so she can see u up front

Attach a mirror to the head rest so she can see she isn’t alone

My oldest used to put her baby doll in it’s baby carrier and strap it in the seat next to her

I pop a DVD in the player !!

How old is she? What I did when I was driving and couldn’t be in the back with him I put up a mirror and had her some toys to play with

Hang a mirror on the backseat so she can see herself and she can also see you And just put toys inside her car seat with her

We put a mirror up for our daughter and it has been a game changer. She also has a few toys in her car seat with her (that will sometimes get thrown across the backseat) and those help too.

All 4 of mine hated the car I either let them cry or played the DVD player for them.

We use portable DVD player if we going on a ride longer than 30 mins for ours

How old is she? Is she rear facing? My son did the same thing untill we turned him around. I second the mirror though if she is rear facing.