How can I get my kids to help without complaining?

Why do people post foolishness and I’m the bad person? Look lady you screwed them up you’re supposed to teach them that at a younger age. Now you may as well be teaching them a foreign language. Try to tell them that you messed up by not teaching them that as younger children and this is just how it has to be. Tell them that most people teach their kids that early on in life but you tried to spare them by going easy on them but now it’s time to pay the toll!

Let them sit outside in the damn heat for 3 hrs…they will be begging to come back inside!

Nothing works actually :pray:

So mom u huff n puff when they want or need something

You are the parent and if they feel entitled and are also lazy then who allowed this to happened should be your question? :woman_shrugging:t3: you tell them what to do, that’s how I raised mine anyway. Remember their laziness when they ask for something that isn’t a need. If you buy it than your promoting their laziness.

If they do things half assed make them redo it again & again until they do it right. When my son was 12 I taught him how to fold & organize his clothes. Then when we did laundry he folded his. I told him to do it right or he would have to redo it. When I checked he loosely just rolled & threw his clothes in the draws. I calmly took them out put them on the bed & said do it again. I ended up doing it 3x that day. On the 4 time he finally folded things neatly. Now he’s 17. I literally never tell him to clean his room. He keeps it clean does his bed and takes care of his things. He even washed his own dishes. Because he knows if I find a dish in the sink he will was all dishes for the best two days. Just stick to your punishments and make them longer. Take things away for the week and don’t give in. When they realize you really follow through with punishments they’ll get in line.