How can I get my 4 month old to sleep alone again?

How do you get your four-month-old to sleep alone again? She was doing fine in her bassinet, which is right next to me in bed; however, for the last few weeks, she will cry in the middle of the night until I cuddle her back to sleep (which I don’t want to do because of the dangers of co-sleeping) I don’t want to fall asleep and accidentally hurt her or worse, but nothing else seems to work.


She’s probably hungry. Babies need to wake to eat at night. Feed her when she wakes rock her to sleep and put her back in her bed. Try swaddling if she likes it.


How about this one? :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe feed and rock and put back in bassinet

Yes! A bottle in the middle of the night if she wakes up and a swaddle works wonders for my first baby!

New born generally wake up every 3 to 4 hours for a feed, swaddled and put back to sleep, it’s very rare they will just sleep through or don’t need any settling each wake

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Try putting on some white noise. It worked for my baby girl. My friend suggested it and I tried it thinking it wouldn’t work but OMG baby girl was asleep within 5 minutes! It’s been 6 months now and still works like a charm.

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My daughter liked to be swaddled after she would eat and her bassinet had a vibrate option she loved it.

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Yeah she probably wants to be fed.

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It’s called a 4 month sleep regression.

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Try making the bassinet warm with a water outlet or heat pad. Also a short thst has your scent comforts little babes

White noise. A fan works wonders.

Some babies just prefer the closeness .

She could be teething

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My son is almost 4 months and we use a white noise machine and the nested bean weighted sleep sack.He’s been in his crib since about 2 months.He gets a bottle everytime he wakes up which is usually 2-3 times a night and a diaper change once during that time.Unfortunately he’s one of these children who cries or fusses himself to sleep at the beginning of bedtime.I leave him be unless he’s really melting down.A bottle seems to do the trick though.

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When it comes to co-sleeping studies have shown there is no added risk when you follow the safe 7, which is how other countries with lower SIDS rates bedshare. The fear mongering around co-sleeping is from studies where they lumped unsafe practices like accidentally falling asleep on the couch, drug and alcohol use, fluffy blankets and pillows. I’m not saying you have to co-sleep if you feel uncomfortable, but being exhausted and not setup for it, is where the risk lies, so I’d recommend at least setting up a safe sleep space so that if you do happen to fall asleep, it’s still going to be ok.


I have a 3 wk old son who won’t sleep unless he feels me so I got a bassinet that you can put on the bed and I lay him down in there and hold his hand. It works for half of the night so I make sure that for the other half of the night I have something that will keep me up such as coffee or just talking on the phone.

Change her diaper, feed her a bottle. If it doesn’t work see if she’s too hot or maybe cold. My daughter was the same. I ended up putting her crib next to mine she was almost 2 months old and the bigger space she liked more then the bassinet. Helped a lot I also put her to sleep (in the crib) her head was by my feet so I can see her and it was easier for me to pick her up and put her back. It happens tho there’s times they don’t sleep through the night and times they do. Hang in there

I used a Baby Einstein to get my kiddo to sleep in her crib…eventually. But I swear it seems like the first 5 months I slept on the floor by her swing because my kiddo would only sleep in her swing.

Try putting a piece of your clothing near baby. Babies have an incredible sense of smell. Maybe your scent will give enough comfort. We tried this with my son when we put him in his own room around that age. No clue if it worked but he never had a problem!

4 months is a typical time for a bit of sleep regression. She is big enough that you could let her cry it out a bit. I haaaaaaaate the concept of cry it out but it was the only way I got my now 13 month old to sleep longer than 3 hours in a stretch. She cried for ten minutes the first time, then 5 minutes, then slept on through. I know I was one of the lucky ones though. Good luck mama. And just know, there is no wrong way to do it. If you want to cuddle her, cuddle away!

It seems like she is going through a growth spurt. She is waking up to eat in the middle of the night. Feed her until she is full. Give her cuddles until she falls back asleep. Once she is in deep sleep put her back in her bassinet. Once her growth spurt is over she will sleep the way she was again.

My almost 4 month old has started waking in the middle of the night to eat again after sleeping for 2 month all night. I think it is a sleep regression/ leap. I feed her put her on the full boppy pillow and depending on the time give her 20 minutes before i lay her flat she has acid reflux in her pack and play or if it’s close to when my husband leaves for work she sleeps between my legs on her pillow then after his alarm I move to his side of the bed. It will pass. Sometimes they just need extra love. But my babies stay in my room the first year.

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Once upon a time, I allowed my oldest newborn to sleep next to me when we came home from the hospital. Ten years later, she was still sleeping next to me ( her daddy passed away when she was 6). Fast forward to today, she is a 23 year old confident young woman doing her 1st year of medical school - and no longer sleeping next to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Listen to your heart. If you and the baby are good with the arrangement, que sera sera - they won’t always want to sleep next to you, I promise!


It starts the minute you bring them home from the hospital. You put them right in there crib. Not your room. My daughter never slept in our room. She 14 now. She loves sleeping in the dark with her door closed just like she always has. Because we did this she is so independent.


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Anyone else remember the pat on the bottom or side of the leg that you did rythmatically til they fell back to sleep and your arm was about to fall off.


Swaddle her nice n tight? That worked for my baby, then the pat on the side of her leg if she started to get fussy when I put her down

I would do the same thing and I would also talk to her while she’s in her bassinet or whatever she’s sleeping in. I did mine that way and they turned out to be great children. I didn’t do the baby talk to them and they are very intelligent girls. I love them very much and they love me also.

Give her all the snuggles, it goes by so fast, they have sleep regressions and bad nights, but if snuggles is what she wants give them to her. If your afraid, sit up and hold her till she falls back asleep


She might wake up, because she goes through growth spur and feeling hungry. You might consider to start to give her baby cereal. Good luck, mama!

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4month sleep regression is real

Newborns get up for feedings. Feed the baby and they will go back to sleep while eating lol

If you figure it out let me know I’m still trying to get my 5 year old to sleep alone


One them rocking swing keep them a sleep most the night

I used to put my hand on their back and rub or pat try not to pick up out of bed unless there is a need. Comfort, talk to and rub. She might just be missing you. Try white noises too like heartbeat or vibration, waves, etc.

We put my daughter in the room with us when she was born. In a cradle. After a two month’s of us hardly getting any sleep we moved her to her own room in her crib and she slept straight through the night since starting at two months. I think the sounds of us turning over in bed would wake her. We just put a sensor under her bed that if she wiggled to close to the side or stopped breathing it would alarm us. Plus a monitor so we could hear her. I always swaddled her as well.

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Children are real good at manipulating parents- even the very young ones- I think you need to let her cry for a few nights- I believe she will eventuallly find out you are not going to give in and find it is pretty nice to fall asleep on her own…if you win this first round, then you will find she will underestand and then you will have won one of probably many challenges. Children who learn that parents are in control learn a very important lesson about living as good citizens in this world!

She’s old enough to be sleeping in a crib in her own room. Plus, thank you for NOT co-sleeping.

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Just stay consistent, the four month sleep regression is the worst IMO. If you stay consistent it’ll all work itself out. So hard, hang in there!

4 month regression. All you can do is comfort her and it will pass. There were nights my son would cry in my arms for 45min-1hr and I had no idea how to help him. It’s just part of their development.

I put my dressing gown near the bassinet on the outside it’s one that just has mesh around it so she can smell me

Sleep with the bassinet sheet so it smells like you