How can I get my childs father to sign over his rights?

Would any mommas in B.C. CANADA know how I would go about getting my baby daddy to sign over his rights as a parent? My daughter is 7. B.D. And I have been split up for five years. He’s been in and out of her life since he only comes around when it’s convenient for him. But recently, he just let me know that he’s pretty much not putting in any effort into helping me with our daughter because he never wanted to be a parent in the first place. And I’m just sick of his sh*t and so exhausted of trying to get him to come around and help.


In the USA, after a certain time period (typically about 6mo) where if the other parent has made zero contact, you can file a petition with the court for them to lose their rights bc at that point its legally abandonment. Maybe research child custody laws in your area and see if there’s something like this? If not, there’s always the lawyer route, I would tell him if he doesn’t surrender rights I’d take him for child support, but if he surrenders his rights he’s free and you can’t go for child support.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my childs father to sign over his rights?

Get a lawyer and go to court.


You can take him to court for custody and child support but you can’t force him to give up his rights.


You should just be able to start the paperwork and then ask him to sign. It May also help the process to let him know that he won’t be responsible for any child support. In the sates we just go to the court house. Not sure how it works in canada. If he’s not willing to sign then you gotta go through a whole lot more. I think you might also.need someone willing to pick up his rights.

Definitely contact a lawyer to find out how to go about it and what the laws are in your area.

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I would suggest talking to him and offering to free him of the situation. He can choose willingly to sign over his rights


Just ask him to sign and tell him he wont have to worry about thr kid at all

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Parental rights, parenting time, and custody are all different things.

Parenting time is the amount of time a parent spends with their child (sounds like none in your case). A parent can still have parental rights and legal custody even if they don’t have parenting time (strangely, but true). This means even if they don’t see their kid at all, they may still be able to make decisions on their behalf and reserve the right to oppose decisions you make.

Furthermore, a parent can have NO legal custody (lose all choice in the decision making on how the child is brought up) and still have parental rights, meaning, they are still legally a parent, have a right to see their child, etc.

Terminating parental rights rarely happens unless the person is tremendously, horrifically unfit. Even then, sometimes, it’s hard to do.

If he’s willing to just sign them over, ask. A lawyer is going to be very helpful to you with all of this.

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Not sure how it is there but here in Pennsylvania, USA… you have to be married and your husband has to agree to adopting your child in order for ex to give up rights. But honestly, if the your ex isn’t going to fight about anything or doesn’t want to step up and be a man, then you shouldn’t have much to to worry about it. When I leave my guy who we share a daughter with… im not even going thru the courts, I already know he’ll put no effort into anything or help so I’m just going to do my own thing.

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Get a lawyer and take him to court.

A lawyer dealing with child custody and such will be your best bet. They’ll know the laws for your area the best.


You can not force someone to give up their rights.

In the states they cannot sign off their rights without someone else stepping up

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Not possible until he says so

Don’t know Canadian laws, but in most US States you need to have a husband who is willing to take over that responsibility. Personally I myself have sole legal custody of my kids, but my ex still has rights. Meaning he carries no weight in legal decision making, but he still has the right to see the kids. He also pays child support whether he wants to or not.

My ex was heavily into an opiate addiction when we divorced and moved 1200 miles away, hence the no joint custody, but he has been clean now and I allow him to exercise his visitation rights without supervision now. But he still doesn’t have legal decision making rights because I don’t trust that he’s going to stay clean yet.

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It’s a long dangerous and hard path. It will cost you a lot of money and time. I don’t know about BC but in Alberta. Even unfit parents are being given a ton of rights to their child.

In going through my own custody battle I wouldn’t advise it.

That is a question best answered by an attorney, however you might talk to him and ask him if he wants to sigh them away, that would free him from any child support obligations.

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In michigan they can do abandonment as a reason to terminate. 2 years with no contact. Its very hard to terminate rights tho without willingness from dad. Dad has to have commit very serious violent crimes or something to that extent. Is he on birth certificate?

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Get an attorney in your area

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In MO, 6 months without contact and you can file for abandonment but he has the right to answer at that point. Which doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m not the law🤷🏼‍♀️

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I am in BC. My best advice is to seek legal counsel (even contact your local Family Justice centre, I think some offices go by a different name) . They just changed the forms and what not earlier this year. Apply for guardianship. Seek to get it under just you and ask for a clause that you are able to travel without his signature/permission. Also, get parenting time set up so that it’s clear the child(Ren) only reside with you and any visitation would be in your discretion. Family Justice centre told me what forms to get, what to write on it. If he’s said he’s done that will go a long way. Good luck!

Well you can’t force him to be a parent if he doesn’t want to. Take him to court about parental rights though!

Not sure about Canada but in montana, they have to willingly sign but still have to pay child support.

Or see what the limit is for abandonment. Here, if they dont show up in like 6 months with no contact what so ever you can have the courts remove their right.

If he doesn’t want to be around, then just simply stop trying to make him come around.

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Unfortunately you can’t “get” anyone to relinquish their parental rights. It has to be their willing decision, unless the courts deem it necessary and they can take them away as they see fit.

Why don’t you just ask him?.
Not sure how exactly it works there but in Aus there is a form he can fill in thats waives his rights. No more child support and he stays on birth cert.

File for sole custody

That’s not your choice. You can’t force him to sign over his rights. Focus on your kid. If he comes around let him see HIS kid.

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Stop trying :woman_shrugging:
Him being absent with or without rights makes no difference except in the amount of child support he will accrue

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child will make up her mind if she wants to see him and when

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You can go before a judge and apply for full custody. That’s the first step I’d say.

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Many people think just because a child lives with them they have custody. Not true! I had to go before a judge and get custody as the father wasn’t in my child’s life. Then if he wants to see your child, let him take you to court

Well since he doesn’t wanna be a father I’m sure he will have no problems signing over his rights! But where I live a parent can’t sign over their rights unless their someone else to take the role. So pretty much you have to be married and ur husband is willing to take on the responsibility of the child.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my childs father to sign over his rights?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my childs father to sign over his rights?

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My daughter has gone through the same thing and where we live it’s beyond difficult to get full custody even if the other party is not interested. So, all I did was be the best mom I could be for my daughter and now at 12, she blatantly refuses to go to my ex or his family. Kids start to realize who was there for them, all we can do is be present, donour best and be there for the kids.


My niece hasn’t had contact with her dad since she was about 4 yrs old.
It was a one way street of my sister always trying to keep him & his family in touch. At the time they lived only blocks apart at the time.
My niece is now in her early 30s and has her own family. My sister married & the man she wed is who she calls dad.
So my advice is just stop trying to get him to be around your daughter. You are making the effort(for the benefit of your child) but he obviously doesn’t have the same attachment
When you stop doing that he’ll just fade away. Your daughter will be fine. You can explain to her if she asks what happened but she’s probably use to him not being there it won’t make too much of a difference in her life.


Not quite that easy cause you dont like him coming and going and just getting on your nerves. My ex asked judge in court if he coukd give up his rights. Judge said only if I was with someone who wanted to adopt our daughter. He told me to hjrry up and find a husband. He told judge he wanted no contact ever… Even if iur daughter died… Not to call and tell him. Judge hqve me full custody… And dad still pqys child support. Thqts usually why other parent wqnts to sign kids over… Get out of child support payments. Just get full custody so YOU only are needed if something needs to be decided… Or in the event of an emergency… Like an accident and hospitals… Seen it happen being in healthcare… If have to take a kid off breathing tubes have to have both parents sign… Sole custody meqns he has no say… Visitations are determined by you. But… Even my jidge said… Having sole custody… Regardless if he evet pays child support… The other parent is imperative in kids life… Regardless of our personal feelings about the other parent. Try to help facilitate a healthy relationship between the 2. Treat it like a business basically


My father waived his rights to me. Just think it through. No matter what a screw up he is or how back and forth he is, the child has a part of him in her and she will always wonder. I was 9. I’m 36 now and it still bothers me a little that he gave up his rights.


I’m not sure about Canada but in my state (Iowa,Us) if he has more than 10000 in back child support and has not contacted in over a year you can sure for termination of parental rights. At that point he has to either sign them over or face up to two years in prison.


You should be able to print the forms and have him sign them with a witness. If he doesn’t want anything to do with her then it benefits him too as you can’t clllect support if he’s waived his rights I believe


I know here in the states if the “parent” willfully abandons the child for 6 months or more with no child support and interaction you can go to the courts and get their rights terminated. Maybe something to look into up there if he’s willing to not be involved.


Just ask him if he’d be willing to sign over his rights and go through the court to make it official. Sounds like he won’t have to be forced if he never wanted to be a parent anyway. It’ll be better for the child in the long run to just let him go away than to try and force him to be around if he doesn’t want to be.


The worst thing any parent can do is say bad things about the other parent
It’s makes the kids have a negative self image



Write a letter in the news paper saying you’ve been trying to get ahold of him and need him to sign court paper work. If he doesn’t vet back to you within two weeks bring the evidence to the judge and usually they will just do it for you. My moms does that and also got divorced.

Just ask him.
You can approach the court, he can agree or dispute, but sounds like he may agree.
I know my sons father did for his second son, didnt want to pay maintenance and mother didnt want him involved with the child, when he was 5 she approached court and he just didnt bother to fight it.

Also wondering, going on over 18 months of no support ( none since I took him to court and not a dime since he was born), and he’s seen him 5 times since he was 5 months old. He’s 2 now, Ontario Canada.

If he’s not around to execute his rights then why take them. He doesn’t care about them so stop trying and just leave it be. Keep open communication with him and your daughter. She’ll realize he’s never around but make sure that your not a part of keeping him away unless he’s abusive

My child’s sperm donor has never been a part of her life and she is now 7. When we had court for placement when she was 5 months old he asked to sign her off and the judge told him he couldn’t unless I got married that had a father in his place. I am now married and asked if he would sign off and he willing won’t even tho he has nothing to do with her. He doesn’t know how to spell her name let alone knows her birth date. The only time he would act like he cared is around tax season because he always wanted to try and claim her for money. The best bet is to find a lawyer and do a consultation this is what I have to do. If he will voluntarily sign off his right it might be the better route for you or your going to have to deal with all the court fees etc.

Some places you can’t terminate rights without someone else stepping up to adopt this is how my state is. You will have to check the laws where you are but you could also just simply ask him if he would be willing to terminate his rights. Because I live in a state where you have to have another person ready to adopt if a parent terminates. What we did is had an attorney do the paperwork stating I am the sole custodial parent & he has no responsibilities/visitations.

Not sure about Canada but in the US most places they can’t unless there’s someone who is able to step up as mom/dad. If he doesn’t plan on having rights to child in the first place I don’t see why you’d wanna waste the money in court, just let him go away.


My ex is not allowed near me or my children and when I asked for him to sign over his parental rights he refused. So to me he has no say anyways cuz he’s not allowed here but my lawyer also informed me my court order of no contact will not expire

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Maybe he wants to sence he said he didn’t want to be a father anyway. Good luck

Get an attorney. Custody is use it or loose it. So once you have a custody agreement and he misses visits document it and eventually his rights will be terminated.
OR you can file for his rights to be terminated and if he never shows up to court-then they’re terminated


I’m not sure about there but here you can go to courts to request to have his rights taken and he can agree or he can fight it and a judge can decide. Keep proof of everything you can.


I believe you can report him to cps for abandonment and they are the only ones who can determine if he should lose his parental rights. However, this eliminates ALL responsibilities on his part so no child support.

I think you made a conflicting statement. You want him to sign away his rights, but you’ve been chasing him for his help. You either want his help or you don’t. If not, stop chasing him, and he’ll probably fade into the background.


Get someone to adopt your child. If no one wants to adopt your kid, you just have to accept that he cannot be depended on. No judge will terminate a parent’s parental rights if you don’t have someone willing to adopt your child. That’s how it works.


I was told the ONLY way for a parent to sign over ABSOLUTE rights in Canada was for there to be another parent willing to take on all of those responsibilities… you can have access set at your discretion so there’s no access if that’s what you’re seeking, but they will still hold him financially responsible for that child.

Take it to the courts. At minimum they will enforce child support, if you’re really lucky he’ll just agree to relinquish his rights. Best wishes, that’s a really tough road ahead!

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I personally wouldn’t exhaust anymore energy into him. I’d maybe explain to my child when they got older if they wanted to change their last name to my last name, that that was an option (of that bothers you or your child-when they get old enough to make their own decision about it). I would put all my energy into making sure my child knows how loved he/she is.

Idk about Canada but in my state in the US, you have to get married, be married 2 yrs and then bio father has to willingly sign rights away to husband and get legally adopted


Just remember…if he does sign papers then you are not going to get any financial support…
It’s like he doesn’t exist…

I live in NC & you can legally terminate their rights when they go 6+ months without contact with the child.

You can have him voluntarily sign over his rights

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If anything get him to say that in writing (text or email) and take it to a judge and have his rights taken away

Tell him if he’s not cut out to be a parent then he needs to sign his rights over.

Just get the papers and have him sign. I bet he won’t fight since your saying he said he didn’t want to be a father

In our State, Va . The Court will not allow a parent to sign over their rights. Reasoning is they need to pay CS, and/or if inherited, lottery or died child would be an heir and entitled to their share

Start fighting it down and have a witness with u when u meet. Also mabe just move. He obviously dosent care

I think if u have an atty draw up the paperwork n send them 2 him 4 his signature.

You can’t force a hand . Not even a court can.

Just stop asking him for help.
Let an attorney handle the rest.

If he don’t want to be a dad he should have no problem signing over:( I’m sorry your going through this mama

In the USA a father can sign away his rights but still has to pay child support. The only way for him to not be financially responsible for your child is if she was to be adopted by someone else.

Get a lawyer, take his sorry rear to court!

Well if he’s already claiming that he doesn’t want to be a dad I would just be up front and ask him to sign his rights over. Idk about Canada but I know in the states a lot of states require a prespective parent to take over the rights instead of just ending them all together.

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So waist your energy if don’t want to be around stop trying it’s on him he dont need his rights takin from him .and if he wants to let him do it .your there momma .so stop sweatin it

Tell him if he sign his rights away he will be free of any and all child support.

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If he plans on staying away I wouldn’t waste the money on taking his rights.

If hes on birth certificate nothing she can do

Depends on the state. Where I live someone has to adopt the child, like a step parent

Shit like this is what causes problems.
It takes a male and a female to get pregnant.
When both parties don’t agree on the outcome one ends up being resentful.
Just cause your childs father has nothing to do with the child doesnt mean you can kick the father to the curb.
Not one mother/ father ever thinks of the repercussions it causes.
From needing to know family history to why are my eyes blue and yours and siblings are brown.
Sounds like its time for 2 so called adults to have a serious communication talk about the issue at hand.
Do you even let they child see the fathers family? Cause thats another issue cause in some states grandparents have rights to see thier grandchildren whether the other parent wants it or not.

U have to have it court ordered

Give him the option to either sign his rights away or pay child support

Have u physically ASKED him?

Go for child support…if he’s really a POS. He’ll sign.

Here they can have their rights taken away but they still have to pay child support


No parent should be forced to sign over their rights. I said what I said. It doesn’t matter if you and him don’t get along, you and him this, you and him that… this is about your daughter and her feelings. Not yours or dads. I will never be a barrier between my son and my ex and we disagree and fight over everything. He wasn’t involved for years. My thought process is this: if he’s already stated he doesn’t wanna be involved then don’t worry about it. But over time if him or your daughter wishes to contact and see each other that is between them. She is 7 not 2. And if he really is such a deadbeat as you say then SHE will learn that over time. This is a lesson best learned by children themselves. If you cut him off she will resent you for not knowing her father. Let her learn and when she’s 20 and comes to only your house on holidays or for supper or whatever reason she’ll know that you always left that door open for her and will be very grateful. But do not put your daughter in a position to where it feels wrong to want to know or hang out with her dad. That is my thought process.

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If hes not involved an you have full custody what do his rights matter? If you have full custody he dont have many rights to begin with in Canada an if hes not intrested in visits then i just dont see the issue. In Canada its harder to sign over rights an he still has to pay supporrt

He said he didn’t wanna be a father so tell him to sign the papers. And if he won’t, take him to court and u can win that way. I got full costudy of my daughter that way. My daughter’s father left her in another room because she was crying… mind you she was HUNGRY and I told him her food and snacks were in the bag. Came to get her cuz he couldn’t hang and all her food was still there. Some fathers are just something else n don’t gaf about anybody but themselves. Or they don’t wanna be a father because u didn’t wanna be with their h0e hopping assss

My husband adopted my daughter because her bio father passed away.
I’ve always heard even through my divorce that the courts will not bastard a child.
That’s in the U. S. Weather it’s his child or not. They won’t let them take their name of the birth certificate.

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You also have to have in mind most places do NOT have a parent to sign over rights without another parent in place willing to sign in for them. It usually has to be at the same time as well.

I would only do it if she has a great father figure in her life that you are married too. Otherwise let the child support stack up and maybe one day he will pay for his actions. I don’t know what laws they have in Canada but if child support ever gets to high they can not enter other countries. Some states here go as far as jail time and revoking license.

I don’t know my sons mom signed over all her rights too me :rofl: don’t ever care to hear from her again

Just remember, even if his rights get taken away, your kid is not gonna be a kid forever. She will come of age and seek him out herself.

You usually have to get a judge to sign off on that.