How can I get my son to sleep at night?

I need suggestions on how to get my 3 year old son to sleep some nights. I know he’s tired but he will fight with me and through a fit when I try to lay him down. He up most mornings buy 7 try to put him to bed about 9:30. Some nights I have no problem he will go to bed but when he’s over tired he fights me.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my son to sleep at night?

Zarbees baby melatonin. Saved my house!!!

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Welcome to parenthood… do that

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Try to tire him out close to bedtime. Dance party, running outside, jumping, then cool down with a bath. If he naps during the day try to cut them shorter so he’s more tired at night. Sometimes my son fights it a lot and I’ll threaten him with sleeping on his bed and he lays right down😂 I usually move him over after he’s ko.

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If he naps in the day, try to eliminate them. My kids did same.


Try to keep somewhat of a bedtime routine so he knows it’s coming. And try to wear him out before you start that routine. And as weird as it sounds, sometimes an earlier bedtime helps their sleep. My son wakes up at 630am everyday. Whether I put him down at 7pm or at midnight. So, his bedtime is 730. Then he’s not quite as overly tired by the end of the night.


Does he take afternoon naps if no then try that.

“Go to bed, now”. You’re welcome…


My three year olds were in bed by 7:00 pm.Poor kids probably over tired


Try an earlier bed time honestly if his overtired it’s harder


If he’s up at 7 and you’re putting him to bed at 930 he’s over tired. Either cut out naps altogether and put him to bed earlier, or give him a nap and only let him sleep so long like an hour. 930 is too late for a 3 year old. Get into a routine.


Earlier bedtime.

Get in a legit routine and stay consistent for a minimum of 3 weeks. Cut out anything eutg too much sugar after 630. Bath with lavender. Lavender or cedar wood diffuser. Read stories at bedtime. Try not to allow electronics 2 hours before bed. White noise. Get an bedtime / okay to wake light.

It’s trial and error. Honestly 1 of my kids didn’t sleep through the night till kindergarten and my 10 yo still has the hardest time falling asleep. We hired sleep consultants and everything. Every single one suggested the items above


I always rocked and. sang to mine

I have to snuggle mine to sleep. Takes 5 minutes

Tubby first, put him in a wagon, go for a long walk, put in bed, white noise, blue or green night light and a sip of water. Is he in a crib? Goodnight. :sleeping:

9:30 is entirely too late for a three year old. Get into a earlier routine.


Bath before bed and maybe a story with some dimmed lights for a calmer setting. You can always try kids melatonin but I wouldn’t recommend everynight…

Routine. Routine. Routine. If he knows bedtime is coming, he might be easier to get to sleep. I would try an earlier bedtime, with a bath, lotion, comfortable pjs, a book, some soft music and rubbing his back. It’s what I did with my twins. Every kiddo is different, though.

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Earlier bed time, make sure to have a regular routine… snack/drink , bath , jammies , book or puzzle and bed for a small snuggle and some smooches and be consistent!


No screen time for like 30 mins prior to bed.

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Earlier bedtime with a routine first… See if that helps… If not keep the routine… But about 20 minutes before bed I would try a 3mg melatonin. They come in gummies. That worked wonders for my little.

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Mine will be 3 in a few months on no nap days he’s out by 8:00 830

On nap days we do bath, cuddle and show then bed out by 9:00 or 930
He’s not quite ready for no nap fully.

9:30 is way too late for him. He should be in bed by 7:00. Start getting him ready for bed after dinner. Bath time, quiet time,( reading or prayers) then to bed. Mine were in bed by 7:00 every night.


Melatonin and dim lights/avoid tv. You could also try establishing a routine if you don’t have one. Taking a bath using night time soaps and lotions/reading a book before bed

Kids thrive on routine. Do a bath and book and calm down time about 30 minutes prior. I always start to give reminders that bedtime is coming. Limit any technology before as well

Melatonin my granddaughter doctor had us give it to her at 2 years old . It’s natural over the counter . Start with lowest dose . As he gets older it can be increased. His own body isn’t providing enough melatonin .

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I do agree… if you put him to bed earlier, you have some time to allow him to fall asleep… he needs to learn how to soothe himself, and go to sleep. But a 9.30 bedtime for a 3yr is way to late in my opinion… 7 is much better. What time are you planning on putting him to bed when he is 5? Midnight? Or when he starts school? I’d say 7-7:15 is plenty late for a 3yr old!

“A positive bedtime routine helps toddlers feel ready for sleep and settle more easily when they wake at night. Most toddlers are ready for bed between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. This is a good time, because they sleep deepest between 8 pm and midnight.”

Kinda funny cause i grew up on my dad always saying sleep before midnight counts double haha now i see that makes sense!


Read him a bedtime story; even two if needed! My grandsons loved having stories read to them at bedtime!

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No sugar, tv, electronics of any kind after 4
Good hard play until dinner nice
Warm bath
Bedtime story
Tuck him in and boom

Make sure he is getting a lot of physical exercise

The kiddo isn’t tired enough physically


930 is late for a 3 year old. Mine is in bed by 730-745. And he sleeps in until 7-8 every morning. He’s had that routine since like 6 months and going to bed us never an issue for him. Even if he doesn’t fall asleep right away, he just chills there and talks to himself lol.


Give a really warm bath about 30 minutes before bedtime. Once the body starts cooling down they become really relaxed and it makes them fall asleep quicker.

If your giving naps during the day I would suggest you stop. If he MUST take a nap make sure it doesn’t go past 20 minutes.

Don’t just give your kid melatonin. Have a routine and start bedtime around 730 or 8


My boy will take a 1 hr nap all day. Goes to sleep around 3am and wants to start going again by 8am… I need some of that energy. AND I NEED sleep lol


Give him melatonin gummies, it will help him , is natural and not addictive. Is a life saver

A lot of times when kids are over tired they can’t fall asleep. 9:30 feels a little late for a three year old especially if they don’t get a nap anymore. I would try to start bed time routine I.e dinner, bath, book, back pats, earlier like 7:30 8 and see if that helps.


Melatonin. My daughter has always had sleep issues her pre school teach suggested it

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Bedtime routine and bed earlier. I got my son a white noise machine and it was amazing. Bath, teeth brushed, white noise machine on (he likes the heartbeat sound.) And out in 5 minutes. He’s 4. We started at 3


Earlier bed time he’s probably over tired. I would do 8 sharp

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Firm schedule of up time and bedtime


Overtired threenagers are no joke. :flushed: I’ve found that regardless of what evening/bedtime routine you have going, giving THEM as many choices as you can makes them more receptive (color plate/cup, wash hair or body first in bath, brush top or bottom teeth first, lavender lotion on legs or belly first, pick your jammies, story, stuffie, etc.) Seriously, FIND ways to let them be “in control” of what happens next, but all in the process of getting to bed. Then take a few minutes to just snuggle them and whisper something, tell them a story about your day, about when they were a baby, say prayers, but w h i s p e r it. Let them tell you a secret. All this centers and calms them, but it is extra effort on your part, especially if you’re at the end of your rope. But you need those snuggles too, mama. It goes fast, and occasionally that’s a good thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Give him a warm bath warm milk or warm tea to drink before bed it will help him fall asleep

Well you kind of just answered your own question. He is over tired. Definitely make sure you are sticking to a bed time routine as well!

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You said yourself it happens when he is over tired.
Stick to a schedule and start night time routine around 7-730pm

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I use melatonin on my 2 year old cause there are nights I start laying him down at 7 and he still up at midnight 1


Maybe he needs to go to bed earlier. My 3 year old is in bed by 830.

Nice Bath, Read Books.

Bedtime routine and try moving bedtime earlier. Also sometimes kids just go through stages. Keep the routine and the child will eventually move back into the rhythm, otherwise you’ll soon be standing on your head trying to get them to bed.

9:30 seems so late for a 3 year old he might be overtired by that time.
Give him time to do what he urges to do before bedtime so he doesn’t want to do it while hes in bed.
Start his bedtime routine n hour before bed.
Warning him bedtimes in hour then 30m etc? Just to warn him whats going to be happening.
Quite time a little bit before sleep also just to rest him down before bed, meaning no tv or overstimulating things.
Reading him a story or comfort in bed and cuddles.
Having a warm comfort drink also may help.

Make sure you have a routine!
Play, Bath, Warm drink, Book, Cuddles, Bed or however. Same same every night


Warm bath with lavender and warm milk a book and same time every night a routine no tv no music lights off night light only

7:30 pm time for bed


I had a little boy like that. After trial and error, I figured it out. Would write a diary on him, food s,drinks,slow down on his excitement in the p.m. regular bedtimes. No sugars or caffeine in th late hours. The key was reading to him

I use magnesium rub for mine! Works great! Melatonin made me feel awful. It put me onto a full blown depression so I stopped giving it to my kids. I cant imagine how it made them feel

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I would put him to bed at 8:30

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Have a routine start out with winding down time. Then a bath, brush teeth, read a book, hugs and kisses. Then say good night. It worked for my son.

Let him pick out a bed time story.

With my kid we just had to find a routine. Brush teeth, hop into bed and read stories, sing baby beluga, put night light on and turn lights off, then I would give her hugs and kisses, lay with her and tickle her back gently then turn into calming rub, then put an arm around her and wait for her to fall asleep and twitch hahaha. Works like a charm! I found when I try to just put her in bed and I don’t stay it takes much longer and more work to get her asleep.

make sure he’s well fed. might get up at night because he is hungry. happened with
my 3 year old, dinner was too early.

Kids have those nights. Even us adults do.

All I can say is naptime is important

Honestly do whatever works for u. If your a later mom who works late, go to bed late. If 930 is your bed time of choosing that’s what works for your family. Tips to get him to go to bed. A noise machine. Rocking him In a rocking chair while telling him a story. Bounce him on the bed while he’s wrapped around you. It all really depends on what kind of parent child night routine you would like. Do you want him to be in his own bed alone with lights out? Do you snuggle him before bed? I Co slept my first so I am very active with my kids night routine. Whatever they needed untill about the age of 4.5. Even then if they struggle I did it. Do whatever works. When my kids fight I redirect. There’s no point with my children to force them to go to bed unless there’s school in the am. So I let them watch an extra TV show and wind down. I read books. I do the bouncing or the rocking. Whatever works. And when they are asleep I use a night light and run alot of fans, dishwasher, air purifier, whatever makes white noise it’s on in my house. That way the other tater tots don’t wake up to another bb crying or me dancing bc I can finally shower pee or eat lol. :crazy_face:

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Aveeno lavander bedtime baby bath shampoo bathe him, a book and tadaaa

And honestly lay him down at least an hour before you want him to actually sleep because some nights will take longer than others no electric devices at least an hour before bed

I read to both of my children from the time they were infants until they were in 3 grade (or about then). When they learned to read I still read to them for a couple of years. They relaxed and went to sleep just fine.

It all comes down to routine. I start our bedtime routine at 7:30, turn off all electronics, warm dr teals melatonin bath, we snuggle up after and read or tell stories and my boy’s are asleep by 9 pm. I find when they get over stimulated then they fight sleep.

Chocolate milk or any milk

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Make sure he isn’t over tired when he goes to bed. I have a hard time sleeping over tired as well

Sounds counter intuitive but try to get him in bed earlier. Like 7-7:30. Sleep leads to more sleep so it’s usually better for them to have an earlier bed time as they are usually overly tired by then and no naps past 3 if he still naps. For my daughter i actually had to cut out naps around 3.5 or she wouldn’t go to bed at night to late and then be miserable until nap time so while it was a bit miserable for awhile keeping her up those afternoons until she adjusted it made for a much smoother bedtime and beginning to the next day


A sleep study through an ent. I thought my son was just difficult nope has sleep apnea. He had tonsils removed at 5 slept thru the night first night after surgery and no issues since

Routine. A bath to relax them works great!!! My babies are in bed by 7 and my 5 to 9 yr olds are in bed by 830-9. Eventually they go to sleep without harmful substances like melatonin. Kids are overdosing on that because parents take advantage of it getting them to sleep.

I don’t tell her she has to go to sleep. Just that she needs to go to her room for quiet time and bedtime. often times she plays and then puts herself to bed when fever she’s sleepy.

Warm baths with lavender and bubbles, and maybe read while he’s in there, I have the same issue and most of the time a nice warm bath and chocolate milk plus some soft music , I also tried autism videos videos just because it’s grabs his attention and calms him to the point the sleep starts to set in(no my son is not autistic)

My daughter will do this when she gets overtired. So for my daughter, she’s 8, I have to get her ready for bed by 730 and lay her down at 8. If she is up any longer than that she gets overtired and it is always a disaster. Plus she does better when I let her know how long before or when it’s bedtime ect. Example if it’s 630 I’ll let her know she has xx amount of time before her bath, brushing her teeth, etc and so on until it’s time for bed…she does much better when she’s prepared and knows what’s happening. My other children didn’t have to have it this way but I’ve found most kids cannot just switch from one thing to the next without preparation. If he’s up by 7 am most days then staying up til 930 is way to much and when overstimulated it’s always going to be much much harder to get him settled down. With my daughter I let her know how much time she has from dinner, or whatever we’re doing, then after her bath time I let her know it’s bedtime and between 730 & 8 I make sure it’s quiet and low light so she can settle in or sometimes I stay with her in her room during that time reading a book or maybe just laying down talking softly about our day or TV for little while. I find she goes right to sleep easily so I have kept that up…the counting down and the quiet time before tucking her in. It has made a huge difference and keeping that regular routine and bedtime is the best thing I could do for her. At 3 it’s not always going to be super easy but stick with a routine and it will get better. Good luck

Cut down on sweets long before bed….and I do a before bed workout on my children an hour before bed I would have them do jumping jacks sometime a few laps around the house all out of fun of course then after that a warm bath and out they went the whole night without fail

Try an earlier bedtime and start a routine an hour before. Pick up toys, bath, brush teeth, pajamas. That way he knows what happens next. He’ll know when you say it’s time to pickup, that he’s going to bed soon.

So what me and my husband started doing- just temporarily until they adjusted to sleep better, is keep them up until pretty late at night- sometimes until 11pm or even a little later. They would be so tired by the time they went to bed, my 3 and 2 year old finally started sleeping through the night after doing that routine for a few weeks. After I thought they were adjusted I started slowly putting them to bed earlier and earlier to get back on a normal schedule and now they go to bed at 9pm and usually wake up around 8:30am. You can also try cutting out any foods or drinks with red dye in them- trust me, Google the behavioral effects of ingesting red dye you’ll be mind blown!