How can I get my daughter on a better sleeping routine?

I’m up at 3:30 am because my two-year-old is. Help. She has a normal routine at her dad’s house that I follow, but it involves sleeping in the same bed. I was fine with that until my husband (her stepdad) became a police officer and had to be up super early. How can I get her back in her own bed so that we can all sleep?!


Lay with her in her bed for awhile, get dad to do the same at his house too.

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We had this issue. It was a slow process for us. But, we ended up making her a “bed” in our room at 1st. Couldn’t fit an actual bed because of the crib. So we made her one with a bunch of quilts and pillows. Then after a little while we worked her back into her room by “hanging” out with her until she fell asleep in her own room. Then after a bit it was down to just reading her a book and Goodnight.

I am not sure how the process will work for her at 2 and going in between homes. Our daughter is 5 and it was because baby sister sleeps in our room.

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Cherish those moments they won’t last forever and you can’t get them back. That being said maybe make it a once a week thing and make it special like movie night in bed. Maybe that would work

Doesnt hurt her to cry herself to sleep.Bad move people utting her in bed with you or your husband. After about 4th night she will be use to it and go down to sleep.It sounds cruel but it works.


My daughter slept with one of those Leapfrog Scout puppies forever. They played up to 10 minutes of bedtime music and by the time it was over she was fast asleep

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Dude. 2 is a crap-shoot… sleep wise. Good luck!


Sit next to her on the floor by her bed. Don’t touch her if possible Every night move a little close to the door
Eventually you will be out the door. It won’t be easy but it works.


I either let my little fall asleep in our bed and then move him or I will lay in his bed until he falls asleep and then I get up super careful. He just needs a bit more security than a teddy bear to fall asleep and I am ok with my boy cuddles.


What i did with my son at that age, i got a pillow and blanket and laid on the floor next to his bed till he feel asleep it took about a week for him to stay asleep on night after i would leave the room

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I think the main thing here is consistency! Whatever it is you try just be constant. Good luck mama!


Try one of those heartbeat bears… Or try white noise, most of the time that will work, they just want to be near the sound.

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Get up with her but don’t make it fun. Don’t turn on the lights or tv, tell her it’s not good morning time yet. Talk quietly in the dark and try to lay back down, eventually she’ll turn over and go back to sleep if it’s still dark out when she wakes

Not advice just feel for u, my son is 5 has always had a bedtime routine, but doesn’t sleep full nights, tonight he’s been awake since 12.45am he’s got school and I’ve got work :sob:

Two year olds are not fun when it comes to sleep

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Good luck :rofl: no seriously, sit next to her bed until she falls asleep. Read to her and rub her back and always run a fan on low or a white noise sound machine. If it’s too quiet babe won’t sleep soundly because every noise will startle her. You just need to be consistent. It’s not going to be easy. Also, talk to her dad about putting her in her own room at his house too. If you don’t soon she’ll be sleeping in your room until she’s 30 🤦 it was a hard habit to break with my daughter. My youngest son used to come in my room at night now he just comes in and gets his tablet off the charger and goes back to his bed. Whatever, he’s 4. Don’t sleep, but leave me alone :joy: the only time he wakes me up now is if he uses the bathroom then I have to pull his pants up. My room is connected to the bathroom so he just hobbles over and pats my arm until he gets my attention. My kids learned that if they let me sleep I won’t take their tablets and they can have their screen time. They’re sneaky. I secretly don’t care because I can sleep in on weekends.


Be consistent with your routine. Have your husband help being consistent too. Music sometimes helps my little ones to sleep, night lights, calming movies like Disney’s oceans or wings of life before bedtime. Just keep putting her back to her own bed too.

What worked with my 3 was I’d lay with them in their bed till they fell asleep then me returning to my own then I slowly move from laying with them to sitting in their room till they fell asleep to them going to sleep with out you mind you my kids slept with in my bed till 5 so it was very hard to break that habit but I did it in stages over a month or two now they go to bed with a hug and a kiss and I no longer have to be there

I had to lay with my daughter in her bed until she fell asleep, WHICH means, yes I did fall asleep with her sometimes. But you could also try your pj’s on a pillow, that helped greatly with mine.

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Tell her its bedtime and put her back in her bed.

How do you get rid of this pervert? This post is about a baby. I hope administrator see this!!

Why did her dad set her sleep schedule? She doesn’t live with you? Then deal with it!!! You are a part time parent, if you can not keep the child’s same schedule they have at home, then the consequences are yours to suffer! If you aren’t with her every day then maybe she gets up to see you more or maybe she wants her dad! Comfort her and put her needs before your sleep! Sleep when she is at her dad’s house on her normal schedule!!

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Keep putting her back to bed. If you cave one night, BE prepared to be pushed more the next night. It’ll be a few days or a week of sleepless nights but in the end she will sleep in her bed.

I have 4 children aged 12, 8, 8, & 2. Whenever they tried to get up before the sun, I would just tell them it’s not time to get up yet. When you see the sun through your window blinds, that’s when it’s time to get up. And they always understood.

Absolutely don’t do the co-sleeping! That’s not acceptable for any child no matter the age. You should try to make the dad stop that too. It’s confusing for her I’m sure as to why she can sleep with him and not you. Just keep putting her back in her bed repeatedly each night until she catches on. It should only take a few nights. The dad will undo the progress you’ve made and likely have to repeat the process every time she comes home from his house. It sucks when parents have different styles of parenting.

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Tell her father to stop cosleeping with her. Honestly take this as a huge red flag from her father because that’s what my daughters father did with her. Now she’s 7 he has no rules and is nothing but a terror at my house because she expects no rules constantly and I don’t roll that way. Fair warning it’s probably only going to get worse if you follow her fathers routine. Need to step up now and take charge or suffer for it feeling like she has no respect for you for the rest of your life.


Why doesn’t she live with you?

My god enough with the mom AND divorce guilt people. You do not have to have your kid up your ass at all times to “cherish” them. Your marriage is important always. Lots of love and attention during the day, cuddles and books before bet and then establish a VERY CONSISTENT routine that whirls for you and eventually it will become your routine. Then have some alone time with hubby. Teach him now that things will be different between your house and his dads. Try to figure out things that are similar when you can because it’s not good to change up routines too much, but some things need to be what works for you too. Good luck and remember to do what works for you with no guilt your baby knows you love him no matter where he sleeps just be consistent no matter what you do.

Idk :woman_shrugging: but good luck. I couldn’t have the heart too but I feel you