How can I get my child to pick up their toys?

Any tips on how to get a child to pick up their toys? It’s a constant battle which usually ends in me giving up and just picking them up myself but I’m tired of constantly doing it. She is 6 going on 7. It’s almost to the point where I just want to throw them out…

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Should’ve taught her young.


Tell her anything left on the floor will be thrown away or given away. Then follow through.

Put on some music & tell her everything has to be put away by the time the music ends. The Barney clean up song is an option and you can look for other kids songs that encourage picking up.

Is it easy? Maybe get some bins or laundry baskets, make labels with pictures of what goes in them and have her put the labels/stickers on. Practice putting items in the correct bins. Don’t make them too big, or everything will get spilled out on the floor looking for one thing.

Put sticky notes with pictures on drawers, shelves, in closets where she can reach so she can help you put clean clothes away.

Try taking most of them away and pretending to throw them in the garbage until they learn to pick up

You make it fun. I will sometimes be like k guys time to pick up toys, let mommy time you & see how fast you can be. Also i explain to my kids once your done playing with something put it away before taking out new, makes it easier to clean. Also the whole throw it out wont work, kids just grow up resenting you not learning respect, your throwing out their stuff & thats not respectful. You want respect you show respect. Its our jobs to teach them that. Also sometimes things are to overwhelming. Break it down, eh can you start by picking such & such up. Once that done tell her she did a good job & now lets move on to this. Just like adults, kids like to be acknowledge for cleaning up

If she makes you pick them up, you keep them she has to earn them back.

Eventually she will either have no toys because you’ve picked them all up, or she will learn that to keep her stuff, she has to pick up after herself.

I love all you mom’s saying “throw them out” :rofl: She’s 6; when did we lose our ability to reason and let a clear head prevail? Most parents when at their wits end, will do something drastic to get their point across and it usually costs them a lot of money (because not only did you buy all the toys you just threw out, but you will cave and then go buy more because after you’ve done it you’ll feel bad and just go replace them with other toys) but you’ll lose the child’s trust. Repetition in a way that makes sense to your daughter and hold her accountable for it, but also keep in mind, she’s 6 and you are teaching her habits that will last well into her teens and young adulthood. When she starts playing with something, remind her to put it back before she pulls something else out, explaining the entire time that it gives her more space to play, pieces won’t get lost and her toys won’t get broken or stepped on and that once a toy gets broken or pieces get lost then it goes in the trash. When she doesn’t put her toys away, ask her why she didn’t put them away like she is supposed to and remind her that if you have to pick them up, then you are going to keep them for a bit and give her a break from playing with them until she can learn to follow the rules that you’ve put in place.

We had 4 kids.still do but they are grown…and keep a clean house now mean as this seems and we only did it a few times when it got terrible I’d take a garbage bag and clear tote into their rooms plastic toys in the tote.stuffed animals in the bag.laundry in a all went in and then out to garage.they had to hp me with other chores to earn them back.a few at a time.

If she doesn’t Puck them up throw them out.she will learn.

Throw them out. She doesn’t take you seriously nor does she respect you.

Breaking down the tasks.
It might be too overwhelming, so being specific. Pick x up first. Okay, now do x.
Have a good organization system so every toy has a category and place to go.
Help her. Do it together.
She’s only 6.