How can I get my daughter to go number two on the potty?

I have a question about my two-year-old; she is busy potty training and does not want to poo; she keeps it in and cries when she has to poo. I have tried everything, encouraging her to poo , rewards, begging her to poo, giving her laxon for kids, she keeps it in. what else can I do to get her to poo? I even put on her nappy, saying she can poo in her nappy, but she does not want to poo in the toilet, not in her potty, and not in her nappy. Please help with advice!


My daughter was the same. Then I would do all kinds of silly things to make her laughwhile sitting on the toilet. When laughing she would relax and poo without even realising what she’s doing.


I’d try a glycerin suppository or a small child size enema if you need her to go immediately. If you can wait, try probiotics (I give my kids the target brand culturelle )daily to keep their stool healthy . Lots of water too.

If she is holding it in she is scared about going #2. Read books and sing. If she/he has a potty bring them in when you go also. Put a little bit of water at the bottom of her potty, the poo won’t stick as easily. If she hasn’t gone after 3 days call the Dr

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I have a 3 yr old grandaughter who is always constipated and screams when she needs too poo.
My daughter has taken her to numerous drs but all they want to do is feed her laxatives, which long term use can actually make the bowel lazy.
Please any ideas on how to help would be greatly appreciated

My daughter is 2 also but I’ve found she’s quite sensitive about her body, shes also had issues with toileting I found making it a game and funny really helped also making a potty corner with a little table and wipes etc kept her really interested, she’s potty trained now and has just started going to the big toilet by herself, every kid is different don’t push the issue or be to worried about it just keep trying

My daughter struggled… and it may not be any help but literally one day it clicked for her and she was potty trained - poop and pee (no more accidents) i am still appalled with it a year later!

Teaching them :poop: in potty takes them longest time for them pick up. And one day they get it. Just be patient

Ilhaam Booysen Ryklief lol I’m not alone😂

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My son was the same ! And I googled a bunch of ideas, at my wits end. And I saw a comment on a page and this lady was like I said to my son the mummy and daddy poop are waiting down the toilet for the baby poo, you have to let her go. And I am NOT joking he pooped :joy::joy:


So once before I scope my daughter up she went on the floor and I set her on the potty anyways and then I put the poop in her potty and then made a huge deal and excited about the poop being in the potty. She did go on it after that. Still had to watch her but it showed her where the poop went

I gave my daughter culturelle for kids but eventually that didn’t work. We went to a gastro specialist and he suggested that it was her dairy intake that make it difficult to :poop:
I switched her from 2% to A2 milk and we haven’t had any issues since. A2 milk was a life safer

Same problems for us… Mine will be 4 in August. Been at my wits end… taken her to the bathroom with me, talked, singed, kids you tube videos, even bought that damn flamingo poop on the potty toy… ive been keeping her in “big girl panties” when at home as much as possible…I swear out of no where just yesterday the kid finally pooped on the potty! Hope it wasn’t a fluke bc Lord, I am tired… Im with ya momma, hang in there!!

My daughter acted like this one day and it was because she was constipated and it hurt. Maybe that’s what’s wrong.

someone I know had the same issue with her daughter…the child’s fear was that it would hurt…she’d hold it in then it would build up so much she’d be constipated and it would hurt for sure. Try offering her some chopped apple each day to help soften the poo so it comes out easier. I know we’re talking about kids but I need to do this for my small dogs…apples really have helped.

As a mother who struggled with this for three years— just keep taking her to the bathroom and encouraging her. She will eventually do it on her own time.

My daughter hated pooping in general and would go DAYS without pooping and I tried everything you mentioned and more Mexican remedies but then one day I took her and it plopped out. And now she still tried to hide but almost every time I take her to the toilet to poop it comes out.
Sometimes we forget their voice matters and they’ll go whenever they’re ready.

I remember having the same situation with our son. He was not sure of the sensation that comes when your bowel moves. I talked to him about how I get that same sensation and what was happening in his body. I told him it’s a brief discomfort. Just talking it out and validating what he was feeling helped him to pull it all together. Good luck.

You will get there! :heart:

Pooping is a scary thing for kids idk why but it’s very scary for a kiddo don’t panic or stress your self at all if she has a hard bowl movement she will not wanna go at all bc it hurts just relax and don’t beg or anything just let her keep peeing in the potty and then give her something to drawl with give her a extra few mins on the potty like dry erase marker and let her drawl and if she is relaxed enough she will feel better to go and don’t make a big deal if she happens to go brag away if she doesn’t that’s okay let her do what she feels comfortable with and her own pace of course show her it’s also not scary mommy poops let her flush your poop say yay mommy a big girl and clap and once she sees it’s not scary and it’s not a big deal she will feel okay with doing it all 4 of mine it took what seem liked forever but they finally did it on there own honey and also read to her while she sits on the potty takes there mind off things as well :slight_smile: under wear durning the day if she poops hey it’s okay we can easy clean that up and keep working she will catch on in no time promise :slight_smile: the more relaxed she is the better keep up the good work mama :slight_smile:

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She may have passed a large poo that hurt and now has scared her. Cut as much dairy and sugar as possible if constipated. Give prune juice - natural laxative.

She go on the potty when she’s ready can’t force it

Put something in the bottom of her potty, like a penny. Tell her you want to play a game and she has to poo on the penny.

It helped my little one to have something to put her feet on. Bringing up knees makes pooping easier.

I have train lots of kids I tell them if they get on the potty they will get mm are guming bears try two reward them

Give fruit beginning with p. Peaches , pears,…?..canned is ok. Also grapes

There is a book called “Everyone Poops” it might help.

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She is still very young

With my son I would just sit him on the potty, we had a portable one for him and put it in front of the tv and he would just sit and wait and eventually go.