How can I get my toddler to stop throwing food on the floor?

How can I get my 18-month-old to stop throwing food on the ground? Nothing I do or say stops him from doing it, it’s like a game to him at this point


It is a game, that he wins every single time he plays you.
You’re child is not going to starve if you set clear rules down.
And this isn’t going to cure itself in one sitting ….
So when he’s thrown everything on the floor he’s done eating take him away from the table.
And each time he does this say “we don’t throw away good food, so you must not be hungry and your done now”. Or something of the sort.

And then when he wants something to eat you say “we sit and eat our food, we don’t throw away good food”.
Annnnnd when he starts his game again take him away from the table.
You’re going to have to probably repeat this several times a day …. And there’s going to be a battle of wills here because he’s gotten away with it so many times before…. So be prepared. And remember YOU are the adult.

It wasn’t allowed for my kids (I have four), we sat down and ate together. And when they were old enough they ate what the adults ate, I never made separate meals for them…. and believe me they love to eat!

Try ignoring it completely and stop reacting. If that doesn’t stop him then try taking the plate/bowl away when he starts to throw food and tell him we can’t throw food. Give it back after a couple mins and tell him if he throws food again that means he’s done. And then actually take the food away and don’t give it back when he does it again. It might take a couple days and a few tantrums but he will catch on if you are consistent

Because to him it is a game and gets a reaction (good or bad he doesn’t care) from Mom. Ignore it completely until done eating then teach them to clean it up. Get a little hand broom and dust pan and teach little one to sweep it into pan or pick it back up and throw in trashcan.

Because it is. You’re playing fetch. The more you carry on, the more fun it is. Give him his food, if it goes in the floor and into the trash, next meal maybe he will eat. Possibly, when he’s full, the remainder will go in the floor. He will eventually outgrow this behavior or eventually it will be his wife’s problem. Just kidding…:wink:

Ignore him he does think it’s a game more u pick it up while he is doing it he will just do it for fun… when he realizes you won’t pay him no attention he will eventually quit…yes it can be a process

Make him clean up his mess. Actions have consequences. You made the mess. You have to clean it up now.

It stops by itself. It’s just a milestone.


Put him on the ground to eat so its not as satisfying to him

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