How can I get my 5 year old to do her chores before school?

Scoop the cat box? Before school? You want a slave, not teach her responsibility

What in the world she’s 5 years old this is slave labour

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Yuck to her going anywhere near the litter box…are you going to make her clean the toilet next?

Start offering an allowance :tipping_hand_woman: I get the whole kids need to learn to be responsible but at the same time she’s 5 :woman_facepalming: you want her to be more inclined to help give her 5$ if she does all 3 of the things she’s asked to do

No…her jammies yes
Other then that she is too young

EXCUSE TF OUTTA ME….you make a 5 YR OLD SCOOP cat crap??? That’s such a health hazard and completely INAPPROPRIATE task for a child. Wthell is wrong with you??? Do it yourself. This has to be a joke right??? Right??? :roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Pick a different time to do it. After school and before dinner. Definitely wouldn’t have the cat box as a chore that young. It’s gross and messy. That’s an adult or older child chore.

Yea I wouldn’t want to clean kitty litter as an adult

I’m all for putting her Jammies in the dirty clothes, and I’m not one to judge how others parent, but that baby is 5 years old CLEAN THAT LITTER BOX YOURSELF!!! She should not be scooping poop and inhaling the toxins that can come along with it, that infuriates me!!!

She is 5 years old :neutral_face: the litter box should be YOUR job ! Hell I’m barely functional in the morning. The pjs she can put in the hamper after getting dressed, wipe the sink after brushing her teeth.

PLEASE STOP THE LITTER BOX CLEANING! Its harmful to kids and pregnant mothers to clean that.

I teach the younger kids to put clothes in laundry basket, scrap their plate and put in sink after they eat, clean up their toys after playing, attempt to make their bed, brush their teeth but I help afterwards, put rubbish in the bin (snack rubbish etc), wash their hands,

They like to help - carry rubbish out to wheelie bin, wash plastic cups & bowls in the sink,

Maybe as they get a tad older help feed animals - I wouldn’t make them clean a kitty litter especially for their hygiene.

Before school NO. And scoop cat liter REALLY!!!

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You’re gonna make the 5 year old do the litter box???


Shes 5…give over! At most ask her to out her dirty washing in a basket and her toothbrush back where it belongs!!!

No seriously who tf makes a 5 yr old scoop cat shit as a chore


Let her do them after school if you insist on a 5 yr old having chores like that… they got enough to worry about getting ready and going to school on time why tf are you putting unnecessary pressure on them BEFORE the school day even starts

She isn’t your house keeper

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Maybe do cat box after school. Pjs get out wherever right after getting dressed and wipe out the sink right after brushing teeth. Maybe give a small reward after so many days of remembering? Maybe a chart when the chore is done they get a sticker and so many stickers earns a prize?

:joy::joy::joy::joy: why would you have a 5 year old scoop the cat box? You hate the kid and the cat?

She’s 5 years old. Let her be a kid


Umm yea, I’m having a problem with the cat litter also. She’s to young to be doing that.


I would maybe just have her pick up her pajamas. She’s five. I wouldn’t want a 5 year old around a litter box.


I feel you baby girl. I’m 28 and don’t wanna clean before work. No way would I expect my son to clean before school. :neutral_face:

Is this this real?! 5yrs old and expected to scoop a litter box BEFORE school?! I get that everybody parents different but would you expect that same child to go outside and scoop poop from a dog if you had a different pet? Not much difference. If they wanted the animal, you let them have it but expect contribution, try making sure they have food and water? My 3yr old loves to fill the food dish and I give her a cup of water to dump into their bowl but it sure as shit isn’t right as she’s waking up

We do chores after school. You can have a snack after your chore. My daughter is 6 I would never ask her to do the catbox… She does stuff like feed the cats or sweep under the table (she always gets crumbs on the floor) but she doesn’t have to sweep the whole floor. And occasionally I ask her to help me fold her clothes and put them away.

This can’t be real, are you serious? The baby is 5. You can teach her to be responsible without giving her a list of shit to do as soon as she wakes up. Why aren’t YOU doing these things? YOU’RE the parent, let the child be a damn child and do your job as the parent.

why are you making her clean the litter box??? you got the cat so you should do that. And honestly the only chore she should be doing before school is pick up her clothes and make her bed. She can do other chores after school like help set the table before dinner and do her homework.

First of all she’s 5!!! Secondly, why the hell would you have her near cat litter? Picking out pj’s before school? I have a five year old too. They can barely dress themselves for Christ sakes. The only things they can really do at that age is help you with tasks (that are actually safe meaning no chemicals and biohazzardz like cat litter smfh), clean up their toys with assistance, help pick outfits the night before or pick between 2 outfits and brush their teeth. Everything they do at 5 should be supervised. I can’t even believe anyone has to explain to someone why a 5 year old shouldn’t be handling cat litter. I really wonder how some people are even allowed to have kids.

Cat litter? I dont allow my 5 hr old to do it because she would have to lean pretty far to get all the stuff out and i dont want her breathing that in. A pet is a the parents responsibility esp when the kid is 5 so it deffinitly feels like your pawning off a dirty job that you dont want to do… the kids only 5…

I’d never expect my 5 year old to clean the litter box. My 12 year old does it or me. My 5 year old sometimes helps feed and give water to the cat though.

Are you kidding do it yourself I had 3 kids never had them do any thing it was my.job now they have there own family they are the best they do every thing cook clean own business

Is this a joke… you’re having your 5 year old scoop cat litter? Before school too? :woozy_face::woozy_face: at 5, cleaning up her toys and putting her dirty clothes into her hamper is plenty… My son is 6, and we ask that he picks up his toys once’s he’s done with them and he puts his dirty clothes into the laundry hamper.

Pick up PJ from floor. Put your dish in the sink. That’s enough before school. School is work too. And she is already thinking about it. Teacher says

At 5, no way should she be cleaning up a cat litter box

That’s a bit much but everyone’s different :woman_shrugging: my 5 year old picks up her room the night before and puts her jammies on her bed when she gets dressed in the morning.

Move the litterpan to after school. I’m a grown-up (sometimes) and struggle getting animal chores done before I leave for work

Girl be fr. A 5 year old should just be picking up pjs. Especially before school? No reason a child should be scooping out a litter box anyways.

Way too young to be doing the cat litter…
Make it a fun game

Why aren’t you cleaning the litter box? Clothes yes. Bathroom sink maybe

A 5 year old has to do the cat litter i hope this is not a serious post

You want her to clean the litter box before school or at all?! TF
Try more time relate chores, like “make your bed, put your pjs away, put your lunch in your backpack?”
She’s 6.

Before school you are just trying to wake up, and get ready for school. No need to be overwhelmed. Can she not do it in the afternoon when she comes home?

Seriously…before school…morning routine is hard enough…reconsider your plan

No litter box!!! That’s very toxic pee never

That seems like a lot for a 5 year old

The little box ??? She is five …

Cat shit can blind a child… wtf man

I dont expect that from even my 13 yr old before school.

I would have her to do it after school.

Before school chores for a 5 year old nooooo maybe after school

Wtf, scoop a cat litter box?!? :woozy_face: don’t have animals do that shit yourself! Idc if she asked for it and said she’d do it, she’s 5. My kids still don’t do that shit. Feeding them, sure. Not scooping the box. …… she can wipe the sink of her own spit and stuff for getting ready and clean up her own clothes but that car box is your responsibility!!! …… I grew up having to take care of 7+ animals myself that were my parents, don’t have animals if y’all aren’t gonna clean up and walk them yourself.

A 5 year old expected to clean a litter box. ARE YOU INSANE? The kid will get more litter on the floor than the cat does!

Before school?..poor baby

No way to the cat litter .PJ’s yes washing out sink no .and Def not before school .after school yes .

Cat litter box at 5? Do it yourself!!

Seriously?? You tripping!!

Tf you making em do :poop: before school for