How can I get child support?

Hi from Missouri!
I have an almost 16 year old and her father has never paid child support even though he was only ordered $75 a month. He has only saw her maybe 4 times her whole life last time when she was 4. He doesn’t try to contact us or message her, they are even Facebook friends. A few years back I got a letter saying the CS was being terminated. When I called, they stated he was in jail and didn’t have a release date. I let them know that he was not in jail and I could give them his work place- address and number. The woman told me that is not what there records show and to go to legal aide if I wanted it to be opened again. I guess this is because I have never collected government assistance?? Who knows. Anyway I got a letter today that stated he completed his probation regarding his CS case. I’m confused? 75 isn’t worth fighting but if the case is closed what’s the probation about? I left a voice mail for the case worker but haven’t heard back yet. Thoughts?


Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it. He’s a sperm donor not even a father.

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Wouldn’t you actually be fighting for over $14,000? 16 years Xs 12 months = 192 months. 192 Xs $75 a month is $14,400.


$75 per month for 16 years. That’s college tuition for a year. That’s your daughters money. Pursue it.


Sounds like maybe someone was collecting your money you didn’t care about

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You are not alone. This sort of thing goes on all the time.

might he have been serving time for another CS order? My kids dad was ordered to pay $350/mo I’ve seen maybe $140 my son’s entire life. I never collected govt assistance. My son is now 18 I absolutely refuse to close the case on pure premise. I’m not sure about the laws in your state but it doesn’t seem like they should just be allowed to close a case.



I never cancelled the support, I was told it was being cancelled. It wouldn’t be worth hiring an attorney when he only works jobs that pay under the table. I have worked 2 jobs the majority of her life. He has went to jail for this but got out and still nothing has changed. I thought the monthly payments would stop not his back child support not be collected. I’m confused.

If he never paid child support you’ll go to jail for that. Long distance they let out a warrant after 5k and 1k is for short distance. Fight for that money. Every year until it’s paid up, his wages will be garnished and she’ll get his taxes to.


Child support laws suck and are a joke

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If child support is filed with the state, have child support paid thru them. They will send notices then turn him in. Jail time and sometimes they will take his license. $75 for that many years adds up…Big Time!! Divorce papers or whatever you have showing the $75 Then sue him if case worker doesn’t help you. Get the money, daughter deserves that and so do you!!

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It a completely different where I’m from, my childs sperm doner is in 2 years of arrears on child maintenance but he’s been inn3 different jobs inn2 years almost, but each time they catch him when he thinks it’s ok to pay £229 a month they collect it from him then I receive it… I suppose the UK law is far different… but once a claim is made it can’t be unmade no matter what he’s to pay for his daughter until she’s 18 he’s not seen her properly in near 2 years in her full time parent but wouldn’t have it any other way…

There may be a place such as legal aide you can go talk to for free. I know there is one in our area a couple times a month
And almost $15,000 is a year college, a nice used car…

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My son is 28 and I get child support for him cause of the back pay his father owes.