How can I get my grandson to sleep better?

Any tips on how to help my grandson sleep better. He is almost 2 yrs old. He isn’t napping during the day any more and goes to bed at around 7pm He sleeps until about midnight then is up for hours. He self stims a lot and is non verbal. My daughter is seeking all the medical advice regarding his delays and investigating a diagnosis of A.S.D but right now she is beyond tired and its affecting her mental health. They do not I’ve with me so I am limited to how much support i can give during the night. Also she only has a shower no tub so a warm herbal bath before bed is a no go. Any advice would be grateful. My babys baby isn’t sleeping and I am a worried grandmother. TIA


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my grandson to sleep better?

They make safe beds for autism. I remember when my daughter didn’t sleep at all and I thought I was gonna die of exhaustion.

My son is on the spectrum and kids with ASD (and adhd) don’t produce melatonin naturally a lot of the times so that’s what his doctor recommended. My son is also 3 and has to have a 5mg or it doesn’t effect him(although kids melatonin are typically 1 mg). He’s been on it for over year and his behavior has improved spectacularly. I obviously don’t give it to him if he naps/sleeps any within a 24 hour period.


Join the autism groups and they’ll probably give you some good advice

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7pm might be way too early for him I’d keep him up till at least 8:30 try a warm bath with that bedtime soap and maybe nice warm milk.


Maybe some melatonin?did she ask her pediatrician?hope it works out.

Can she try co sleeping? My littles were doing the same thing ( as if treating bedtime like a nap) I was so exhausted and nothing worked but as soon as I started co sleeping they started sleeping.

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Magnesium and vitamin D cream. Both are huge for successful sleep.


My 22 month old son goes to bed at 9 Wales up at 8. If he goes to bed any earlier then 845 he treats it as a nap and will start his day either midnight ish or start his day at 5 am and no he don’t nap either.

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Lavender and chamomile tea :tea: :purple_heart: sometimes a nice warm bath with Lavender oil children’s Lavender one shampoo.

My three-year-old is non verbal autistic and we have been dealing with this since birth. We do one mg or 1.5 of melatonin every night. He does not get more than a 2 hour nap otherwise his night schedule is all messed up, He goes to bed later than most kids around 9 or 930 and then sleep until probably 630 or 7. I also have a 7 month old who already sleeps through the night so they are completely different and I’m pretty sure it is an autistic behavior.

My son is 3 and just got diagnosed with ASD. We’ve found a weighted blanket helps him sleep. We struggle with the fight to get him to sleep but once he’s asleep he will sleep from 8/9 to 6/630 am.

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Do they have a bedtime routine? Like a wash up with warm water and soap since she doesn’t have a tub, calming scented lotion, comfy jammies, story, and bedtime? Does he get anything to help with sleep? It could be that he is getting the amount of sleep that HE needs by going to bed at 7 so maybe his bedtime needs pushed back. Between 8:30 and 9 pm has always been the “sweet spot” for my son and sleeping all night.

Maybe try putting him to bed later. If he is autistic there’s a good chance he won’t require as much sleep as typical kids. If his room is safe for him to be alone, just make it where he can’t run loose in the house & let him be awake for a while. My son is autistic & sometimes wakes during the night. He’s usually fine if we let him have the iPad. Also, ask his pediatrician about melatonin

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My son didn’t sleep much when he was that age. I had to let him stay up later and find lots of things to do to keep him extra busy physically to wear him out just to get like maybe 4 hours of sleep in a row. Other than that a toddler clock helped a lot. I would set it and over and over explain when the hand was in the red it was bed time and if he got up id walk him back to bed. It took a long long long time but eventually that clock helped. Also I would tell her to consider books with pictures of certain things he likes and he can point to them to tell her what he is wanting. Make some with faces so he can point to how he’s feeling and a first then chart helped a lot as well. I would put a picture of a tv, a bathtub, a toothbrush, a book, and then a bed on a Velcro line. Then the top had a box for first and then. In the first box I would put what task we were about to do then the then box is put the next task and he would move them as needed so he knew what was coming. If he does have asd routine and schedule is everything. And if the routine changes he will need advanced notice and warnings. She will get through it grandma just in a different way. I was that crazy mommy for awhile and my son is 11 now and doing great. Also have her look into the 0-3 program if she hasn’t already

Try a defuser with lavender oil in it my oldest daughter had trouble sleeping and she is adhd and my youngest had a hard time falling asleep so we just out one in her room and looked up things for sleeping and I knew lavender helped and it does

He needs a nap after so many hours after being away autistic or not. It’s help regulate the brain.

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A sound machine really helps my grandson who is autistic

Ask the 2 year old what she wants.

She could get a little inflatable tub for in the shower to try the herbal bath :thinking:

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I know it says 3+ but Dr. Teals makes a bedtime bath soap for kids that’s melatonin infused and has lavender essential oil. Has helped both my kids sleep better, especially my adhd 10 year old.

Later bed time and maybe order one of those small blow up bathtubs so he can soak in a tub.

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Have her get a large tote that she can set in the shower and do a bath that way. That’s what I had to do when we moved into a tiny house with just a shower. I always have them an Aveeno oatmeal bath then gave my girls massages with Aveeno lavender lotion. They slept so much better. They are 13 & 15, now they do it on their own. Especially my oldest she is very athletic so it helps with the aching after a game.

They may need a nap at 2 still and mine would think 7pm was a nap instead of bedtime. Maybe try a nap from 1-3 and bed at 8-9 or something ?

Possible try melatonin (start w/half the recommended dosage), co-sleeping, or a later bed time. My sons use to be 8pm at that age, so I’d start “bedtime routine” around 6. Give melatonin, shower up, give a massage with kids lavender lotion, drink warm milk while I would read a book. Some nights it wouldn’t work and I’d do the same routine, but in my bed so we could fall asleep together.

And I second the white noise machine. We still use them 5 years after they were born

following my son is 2 in December and waiting for his assessment as well, dr thinks autism. he has never slept over night, he naps 2 hours a day if he doesn’t it’s worst. he’s our youngest of 6. none of my kids slept the night untill 3ish but he just doesn’t want to go back to bed I can tell it’s completely different, of course he has a lot more signs during the days to. he has the same routine everynifht as well, nothing is helping him, he also doesn’t talk at all.

I only had a shower i got a blowup bath from mothercare was great I put it on floor of shower and sat on the floor beside

I feel your daughters pain. My 1 and 4 year old can be up several times each in the night. Luckily my 2 and 8 year old are good sleepers unless they’re woken by the other two. All I can suggest is having a sleep over so mum can have a decent night or twos rest x

Try putting to bed a little later no sugars or drinks 3 hours prior to bed ask Pharmacist but they do have children melatonin

I would let him run all his energy out. Start a bedtime routine at 8 time to clean up toys then bath/clean up,brush teeth, etc. Then relax read a book.

Get a large baby tub! And maybe with a doctors permission melatonin before bed. Start a strict schedule one or two hour quiet time and then bedtime at the same time every night and quiet time until morning whether he is awake or not to reinforce that routine.

Melatonin an we use a mobile with stuff music

My twins slept terrible untill I started melatonin they get it at 10pm and sleep untill 9am yes they wake up sometimes I give them some milk of pacifier n they go back to sleep … they still nap too … I think she should try some melatonin gummies it makes a huge difference… the First two times they spit it out … I had to carry them n walk around the house distracting them while they chewed it up fyi

Maybe you can spend the night with them on a regular basis and get up with him to give some rest

Way too young to not have naps. He could be overly tired.

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Fill a bin in the shower it is easy to empty.

She needs a nap. She is most likely getting overly tired, then instead of sleeping, she’s using night as a power nap to catch just enough energy to get going again.

My boys are autistic and my youngest was a TERRIBLE sleeper at that age. It was awful. Can she try magnesium? Waking him up after an hour and keeping him up until 10pm? In general my son has always survived off of “less” sleep than most kids his age. Honestly though I tried everything and nothing worked except for time. Every 6 months his sleeping slowly improved. By age 5 he was mostly sleeping though the night, most nights.

Go get a sleep study done my son had severe sleep apnea

You could get a inflatable pool for the shower. To make a bath. Or a plastic tub… also. I know all kids are different. But baby may still need a nap. Could be overly tired at that point. I also recommend a routine. My daughter is 2 and takes a nap 12-3. We play, eat dinner, take a bath, brush teeth and read a book… then she Goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes up around 8:30-9ish every morning.


My Grandson is Autistic. He does this same thing. Goes to bed at 7. Up at midnight or so, and spends the rest of the night jumping up & down. They put a camera in his room, and just let him jump until he falls back to sleep. He’s been doing this routine for at least 2 years that I know of, He’s 4 now. No medication, and he too, is non verbal.


She should try to put him on a schedule for a nap around noon at least for 1-2 hours, and put him to bed later than 7 , it’s hard work but very helpful, she needs to be consistent, nap time is nap time even if the boy doesn’t want to, he will get use to it .Even if he doesn’t want to sleep , it’s time to be down resting.She can put some relaxation music too
In the mean time she can give him kids melatonin, it will help him enormously ( at least while he gets use to the routine ) it’s natural and doesn’t create any harm or addiction.


I would let him do his thing. Give a good warm shower around 9 and put him down at 10. So he’s sleeps longer.

She needs to talk to her pediatrician, it’s how they’re wired. Medication will help tremendously.

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I’m an advocate of noise machines. I would also suggest no lights when the 2 yo wakes. take him to the bathroom with only a night light. Put him back in bed afterwards. It is harder to play in the dark.

I’d check with the pediatrician before giving any supplements, including melatonin. Too much of a good thing can be a problem.

Your daughter might also join FB groups for the issues she believes her child has, searching posts for helpful information.


Let him go to bed later

Unfortunately this is a part of adhd and autism both. She. May ask for a sleep study and they may be able to either prescribe a very mild stimulant or sedative based on what his brain activity looks like

Maybe try a weighted blanket (there are different weights for different ages) along with a soothing (green or blue) nightlight and some white noise.

These all worked for my grandson.

Good Luck!!

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Keep up till your bed time 9ish then give him warm instant oatmeal n buy a noise box for his room also All kids need a nap at least a hour or so


Melatonin it’s a natural herb my granddaughter pediatrician put her on it at that age for sleep . Your daughter should keep him up until at least 8 pm .


My cousins son struggled with sleep a holistic doctor recommended taking him to a chiropractor… She said it worked…he is sleeping through the night and his bowel movements are much better… the doctor told her its a good idea to take them to get adjusted because when they are born the body experiences a lot of trauma going through the birth canal…

I would only allow him to sleep an hour or two at most when he finally goes down. That is his nap. Then he should be tired enough to sleep again for at least 5-6 hours then I would wake him if he doesn’t get up on his own. He is way too young to stop taking naps. His circadian rhythm is all out of wack. It’s not about the time of day or night he sleeps. It’s getting him back into sleep cycle of naps and REM sleep.
She needs to force the nap whatever time of day/ night by waking him after only an hour or no more than 2. Then let however many hours pass that would typically when he took a nap. example; if he napped from 1 to 3 pm during the day and then slept from 730pm to 630am then I would wake him at 930pm if he went to sleep at 730pm with no nap. I would keep him awake for 41/2 -5 hours (time between nap time and bedtime) then put him back to sleep around 230-330am and see if he will sleep til 630-730 which is his normal wake time.


My daughter is also autistic and has ADHD. She use to have problems with sleeping. I started putting her to bed at 8 and I would give her melatonin before bed. Now she sleeps 6-8 hours straight

Many on the ASD spectrum use melatonin. My kiddo is on the spectrum and uses it occasionally. Sleep disruption isn’t unusual considering how busy the brains of those with ASD are❤️


My suggestion would be first to have her speak with his pediatrician about what’s going on. You mentioned that he goes to sleep around 7pm and wake up around might for a few hours, but when does he generally wake up in the morning for the day? Also what are his daily activities? Is he running around playing, generally just chilling watching cartoons or tablet type games he gets into. What kind of activities are going on i.e running around that could possibly tire him out to where he may take a nap? Also if she suspects a.s.d I would also suggest joining some of those support groups online as they could possibly offer some insight, guidance and suggestions for both you and mom. I would say maybe a little later bedtime than 7pm as then he may sleep a little more through the night. My kiddos are close in age (February 2010 & November 2011) and I know generally parents put kiddos to bed a tad earlier to have some relax time before heading to bed ourselves, but if that’s the case and then she’s heading to bed around 10ish or later and then she’s back up at midnight with him then she’s not getting much relaxation and rest. I didn’t have a situation like this with either of mine when they were younger, but just trying to give the best advice I can to another momma. I hope everything gets worked out for all of you… good luck!


Melatonin and do always the same routine bath pj teeth ,quick story, autism thrive on schedule so keep it the same no matter where you are


I have no experience with non verbal or A.S.D. And you said she only has a shower but If she has enough room could she do a very large tote and fill it with water as a small tub. Or even a small plastic or inflatable pool…I know it’s not ideal but if a warm herbal bath might help it might be worth a try. Good luck grandma and mama.


Maybe stuff to help with sensory type issues. Maybe see what fabric his favorite blanket is for comfort, and see if you can find an appropriate weighted one. Noise machine, some have nature, white noise, and relaxing music options. See if it helps him fall asleep and stay asleep to also have one that has those different options of light shows. Similar to how baby swings have to put/keep kids asleep.
They also say there are benefits from running a humidifier.
Maybe try a little later bedtime, and an activity that will tire him out in the evenings. Then a wind down activity, maybe reading? Or a rub down.? (Some people use brush therapy.)

Best of Lucky to you all.

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Keep working with him on delays but however if my daughter went to bed that early she wakes up around midnight I used to have to keep her up until 9-9:30

While everyone is suggesting Melatonin, it CAN stop working after awhile and can also cause night terrors and other issues.

My 3yo Autistic and 5yo ADHD kiddo are on Clonidine 0.1mg nightly. Melatonin just stopped working for them and I need sleep too. They now sleep a full 8-10hrs solid.


My daughter was like this. I tried everything. She wouldn’t sleep. The solution was dumping her father. We had a tense relationship. He made it tough to have a routine, was very emotionally abusive. Once he was gone & we all felt safe she began sleeping. Just throwing that out there incase she’s in a similar situation. If mom is tense, worried whatever baby feels that.


My grandson has a lot of the same issues. We do lavender bath wash, make sure he has a routine bedtime, he has a weight blanket and someone lays down with him.

Is she asking you for help? I would be careful to not insert yourself, unsolicited. When I’m going through a challenge with my 2 year old, the last thing I want is for a relative to give advice like they know better than I. Just food for thought.


7pm bedtime is pretty early. I’d do a good routine that starts with dinner, shower, down time, then bed. Maybe try down time at 7:30 and bed time by 9.


Try starting with this!! Makes a HUGE difference!! Also research food dyes and preservatives and how children react to them!


I would suggest a later bedtime.

I’d talk to the pediatrician about a referral to a specialist. Just to make sure it isn’t a sleep disorder.

What about a large plastic laundry tub like this to give him a warm bath? Put it in the shower and fill it with the water and lavender to help him relax. Note: my son is 13yrs old and is 5’8”.


So sorry . Some
Kids give up naps early . He should be sleeping all
Night though . Definitely talk to the doctors and see what they suggest .

I have been Giving my daughter sleep melatonin she is autistic as well and would stay up into 5-6am and would sleep all day until I got her on melatonin now she is asleep by 10-11 pm and awake by 9am

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A weighted blanket helps my asd son

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Too early. I thought early was best too. Turns out I HAVE to keep my daughter up to 9 or she’s up before 7. Maintaining a 9-9:30pm bedtime she stays asleep. Anything earlier and she wakes up in the middle or too early


I don’t have any advice but I just became a grandmother myself and I understand where you’re coming from :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s crazy how much love, and worrying comes with it :heart:


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Go to This.

She could get a Rubbermaid container of sorts to do a bath. It may help him relax and sleep better.

Warm bath, baby massage, also maybe check with pediatrician (sometimes an underlying infection such as an ear infection or what have you could be throwing kiddo off.

ASD/ADHD mum right here :raising_hand_woman:
I would suggest seeking out the paediatrician about sleep and melatonin.
It can take a long time to get an official diagnosis, and luckily they don’t need a diagnosis to help with little to no sleep.
Best of luck :relaxed:

Keep him up till 9-10!

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Melatonin natrol or zarbees I’m an asd mom and my asd son does not sleep unless he has clonidine but 2yo is to young but yes try melatonin.

Sleep disorders with autistics are really common and it’s something that unfortunately will have to just run it’s course. You can talk to his pediatrician about trying sleep medications like melatonin.

Why is he going to bed at 7? I can see 9 but not 7.

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My 17 month old daughter also has trouble sleeping throughout the night. Some nights she’ll sleep all night without waking up, some nights she’s up every other hour like a newborn. She usually goes to Sleep around 8-9 every night. & is awake around 7:30/8 a.m. (She takes a nap of the morning/afternoon) i would recommend getting a blow up tub, or even a big tote for baths. Dr. Teals has melatonin sleep soak bath salts. Is what I use for my kids. I also use the bedtime lavender baby wash. You can also get this lavender sleep spray from Walmart in the baby section. It has a bee on the bottle. (Forgot the name) you spray it in the room where the baby sleeps, can spray it on the bed, clothes or even put a little on the baby. also use a night time lavender lotion. My daughter drinks milk when she goes to bed, but maybe try a bedtime tea? Warm milk? Also, try a sound machine. Or even turning on some calming sleep music/sounds on YouTube. Try a fan too. He could be getting too hot & he’s not sleeping comfortably so he’s waking up. It’s hard to understand what exactly is going on with them when they can’t communicate with us. As parents we just have to try & understand by body language sometimes. Hopefully you’ll find something that will help! I’d ask his pediatrician about giving him melatonin first. Sometimes Melatonin doesn’t work for some kids.

Ask the doctor about melatonin