How can I get my two year old off liquids at night time?

How can I get my two-year-old off the bottle? And off liquids (juice/milk) at night? My daughter won’t get off her Avent bottle. What are some of your favorite sippy cups that DONT leak? And by doing leak, I mean you can throw it as many times, and it won’t spill. Also, what can I do about my daughter’s drinking habits? She will wakeup literally six times six night for juice or milk and if I give her water she will throw a tantrum and won’t go back to bed until I give her what she wants… please help im a single mother who is so tired and needs advice!


Start slowly diluting her juice with water. And gradually add more after a few times. And eventually just put water. I hope it works momma. I went through this with my 2 year old.

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Let her cry herself to sleep


Start by giving her a drink with her meal at the table during the day. Try to enforce leaving it on the table, not carrying it around. Teach her that eating and drinking is done there, not in bed.

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Keep saying no simples she dont like it then tough


Stop giving in. Let her cry. She’ll never magically stop if all she has to do is a cry to end up with what she wants. Kids are smart - you have to be stubborn


Have a talk with her that it’s one sippy cup at bedtime. No refills bc mommy is sleeping. Don’t cave. Be strong good luck!

Munchkin with the flexible straws

Stay strong let her cry it out. A sip of water and that’s it momma.

Throw it away and don’t get anymore smh she’s a child. Be the parent


Tell her she will never be potty trained :roll_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::woman_facepalming: if she doesn’t stop drinking 3 hours before bed time :relieved: I’ve potty trained 5 , my one daughter was only 15 months. Also throw all bottles out when they start walking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you will definitely rot her teeth out at that rate.

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Two years old and still using a bottle is the first issue

My only advice is to cut cold turkey. It’ll be a rough week or two then she’ll be fine

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Quit giving her a bottle cold turkey and no drinks after bed time its gonna be exhausting and ur gonna be tired for a couple nights but she’s gonna get the point after that the key is to not give in to her demands she knows if she cries she gets what she asked for as soon as she realizes crying ain’t helping she will give up
Stay strong momma :heart_eyes:

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Every child is different. My daughter just got off the bottle after her 3rd birthday. Just make sure you’re brushing their teeth.

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The NUK sippy cup is the best

Get the thermos bottles . Seal tight . I hate bottles so I switched to sippy cups right away

Don’t give it to her. She can have water or have nothing. Having juice or milk at night is actually very bad for their teeth anyway. If she’s thirsty water is the best choice. If she doesn’t want it then she’s really not thirsty so she needs to go back to bed


Yikes, I’d start with offering an open cup at seated meal times. This is what we did at 10 months. For around the house or travel, we got a weighted straw cup and that cannot be spilled.

Water down the juice and milk slowly each day until it’s basically just water or make your own fruit water at the very least by adding some fresh fruit into a cup with water. But ultimately, kids will drink what they see you drinking. Do you have healthy habits?


Let her cry it out. She has to learn to sooth herself


We put in a couple rough nights when we did it . I would only offer water. She quit waking looking for it .

Take it away its pretty simple. I give my kids water and a cup or milk in the morning and a cup at night once in a while I give them watered down juice or crystal light but it’s rare. They will drink I promise they will get thirsty and give in. I like the 360 cups better for their teeth smoother transition to a cup

Do what I do… Let your kids know who the boss is. I’m the mom and I make the rules. I’m here to tell you in my house it’s my way or no way.


Let her cry. Its hard but she knows if she has a fit mom will come. When you stop she stops. I had to do the same to my 1 yesr old
He does get a bottle of milk at bed time and a sippy with water that’s it. He will wake up between 5 and 6 amd cry and I give him a small 5 oz bottle of milk and he goes back to bed. Try giving her more food during the day too so shes full and maybe some sort of protein snack before bed

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No juice ever at night it rots there teeth will make them turn black .Have a good dinner ,snack before bed no reason to fill up on liquids

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I just made it unavailable :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:t3:

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I don’t see myself stopping my baby from waking up 2 drink her milk, for God’s sake she doesn’t wake me up ,she wakes up @ 4:00am ,grabs her bottle of milk ,drinks n takes it back :blush: my baby I won’t stop you ,you will outgrow it soon :blush:she is making 2 this month :couplekiss_man_woman:

It took us 4 very long night to break away from the bottle. By the 5th day, he was good to go.

Water the milk down and it will become undesirable.


Tommy tippee cups worked great for us.

Make sure she has food before bed… enough liquids before that…
This may help…she might be wanting juice or milk because she’s hungry

If you won’t just give water, then after milk or juice have her brush her teeth again. She will get tired of brushing her teeth every time.

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We do water only after dinner and I let my 2 year old have a sports bottle of water in her room at night. She puts it back in the same spot each time she uses it. A 360 sippy cup or straw sippy also works but we use the click release soft straw sports bottle. No leakage.

Be careful… their not supposed to have anything but water for their teeth’s sake :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Water milk down slowly over time. Use a transition cup (picture). Then during day switch to soft spout or hard spout cups.

For a sippy cup, Re-Play - The Power of Recycling
My son was almost 2.5 when he weaned off the breast and stopped drinking at night.

I use 360 cup no spilling and they teach kids to drink from cups

just give her water so she stops getting up for a drink.

Both of my daughters get these, they dont spill at all. We put proper water in them

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My son is the same way that boy is almost two and wakes up 3 or 4 times a night for a bottle of milk. I have to rock him back to sleep too unless he’s in my bed! So girl I feel you!! I’m so over it.
Today, I watered down his bottle. He could tell l, but still drank it. So I’m Going to start doing that at night too.

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Say no mom ! It’s ok . She will adjust !


I put milk in a sippy and water in the bottle when it was time for my daughter to come off the bottles and let her choose. It took a day for her to realize she didn’t want the bottle so much anymore. She was just over 2.

Don’t give into her. Take three plus restless nights and don’t give her , her cup at all. If she screams she screams but we know she is ok and just having an episode.


I would say we are out of milk and I’ll go in the morning and make a show how bad I felt I forgot to buy it and they would make sure I’m ok so they would say it’s ok mommy lol… Fib, fib, fib :crossed_fingers:

Get this cup I 100% promise you will NOT regret it. My toddler swings this thing around all over the place. No leaks. AND it’s not a sippy or bottle. It comes in a bunch of cute colors and designs.

Possibly test for diabetes?

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I know it’s hard because in the middle of the night and *you’re tired but you need to not give in. Give her a drink before bed or at bedtime. Tell her she’s needs to start going the night without a drink. Don’t give in don’t give her another drink until breakfast. You will have 2 or 3 ugly nights of crying but shes not hurt she’s just used to it. You need to not give in. Go in the first time with out a drink, hug her tell her it is time for sleeph. Leave… repeat this each time she cries waiting a little inlonger before going in to her room. This is a weaning techniques. She’s old enough to go all night without drinks. Each time you give in she wins and your back peddling. I have 4 children and 11 grandchildren so I’ve seen this a lot You can do this 3 nights and you will be glad you did this.


My daughter did that with her pacifier and she refused to sleep. She was around the same age when I hid them all and when she asked for it. We looked together and she realized they were missing she did cry a lot but I held. I soothed her until she fell asleep in my arms. This was our routine for about a week until she got used to the idea.

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Add something to it like cereal she might be hungry if that many bottles even if it is very very thin oatmeal

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Just be strict with her set a limit after she gets dressed for bed and brushes her teeth, no more. You gotta set a strict limit and go with it, bc right now she can get away with it bc you give in to her. Let her cry it out she’ll know your the boss not her.

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I told my kids the bottle was yucky and made them throw it away! Yes she’s going to cry offer a drink of water if she throws a fit walk away she’ll cry it out

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I am a solo-parent. Its always been her and I. The best thing I ever did was keeping my (now 2.5yr old) child on a schedule. Sleep for both of us is the most important. I never gave her juice, except for maybe a small glass for breakfast and water before bed. They pee more at night when they have milk. No toys in the bedroom. Books and stuffed animals only. Low lights when getting ready for bed, maybe read a book, & rub her back for just a little. Nap time is super important!! If my kid does not nap, she will become over tired and will have difficulty going to bed. Also, let her sleep in a big girl bed. They feel so excited to sleep in a “big girl” bed. Might be your ticket to a fresh start of a really good sleep routine! Good luck!

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I raised 3 kids and had each drinking ALL liquids from normal cups and glasses at 1-year of age. I did this because I was the BOSS - not them.

Never give a child juice at night. Sugar will rot their teeth. We let our daughter have a sippy cup of water with super soft straw installed in the cap. She doesn’t always drink her water in middle of the night but if she needs something, she’d just drink from her cup and go right back to sleep.

You can find those sippy cups at walmart for under 2 dollars.

Talk to her. Tell her she is,a big girl now and,she doesn’t need,a bottle. If he,wakes up for water just give him some in a cup. I still drink water at night. Maybe eventually he,will stop.

Start diluting them with water slowly over a couple of nights/weeks until it’s just water, I did this with my oldest. I wouldn’t break her from her bottle, just to have her get attached to a sippy cup.

Take her to the dr. It could be an underlying issue like juvenile diabetes. If she’s good then you know she’s using it as an excuse

Loose a few nights of sleep by just giving her water and absolutely no juice with bed time you will rot their teeth


Look and see if you can Google an almanac and see the signs of weening

Just stop giving in she is 2 who is the parent she will stop asking if you stop giving in


Ask your pediatrician.

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No nap during the day. Put to bed at regular time. Do it when you have a few days off from work this way she will be tired and go to sleep easlily and wont wake during the night.

Warm the water also.

My grandson is three and he still wakes up at night wanting a cup several times a night I think it’s pretty normal

The dr told me to just stop and one night I did. He was my first and around two when I did. After a couple nights, he was finally sleeping through the night!

I don’t have much advice as what to do. My grandson will be 2 in March & still takes 2 bottles a day. But I can recommend a cup that does not leak. These cups are amazing. Graham throws them. They do not leak. A little on expensive side but oh so worth it.

The 360 cups are awesome. But all cups eventually will leak when thrown enough. As far as her getting up in the middle of the night asking for milk or juice the easiest thing you can do is tell her “no go back to bed.” I had a rough time with this with my youngest bc if I told him no he would go ask my mom or my husband and they would give it to him. But everyone in your house hold has to be on the same page and you need to learn the power of the word no. Kids arr smart they catch on fast she will pick it up in a few days to a few weeks.

Don’t give in . Offer her water in a sippy cup. Its simply habit now. My son did the same thing and his pediatrician said dont even go in his room when he’s up. Hes slept 12 hours a night since and he’s now 5.

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Give a bottle with only water. Make her a bedtime snack. Teeth are not fun to have to deal with. She’ll get over it.

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If she’s growing, she may be hungry. My son was like that. Pediatrician told me to add carnation instant breakfast to his milk to help provide nutrients and fill him up. We did. It worked. It only took a few weeks.

The 360 cups are pretty amazing!

I guess I’m the only adult who wakes up has a drink of water and goes back to bed…if it’s a matter of potty training give them a drink make them go potty and go back to bed as an adult I still wake up and pee lol …we expect so much from children…y’all try doing what u expect from ur children


First teach her that throwing things is wrong. Set boundaries quick. I would ask her doctor why she wakes up so much during the night. Water down the juice.

The 360 cups are awesome and maybe try to start weaning her to water first? Slowly add more and more water until that’s all it is then wean her off of it all together? She might realize she’s just getting water and give up anyways. Good luck mama!

When I tried to wean my daughter off milk I just got rid of the bottles completely out the house and if she woke and asked for a drink I offered water, the first two nights were hard as she would scream she didn’t want water she wanted milk, I explained that milk during the night wasn’t good for her teeth and that water was the only option. 3 nights in and we had cracked it, occasionally she wakes up for water but I think it was just habit. Do you have a relative or a friend close by who is part of your social bubble who could help out for a few hours during the day if your up a lot during the process it would let you get a nap. Don’t be too hard on yourself and also don’t feel guilty. X


Try a humidifier in her room will help with dry mouth at night

Try more solids during the day this will keep her stomach full and she won’t drink as much towards night time

Have her checked for diabetes six times a night is to much

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My 17month old finally gave up the bottle for a nuk sippy cup. Like $3-$5 at Walmart. Refuses a bottle now

When I was weaning off the bottle and night time drinks, I realized it was me who needed the weaning. It was easier for me to just give in. Once I realized this and basically weaned myself from giving in, I stood by it and honestly they got over it in probably 3 days. Advent makes sippy cups that are good transitional cups. Good luck!

I use our twist shake bottle converted to cups all I had to do was buy the sippy cup nipple but if she chews the nipple it will leak also can try nuk silcone nipple sippy cups my one year old has a minnie mouse one her daddy bought her she loves I recently bought her and her two year old brother their very first knock off yeti cups they were kinda high at 25 bucks for two on Amazon but I wanted to try them in them because they always want my mom’s with her straw in it but they keep pulling their straws out so I don’t let them have those cups except in the kitchen or outside that way they don’t spill their drinks all over the house

You learn sooner rather than later that everything she does is because of everything you’ve done. Dont give in to the tantrum and don’t wait any longer to try and tackle the problem.


You just have to persistent and consistent, as soon as you give in she knows she will get what she wants if she screams enough. Only offer water and stick to your guns. It might mean few nights of fuck all sleep but she will soon get the idea

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Cut off fluids 2 hours before bedtime. Your willpower has to be stronger than her tantrum. Who is the adult?

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Just don’t give her a drink to go to bed with…and don’t relent!!

This is my favorite sippy only sippy my 2 year old son would take at night he didn’t get off the nipple bottles until roughly 1 year n 4 months old does not leak

Only way it will leak if you don’t have the 2 pices inside the cup
But other wise I love this cup

I keep these bottles just for night time. At bedtime I fill it halfway full of water and put it on his night stand. He knows he only gets a half a bottle and I always remind him as soon as I set it down that there will be no refills. It was a great transition. And they don’t leak.

These cups are great and leak proof

Bbox from big w, my son has used it since 6 months of age and it doesn’t leak as it requires sucking to get water from the straw

I got my kiddo a straw sippy cup. She peed her bed if I let her bring her cup to bed, so she’s allowed to have only water (occasionally milk) an hour before bedtime and the cup doesn’t go to bed with her it stays in the kitchen.

My son was easy when it came to the bottle he’s 2.5 and I weaned him a few months ago we just gave him less and less until we took it completely he did well without it. We only give it to him now if it’s a desperate thing. Other than that he does very well going to sleep without one.

NUK active sippy cup! My son didn’t want to lose the bottle and he took this one right away! The replacement spouts are cheap and sold in a lot of local stores for when they get older and chew the spout leaving it to leak anytime it’s tipped over lol. But they don’t leak at all when they’re new! Plus they sell fun characters for them like sesame, paw patrol, Mickey etc

You are in charge- one of my grandchildren lost her front teeth at 4 because she had decay from using a pacifier and having drinks at night- she was toothless for several years- the baby teeth hold position for the developing permanet teeth above them - a child looses his or her front teeth because the permanent teeth are pushing down at the right time. Do what is necessary to keep that normal timing in place!