How can I get my baby to stop biting when I nurse?

I am nursing my eight-month old, and he recently started biting me while nursing. He only had one tooth and it is so painful, I can’t imagine what it will be like when he gets more teeth! How can I get him to stop biting? Please help!


I just told my daughter no and pulled off for a few minutes everytime my daughter bit me and I think also seeing my reaction when she did made her realize she was hurting me. I told her no, no bite mommy as silly as it may sound. She caught on. She didn’t like being pulled off my boob lol. Good luck.

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Omg girl, I’ve been here she eventually stopped. Part of it is they don’t realize that they’re doing it so you just have to tell them no in a stern voice! My doctor said she’d give hers a flick on the forehead​:joy::joy:


Try not to have a bad reaction. I did the first time it happened and my son went on a nursing strike for a full day around 8 months. Every time he would do it after I would pull him off for 5 minutes and try again. He stopped after a couple of days. Also make sure you have a deep latch, and give him something a beforehand maybe a wet cloth and see if he sucks or bites. Sometimes they are not hungry when you offer so their more likely to bite you in those instances.

My 8 month ild just got her first 2 teeth. When she was teething she started doing this. I wouldnt make it funny or smile at all. I just notice when shes almost done and try to pull her off. If they have a good latch you shoudnt feel it. Im scared when they get the top teeth I heard thats the worse!

Pull away an stop the feeding. Sayin ouch that hurts. After a few times he will catch on.

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I pulled away and stopped feeding when this happened … took maybe 2-3 times and he caught on and stopped.

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Nipple guards made for breastfeeding are cheap and easy to use.

Time to change to the bottle.

Flick his cheek with your finger and take away the boob. They learn quickly boobs are not for biting

It’s not him trying to bite you. It’s hun trying to put pressure on his gums. Give him some frozen veggies to nah on before he feeds

If they’re actively feeding they cant bite. My daughter thought it was funny when I reacted so I tried not to and set her down and fed again later. It sucks but it is just a phase. They will stop! :heart:

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Immediately unlatch, firmly say “Ouch, no bite.” Put him on the floor. That gives them the idea of “If I bite mommy I won’t get any milk.” They cannot bite you if they are actively nursing. They would bite their own tongue.

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Tell him NO STOP BITING BITING HURTS MUMMY then put him down and walk away he will learn eventually

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give him a cup to drink from

He’s obviously teething and the sucking motion stimulates the biting. As others have said, pull away and stop feeding and say that it hurts, EVERY TIME he bites.

Chances are you are out of milk sooner than before. Might be time to transition to a cup. Natural course for breastfeeding. Remember its supply and demand so since he’s getting nutrition other ways you can start this transaction. Hold baby when you give milk or formula in a cup 4 to 6 oz

I would gently tap their cheek and say no after a few times they stopped

The baby doesn’t know the difference until you TEACH :purple_heart: definitely a little flick or tap and a stern “no” and take away boobies! ( Bottle is so not the answer unless of course that’s what YOU want)


Yelp loudly. It’s the instinctual voice of pain.
The loud will startle the baby- which is unpleasant for them- but more importantly- he’ll know hes hurting you


Get a nipple shield. I used that for both of mine but the baby doesn’t realize they’re causing pain.

I immediately stop giving him boob and will out him down. Wait a few minutes and repeat if he did it again. He probably bit me 5 times and that was it.

I would take my kids off and put my boobs away. They learned in less than a week.