How can I get my child to stop taking his diaper off?

My child always takes his diaper off first will be the pants, then his diaper. Just today, he had a surprise in his diaper. In the process of removing his diaper, he got it on his hands and rubbed it in his hands and arms, then tasted it thinking it was chocolate was a big mess to clean off him, but I tried taping his diaper on so he can’t take it off it works but he still sticks his hands in his diaper I’m at my end witts trying to see what I can do to make him stop with his diaper he will be turning 2 in July so don’t really think he’s anywhere near potty training


Sounds to me like you should get a potty and see what happens!

Try putting onsies on him.

Do you put onesies on him? Try to put clothes on that keep him from getting in his diaper.

I would move to pull ups and start TRYING to pottytrain. Some pottytrain sooner than others.


Start sitting him on the potty. Kids will tell you when they are ready.

Put them on backwards!

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Time to start potty training. Your child is showing you he’s ready.


Keep a onesie on him. I think most kids go through this phase or at least nine did

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Start potty training

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My daughter taking off her diaper was my first sign she was ready to start potty training. She was potty trained at 14 months. Every kid is different so who knows he may be ready

I used to get the ZIPPER onesies. Put them on backwards.
Absolutely WORKS.


Try putting it on backwards! Works for my friends son.

Put the onesies on the outside of his pants my sister has to do this with her youngest we get a kick out of it

Onesies and pants/shorts that button thru a button hole is how I kept mine from stripping

Start potty training. My oldest was doing the same and by the age of 2 he was fully potty trained day & night. My youngest will also be 2 in July and we’ve been working on it.

At times the diaper can be irritating the child .
Pull ups may help
I knew of a few toddlers who didnt like pampers they would constantly keep taking it off them etc

Would tried potty training the child it worked for a friend of mines as some children potty train earlier than others…

Introduce him to the potty. See if he is ready. Also onesies may help.

start trying to potty train him. i waited till the month before they turned 2 and they broke in that month. of course i had a really good babysitter that helped with this too.

Its not early for potty training its perfect time. My son a month before turning 2 also was potty trained. They are more comfortable without the diaper.

Is that not a hint that he’s ready for toilet training?

He’s ready for the potty

Start potty training

He’s showing you that he’s ready to potty train. My 2 y.o has been doing this for about a year now… Even hiding and then smearing his :poop: everywhere. :tired_face: I was told it could even be a sensory issue which ive addressed… Either way, it’s a process for sure! Good luck!

Potty train! My son was fully potty trained by his second birthday and within 3 months of starting.

Sounds like hes ready to start potty training :relaxed: maybe still a baby, but every kid is different. Some will start earlier than others.

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We always put a onesie,pants,shorts, or a diaper cover on my daughter she does it too.

My son was potty training at 12 months old. Hes ready.

Sounds like he might be ready for the potty.

if he keeps taking it off then he probably wants his stuff to get some air… or more likely, it’s his subconscious way of letting the world know that he or ready to start potty training… it’s not unusual to start at 2 yrs old

My son’s doc said usually when they do that it’s a sign they are ready to be potty training… my son was the same way he’s 3 now and potty trained.

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Put his diaper on backwards, if it leaks, put one on the regular way and then put the top one on backwards

Cut the feet off zip up jammies and put them on him backwards. That’s what I did for my daughter but also may be a sign he’s ready to star potty training

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Its time for potty training.

My 2 yr old just stopped doing that, she did it for a couple months. We tried potty training but it still ended up on the floor next to the potty she was just not having it

Why not potty train. Mine were potty trained by 2.

Footed pj’s put on backward works great, or an onesie is good. He’s probably just ready to start going to the potty though.

My kiddo did this at night. We would get the zip up jammies, remove the clothing’s feet and put on backwards. We tried potty training it was a fail. Only a stage.

use a onsie on him but put it on backwards so he can’t take it off

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potty training time! put him in underwear and keep an eye on him. take him to potty every so often and see if he’ll go. some kids just don’t do diapers well and he sounds like one of them.

Try slowly potty training him cause if he’s taking his diaper off he seems like he’s ready or get a pajama onesie cut the legs short and sleeves short since it’s hot outside and put it on backwards then he won’t be able to unzip it to get to his diaper

my girl was potty trained by a year old. try lol

He is ready to be pottie trained!!

Following my daughter will be 2 in November and dose the same thing. I sit her on the potty and she says bad and won’t even try.

Get footless pj sleepers and put them on him backwards. He won’t be able to get to them.

Time to potty train!

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looks like it time to potty train to me it it see what happens

I had to put a onesie on over top of my boys pants/shorts to keep them from taking their pants and diaper off… its alot harder for them to unsnap it… good luck!!


Put him in a onesie or start potty training

We put them on backwards and used tape as well. It’s a phase. It’s gross,but he will stop eventually.

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Defo ready to start potty training and if not buy vests with the poppers on the bottom some places sell them in bigger sizes see if that maybe works but defo sounds like he is ready to be potty trained

Maybe he has outgrown his map.time or as soon as you hear him moving around get him out of bed and him
I have also heard.of people putting them on backwards and then running vorilla making tape.

They have diapers with no tape i had to switch to pull ups

My third daughter was potty trained at 15 months, hes ready when you are.

Potty train. That’s his way of saying he’s ready. Or get him pull-ups.

that sounds like a sign that HES ready to potty train. i’d get him a seat and try it!

Onesie I also put my daughters on backwards so she can’t get it off as easy.

My son did used to do this :woman_facepalming: he was no wear near potty training so I used to put masking tape around the top of his nappy so he couldn’t take it off :joy:

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Put onesie on or put zip up Jammies on backwards. I had to do this with my kids

Pulls ups or put his diaper on backwards with zip up jammies backwards

My youngest started taking her diapers off around 18 months so we switched to pull ups

I am mean mommy. I told him no. If he touched it I smacked his hand. Not hard just a tap. After the third time he hasn’t messed with it since. He now says poop or pee and runs to his potty. If you don’t think he is ready time to be mean mommy. My son is still not potty trained and he only has peed once in potty. But not trying hard till he is 3

Potty train they ready

definitely ready for potty training. my son jus turned 2. i started at 2 with all my kids. taking diaper off is a definite sign of being ready to go potty on a toilet

Omfg :joy: my 9 yo still strips down to his whitey tighties (his preference) the second we get in the house

Onesies and backwards diaper. My third was SO bad for this.

You can try potty training, but you can’t force it. My daughter did this, but wasn’t ready to potty train. Duct tape is a seriously good option. Just gotta get those medical scissors to cut them off though. lol :woman_shrugging:t3:

It’s time for him to be potty trained. That’s a clue

Try introducing potty training. Or put an outfit on him that he can’t get off…or put it on backwards where he can’t get it off.

Put a onesie over the top of it maybe?

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I think that’s going to be something that you’re just going to have to let him out grow as far as I know most babies do that the only other thing you can do is let him run around with nothing on and make them go to the potty

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Ready to potty train

Lol that’s just something they go thru at that age! It will stop soon. Just continue to tell him no not to take his diaper off. Eventually he will listen! :joy:

Onsie, or zip up jammies

Overalls or snap onesies. Popping hands and butt. My almost 3 year old was doing this, on top of smearing it on her bed. Took two weeks of firm love to get her to stop. Still won’t use the potty unless someone physically puts her on it,but keeps her pull ups or diapers on now.

Start potty training him asap. When children start taking off their diapers, it means they dont want to be in them no more, and its a good time to start potty training.

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Maybe he is ready. TRY. If I was home, I would just let him run naked 🤷 not worth the fight to me.

They also make pampers 360 that don’t even have tape- it goes on like a pull up

My daughter did this non stop we had to just keep her in onesies especially at bed time

Girl, same. My son is about to turn 2 and we are working on potty training but he does the same thing when he poops. I put the diaper backwards and he can’t get it off, but he can still get his hands in there. It’s a mess!

Work on potty training, but definitely try the backwards diaper thing, worked like a charm with my kiddos. We even did the jamas backwards a few times :sweat_smile:

He is ready for the potty. Only safty net i have is put footed sleeper on him backwards so it zips in back (cut the feet off). Do potty training during the day. Forget diapers go straight to undies.

Time to start potty training?

Usually taking a diaper off means they’re dirty and don’t like it. Good jumping off point to begin potty training b

It’s signs of wanting to be potty trained :relaxed:

I put my son’s diapers on backwards

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Put them on backwards

Potty training time. That’s his way of saying let’s begin.

Pull up kind of diapers.

Time to potty train and it’s not to early

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Put it on backwards, sounds like he is ready though

It is known that if they are taking their diapers off, they are ready to start potty training depending on their age

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Time to potty train him.

Def switch to pull-ups then start potty training. Hrle is saying he is ready

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Welcome to the world of toddlers! On backwards with a bodysuit on works pretty well


Potty train that boy! He’s not a baby. He’s a toddler and obviously doesn’t like the diaper :woman_shrugging::tired_face:


I put these on my kids when they took their diapers off. Stopped them doing it.

All of mine were potty trained by the time they turned 2. Taking diaper off is good sign he is ready

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To me start training him to the toilet

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All mine we all done by 2, including my son
That including the nights too

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I cut the feet out of sleepers and put em on backwards lol

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Good question. I’d put a onesie on backwards (so the snaps are harder to get to) & overalls on my youngest. He’d still get the diaper off. He could do it without taking off his clothes. I took it as a sign he was ready for the potty. He ran diaperless in the house with 2 potty seats (1 in the living room or wherever he drug it. The other in the bathroom ).

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