How can I get my child to stop taking his diaper off?

Pit his onesie on backwards

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There are potty training YouTube videos that could help with him watching and sitting on the potty chair. My daughter in law does this with her 2 yr old and it didn’t take him long to start doing what they see on the video.

Yes ready for toilet training. I started my kids at 18 months cause they were doing this

He is diffinately ready to potty train.


Onesies but put them on in reverse… had a friend who’s kid did this and the reversed onesies didn’t eliminate the problem but helped a heck of a lot


My son was a year and a half it was hot and I would put underwear on him to play in water anyways he would get them wet and would run back in house to change them instantly after that day I potty trained him it was easy he hated the mess in the underwear


Guess what. YOU ARE THE PARENT !!! NOT YOUR CHILD !!! If you can’t train, discipline or punish them NOW they will zNEVER listen as they get older. Pay now, or you’ll pay BIG time later when the police discipline them.


Sounds like he’s ready to potty train!!


Potty training should start now! He is telling you something. He is saying he doesn’t want to go in his pants; but he doesn’t know what to do. Time him by setting your clock to alarm every 2 hours and put him to potty. Also you might want to check him for diaper rashes that might be itching him.


Sounds like he’s ready to be potty trained. My kids were all potty trained by 2/3 just depends on the child


Buy footie pajamas and cut the feet off. Put them on backwards. Then he won’t be able to get the pj’s off to get to his diaper. We went through this too and that was the only thing that worked.


He should be potty training, he doesn’t like it when he poos in his diaper.

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My daughter does the same and she doesn’t want to potty train yet but she does tell me when she goes. If she goes #1 she takes it off and #2 she tells me and points to her butt. My husband potty trained our first so i think he has more patience for that then me


Too young? WAY too old for a traditional diaper!! I suggest pull up type fora couple of months. I bet he gets the hang of it pretty quick.


Super potty trainer you can sit there with them in front at first or just put it on toilet makes it easier

Living in the country makes it so much easier. My son’s would see Dad pee outside, where poeple couldn’t see them…if Dad had to go #2 they would come in to the BR, Dad use b,one n he would sit the little on the little set. WOW, it was done.
My daughter, Daddy built her a BIG PLAY HOUSE out side, yes in the corner was a potty chair. I would use the bathroom and she would use her little one in the house NOTHING. Let her go out side, WOW, she would be at the back door, naked yelling for mommy, Take me to her potty in her playhouses, she done her job.
Come fall and winter, I had to house broke them. It was all done by the age between 14 n 16 months.


My children were potty trained by the time they were a year old. I had a routine with them sitting them on the potty at regular intervals. I must admit there were the occasional accidents ut feel it is never too early to start potty training but do it quietly with no fuss. If they use it, praise them, if they don’t, no fuss made


I know it’s hard to believe, but my girl, pottie trained her self at 11 months. She would run down the hall, towards the bathroom, taking her diaper off, then hop on the toilet. I thought she was too young to. She just learned how to walk the month before. But appearently she didn’t think she was too young! Your child is ready for the pottie!


He is ready to be potty trained yes lots of work but he does not like his diaper put him in big boy panties diaper at night

You need to potty train him now. It’s going to be messy but he should be potty trained in two months. I had to potty train my 3 kids because I didn’t have money for diapers. They were potty trained by 14 & 16 months. I’m not sure if they still sell them but we used a potty that would extend onto the toilet…stepping stool and potty. Then I’d give them little gifts that I’d wrap up from the dollar store. They’d get a prize as long as they’d
sit on the potty; even if they didn’t poop.
Try getting pull ups for now and start potty training him. Good luck! :+1:t4:

We used a potty chart.
Made squares on paper. She got to pick out a sticker everytime she used the big potty. After 30 stickers we went to buy a $5 toy. (I’d make it $10 now. Inflation :joy:)


I’ve heard people say they put them on backwards and that puts the tabs in the back. Might be worth a try.

Start potty train him doing that shows hes ready when my boys did that I got them a potty chair and had it in the living room at first so they didn’t feel they had to rush to the bathroom and I put them in normal undies yes it’s a mess to deal with but it’s what we as parents have to deal with if we are gonna have kids

Both of my kids were fully potty trained by two. They were far from traumatised by it, and loved having cleans pants on.


Try toilet training my son was out of nappies day and night by age 16mths as he didn’t like the nappies and was doing the same thing

Now is the time to start potty training. He is showing that he is ready. Be patient with him :relaxed: you know when he goes in his diaper, sit him on the potty before he goes in his diaper. Be patient and don’t scold him. You and he will be fine.

For #1 for boys. Put a few Cheerios in the camode and let him try to sink them. At daycare we would let them wash their hands with lots of bubbles after they sat on the potty.


I had no problem potty train my 2 grand kids before they are 1and1hslf I stop them wearing pampers I leave 3 potties around, especially the girl she started walking on her own at 11 months and she hates the mess on herself, the boy took abit longer to walk so his training was a bit slow

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sounds like doesn’t like the messy/wet diaper. Time for the potty training to begin. Mine hated it when I put a pamper on her during a bus trip… HAD to use the potty- so from then on diapers were out except at night for a while.


Potty training. The earlier you do it the easyer it is. I should know after having 6 kids. My last 2 started at 18 mo. easy but have to be committed and consistent.

You’d be surprised hes probably ready for it!

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you have the good weather coming in take the diaper off and potty train

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My granddaughter did this also. I bought her some tights which she couldn’t get off. It worked like a charm. She finally gave up taking her diaper off and called mom to get her up after her nap. you might try the tights…

“Back in day” kids were potty trained by two.

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I think you should try training him. I know mine were all trained before two.And get him big boy underwear.It will be easier to train him if he can just pull down a pair of shorts.

He is giving you the clue he is ready for potty training


Sound like it time to potty train him he don’t want that mess or the liquid stuff on him

Use parents all go through this. Is he old enough to potty train…?
Tell him he can run naked at home once he dies all his potties in the big pot.

I had twins. They did that. I put the diapers on backwards. They actually seemed to work better that way also.

I had an issue with my daughter. Finally my mom made an ivory soap suppository, put in and sat her on the potty with mom reading a book to her. She got a surprise in the pot and never had a problem again. Wonderful.

Time to potty train!!! My daughter was trained just after one because of this exact thing! As soon as it’s was dirty she wanted it OFF! And wasn’t waiting for me to get around to it… just Don’t get mad at him for it or he will learn to sit in it and you don’t want that ! Being uncomfortable will help him train… this is your blessing in disguise! Take advantage


Put it on him backwards and put a onesie or shorts over it

Put him in a onesie shirt. They button between the legs. Maybe that’ll work. Lol.

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Potty training usually starts at 2. Try getting 2t underwear and see what he does.

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All my 3 were out of nappies day and night by 18 months. Potty train.


When he takes it off the next time pick it up and throw it away and go buy him some big boy underwear… he’s ready

Oh yes he is old enough so get to it. He does not like it…put him in training pants and get to work.

Make sure he gets a special treat if he uses the potty. Like 2 jelly beans or a gummy worm.

My daughter bought panties to put over the diaper. It worked

Omg I’m having the exact same problem with my gs. He will be 2 in June.

Maybe let him wear underwear through the day. Maybe he is ready. There is no magic age.

I used duct tape twice around their waist over the Velcro

Saw a post someone got a onzie cut the feet off and put it on backwards so that there is no access to open the onzie and remove the diaper

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Potty train, he’s old enough


Get pull ups they are a lil more comfy on the hips…might make a difference

He is very ready to be potty trained.


Uh, u don’t think he’s ready, BUT he will be two, and is already taking off the diaper and whatnot??? So when will you think he’s ready, if not now. I take that as one of this signs that they indeed ARE. He obviously doesn’t like the feel of a soiled diaper. That’s usually why kids start doing that.


Use pull ups and underwear on top

His ready for potty train


2 is the latest you should start potty training. It’s way harder if you wait longer. As for running around naked, all my kids ended up tearing off their clothes and diapers as soon as we got home. It was pointless to try to stop them. I kept a small potty by the toilet and they would sit on it while I went to the bathroom. After a while they would understand what it was for


Id start potty training, or put the diaper on backwards… makes it a little harder to get off

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He’s doing great really good job I have four children wonderful that he wants that diaper off such a good thing… Easier if he doesn’t have pants on… Luckily summer is coming and hopefully you’ll be able to do that… He’s right on track rip that diaper off and drop it wherever it is means he’s ready to go to the potty… They have the ones that play songs potty is so much fun books attention applause it’s going to be great!.. My youngest is 16 now I can never get them off the pot they all love it so much to this day!


Yes he is old enough to potty train.

Potty train your child.


Ready for the potty and think of all the money you save on nappies

Wants to have some big boy gauche on. Good for him!

Make a game out of potty training if he goes there to the party then reward him somehow

Start potty training. Give him a reward like a sucker if he keeps his pants on all day.

IMO if they can take the diaper off they are ready to potty train

I think he is ready to start trying potty training .

Looks like u got a trouble on ur hands do the best he hee

Looks like he is ready to potty train.

Put the diaper on backwards

Time to potty train!

Buy him underwear and introduce him to Mr toilet. It will be ok mom.

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Tell him no he can’t wear them… lol. Reverse psychology :joy:

Put on diaper backwards. Tags in back

Maybe he is “telling” you he is ready for toilet training.

He’s more than ready!

He may be ready for potty training. You can try.
Also that behavior is completely normal and actually part of the development. It’s a part of him he became recently aware of and now he explores it. It’s called the anal phase. Some children experience this phase stronger and in some it’s barely even noticable. Try toilet training and see how it goes.

Try potty training anyway!

Sure you can train him.

If a child can take it off hes ready to be potty trained.:smirk:

Start toilet training, he doest want to wear nappies

Put shorts or pants over the diaper .

Maybe he wants to be a stripper

Try the pottie…you may be surprised…

My son will also be 2 In July and we’ve started potty training. Once they start these queues it usually means they’re ready!

Potty training can begin when the child can take off and put on their clothes and can communicate if they need assistance. If he can’t do all three of these he’s not ready. There are some real jerks making comments. You know what’s best for you and your son.

He wants to be potty trained he is trying to tell you every half hour ask him if he’s ready to go and reward him for going

Start toilet training during the day and night time put the nappy on with the tabs at the back that way he can’t undo them hopefully this helps :relaxed:

Put him in pull up or nappy pants.

i would have him trained by 2.

I am not a mother, but your boy needs to start potty training.

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Put underpants on him. Or just give up. They all do it.

He’s not too young for potty training.

He is ready for potty training
Hand him a book and put him on the toilet

Time to potty train.

Usaully a good sign it’s time to pity train

Don’t put a diaper …