How can I get my child to sit still for family photos?

Hi just wanted to ask a weird question lol but are there any tricks to get kids to sit nicely for holiday pictures? My daughter will be 2 in November and for her pictures with Santa she started screaming bloody murder as soon as she was put in his lap :joy: her first Christmas she was 3 months old so she didn’t cry bc she didn’t really know what was going on with her first pic with Santa. She’s not a shy baby, we take her everywhere from restaurants to grocery stores so she’s always around strangers and my family see her at LEAST twice a week, she’s a very social baby! I want to get Easter pictures done but I don’t want to if she’s gonna be screaming in every pic lol


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my child to sit still for family photos?p

Maybe she’s scared of him… I know I introduced my baby to Ms Rachel on YouTube… They have a Christmas episode… Its shows Santa and some other Christmas characters… When we went to town the other day, there was a 6ft tall Santa… She was not scared at all and I even let her get close so she could touch his coat…

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Well, remember that your lil babe has no idea who that the big guy is. Show her. Show her a Christmas movie, you yourself get excited when it shows Santa so she knows she too can be excited. She will imitate what you do.


My daughter always hated santa. And the Easter bunny.

Personally, If she would be more ok with being held, I would just hold her. I didn’t let my baby suffer for pics. Not that important to me. Plenty of other pics of her.

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Someone behind photographer dancing and smiling