How can I go about fixing my credit?

I’m working as a correctional officer, and the pay isn’t too good. The divorce I went through set me back some, and I now have around 40,000 in debt. Two were credit cards that the ex racked up. Wanting a less dangerous, more family-oriented job, but scared to change due to needing to pay off debt as quickly as I can. If I can’t get my credit score up, I’ll not be able to stay in the home I live in as it’s a buy or move out the situation. I am a Veteran. Any advice on how to straighten my situation some??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I go about fixing my credit?

Join Road To 750 ™ and Credit Warriors® Each One Teach One both groups are very helpful

Join this amazing group Road To 750 ™ its helped me build my credit from the 490s to 695 in less than a year just from following their tips and advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Look into Dave Ramsey, and join the Dave Ramsey Baby Steppers group on Facebook.

Follow the budget mom or dave ramsey

Join credit repair groups on FB road to 750 is a great one. , apply for a secure CC pay off on time or before. Don’t go over the 30 percent.

So what you do is figure out how much you’re being paid (whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly) and how much you spend on bills, groceries, gas etc. See if you can cut out any subscriptions for a while. Actually do it. Figure out how much you have left over and set a certain amount aside each week/ bi-weekly. Spend money in cash instead of your card, it’ll make you think more about how much you’re spending… there for saving you money. Then find the lowest owed amount on whatever account… so say you have $1000 owed in 1st credit card and $3000 on the 2nd credit card. You would make normal payments on your credit cards for a while, then take your savings and pay off the 1st credit card. Now lock that card away and DO NOT spend money on it. Now say your normal payment was $45 a month for credit card 1… and you pay $50 on credit card 2… you’re going to add $45 extra dollars onto that payment every month. So instead of just paying $50 on card 2, you’re now paying $95. It’s gonna pay it off fast and get you out of debt. Then when you have both cards paid off, use 1 card to make your normal every day purchases with. (Like groceries, gas or bills) and immediately pay it off. So buy $100 in groceries and then pay $100 off the next day. That way you keep the card balance at $0 and you also build your credit. :grin: good luck!

Whatever you do don’t sign up for a credit debt relief program. I got in one cause I wanted to consolidate all my payments, but I had to stop paying and let it go to collections so they’d be able to get settlement pay offs. I regretted it cause my credit score went hella low. I suggest which I wish I would’ve done is call these credit cards or which ever loans you are involved with and remove yourself from a secondary card holder and the ones that are yours ask if you can have a settlement payment cause you can’t afford to pay all of it.

I got the " discover it" and took my credit from the 400’s to the 600’s in about a year and half. Talk to a lawyer and see what you can do about the credit card debt situation since it wasn’t you that ran it up you maybe able to get it lowered or have the spouse pay it.

Apply for a Postal job

I don’t know how much they pay you but maybe apply as a mailman, they make great pay :slightly_smiling_face: more relaxed, a lot of walking or driving but it’s less dangerous.


Go to citizens advice, explain your situation. They have helped family members who are now in a much better situation and they don’t judge. Good luck.

Well look for a Target warehouse not sure where you’re at but they pay really good money starting and you get good raises fast

He needs a credit repair agent! Also Self lend helps with ur score

The only way to really fix your credit score is to pay off the debt and pay it on time.

And if you don’t make enough money I would try taking a second job either in the service industry where you can make tips also or in at home job like call center or data entry. Door Dash is also a good extra money job.

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I was told to pay off the smaller ones first keep paying the higher ones if you can do double payments on smallest one. When the smaller one is finished apply what you where Paying to the smaller to the large one also. The minimal payment will spans over years! It worked for me! Good luck

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I go about fixing my credit?

Find a debt consolidation company. I used National Debt Relief.


Government programs for veterans


I used care one credit. I only paid 5$ per account, then once a month I paid one payment to them, they would pay the credit card companies that they already worked out deals with, agreeing that I’m trying to pay them back- and in 5 yrs I paid 25thousand. The more you pay the faster you get rid of it. You have to agree not to use those cards anymore though. But my credit score went into the high 700’s after 2 years. It’s called debt management. Don’t do consolidate, they ruin your credit most times.

Join this post & read some posts. There’s great info/tips Credit Warriors® Each One Teach One


Can you use a va loan to buy? Asking cause that’s what we did and we didn’t have put anything down

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Mates4mates , RSL life care, not certain about bravery trust

Go to the VA, they do have some resources.
Also contact your bank about a VA loan, They will help you go through your credit to see what can be done to bring your score up for loan on the house. A va loan doesn’t require a down payment or pmi. For the most part


VA has many programs for Veterans.


Contact Mitchel Durfee! He has a credit program and is also a veteran!

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I have always went on the 3 credit bureaus and started contesting anything that wasn’t mine or had been sold a few times to different creditors. If they can’t find your file then they can’t prove it. Start that way and make payments on the rest.


Credit Karma will walk you through the steps to rebuild your credit score and keep you updated on your progress.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I go about fixing my credit?

No advice here, but following. This mama needs advice to fix her credit too :weary:

Dave Ramsey financial peace.


Have you thought about filing bankruptcy? I’m in the process of getting started. You pay like $400 down and like so much a month for so many years.

You can get a credit company to help wipe out your debts. Like credit soars.
Build your credit at the same time. [They tell you how]
Money is good in the service industry. Fast good legal money.

Switch jobs would be the first thing to do health and safety is always first. Don’t consolidate your debt credit repair specialist told me not to do that. If the debt has gone to collections I would give minimum payments and you’ll see that your credit scores will start going up. Once you do that, I would apply for a loan and speak to the credit collections that you can only pay half of what you owe or come into an agreement so
You can pay less rather than the full thing.

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Aren’t Veterans still qualified for a VA loan??


Go to your bank. Borrow money against yourself like $100. Use it like a credit card and pay it back every month. In 6 months you can fix your credit. It is the fastest way. I had a banker tell me that when I asked the same question.


Send them as much as you can each paycheck and slowly start paying off the debt. And do not miss any payments going forward. Get a secured credit card to start building new credit.

Can you consolidate all your loans into one and pay that off?? Not sure if it helps to build credit at the same time but it helps??

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Why does everyone in debt blame their ex :woozy_face: if the credit cards were in your name well you would of been collecting bank statements so i’m pretty sure you knew. Theres no hiding this shit .it is BOTH your debt if you allowed him access

Have the courts order the debt be the existing responsibility, they can’t continue to pursue you for the debt and would have to go after your ex for it instead with court order

The best thing to do is get a secured credit card. You put money up front for the amount of credit you want. Then make small purchases every month and pay the FULL balance immediately. This is what was recommended by our mortgage company years ago to raise my husbands score.
Next if you haven’t look into Dave Ramsey and his 7 steps to financial freedom.
According to Dave Ramsey’s steps, you need to cut unnecessary bills (Netflix, Hulu…), lower any other bills that you can. Maybe change cell phone providers for something cheaper. Once you do that you want to start working on addressing your debts. Smallest to largest. Throw as much money at that one as you can with paying all your other bills. When that that one is paid off, you work on the next one. And so on. You can do this!
Unfortunately if you were both on the credit cards or if they are just in your name, you owe the money. If they are past due and haven’t gone to collections yet, you could try and call the company and negotiate a settlement. Make sure to get any payoff amount in writing!


Being a veteran can’t you get a home loan through the VA and also see if you can get a buy out on any of your debt that might be a little cheaper my husband raised his score 300 points in 3 months. No joke I have screenshots he just bought me a new car too

As a veteran, see who your va rep is and go see them they have programs to help you. Such as getting a VA home loan, my fiancé is in that process currently. For my credit issues i went thru a firm called Lexington law, they pull your credit reports and if you have things in collections they will do all the back work to get things removed on your credit and make the creditors work with ya. Also go thru capitol one, apply for a credit card, either get one that has like $300 on it, use it for small things and pay like $5 over the min every month or you may have to get one you put a deposit down but it kinda works the same way! Good luck!

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Don’t consolidate.
Attorney told me it sets you up to fail… look at it this way, you are already in debt right? So why would you want another loan & stretched out debt?

Bankruptcy, then rebuild credit and the attorneys can help with that too. Mine was 78k in debt and I did 850 down 60 every 2 weeks for 10 months


Chime debit card. Helps with your credit score.

Call the creditors and see if you can negotiate. Is this half the marital debt? Your ex should be on the line for half of this. In a just world he’d have to pay all of it!

honestly i downloaded the self app, and my score has went up quite fast in just a couple months! they also offer a credit card that could help you fix it as well! it’s definitely something to look into!

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Have you used your VA loan yet? They should be able to help with buying your home. You may need to get a second job for a while to help with the debt. Depending on how long you have been out, you may be able to get into a local Reserve or Guard unit. Best of luck to you.

I know this sucks but maybe work overtime to double up on the payments. Or take a loan on your 401k to pay them off??

Please don’t pay a company. Start with a secured card &/or the self app both will help
Your credit tremendously I raised my score from nothing to the high 700’s in less then a year. I stayed way under the 30% & payed it off early each month. Also before you pay any creditor tell them you will pay in lieu of deletion which means if you pay off your debts they have to delete it off your report. Without signing that agreement you could pay it off & it still won’t change your credit bc they don’t have to delete it until the 7yrs is up.

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Self brought mine up from 550 to 640 in less than a year!

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I go about fixing my credit?

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Big Corporations have filed for Bankruptcy… It’s for everybody. It’s on the books . I think I remember hearing that Donald Trump did … it doesn’t matter who did or didn’t. it’s legal … it’s on the books . Don’t let yourself go u
nder… you don’t have to be a millionaire file Bankruptcy.
Good Luck !


Dorothy Domich live out of his car? Why not just do bankruptcy and go for a veterans loan? Not knowing if he lives in a state that has winters he could.freeze to death

One thing you don’t want to do is go thru American Tax Solutions . They strung me along for 2 years supposedly trying to help me with my large debt. $2’000 dollars later they tell me some BS. Long story , I’m about $2,000 and no help with my credit


Actually if you look up housing for va, they set you up with ppl that help out with credit. So I’d talk to them, they give you options and advice and step by step on how to help your credit. But good luck hope you can figure it out


Google an company called dfh they are great if used them with my large debt I had an the deal with everything you have to do nothing please give them a go x

Dave Ramsey has a program. It’s like a financial diet.


I am in Australia and we have Veterans Affairs a government department that looks after all returned service men regardless of where they served. I don’t know what county you live in but there should be a government department where you come from. They help with everything.


Try veterans affairs at adrc

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All the major banks got huge bail outs with tax payer dollars during the Obama administration.why shouldn’t you get a bailout? File bankruptcy. Or, live out of your car for a couple of years while you pay off the debt.
Either way don’t sweat it. Get some advice from Suze Ormonn the financial expert. You can get her books at the library.


First…don’t ask for financial advice on FB.


Get onto the Barefoot investor pages on fb and buy the book…you will find awesome solutions and advice…never and i mean never get into ‘my budget’ or the like…been there done that and came out more the loser…barefoot investor pages is the best…

VA loan for your home . The money is there and it’s rare a VA housing loan is turned down.

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VETERANS ASSOCIATION if you’re located in the USA. They can help you out


American Financial Solutions.

I started paying more than the monthly amount due, every month. Stopped using credit cards altogether. It took a while, but when they were all paid off, I never used them again, except for one tank of gas which I could pay off when payment was due. I bought a house a year later. You Can do this! CreditKarma will give you free daily updates on your credit. I trust them! Good luck!


Would you be able to get an iva?

I would suggest paying the minimum payment due plus the interest that was assessed for the billing period. Meanwhile ensuring that I paid at least a few dollars more than the minimum payment due on the other bills. You will be surprised at how quickly you will become debt free.

The most important thing is to make at least the minimum payment due on each bill each month. After I got control of my bills, I try not to charge any more to an account that I can’t pay in full each month.

If your job stays steady you should still qualify for a VA loan to buy your house. Or a different house. Look for a reputable VA loan office near you to start.


There’s a company named Lexington Law Firm.
They’ll take you thru the entire process.
It costs like 99.00 per month, but guaranteed they’ll get your Credit Score up and on track

File for bankruptcy and it will clear all debt then you can rebuild your credit from there… and if you don’t yet own your home at least you won’t lose it.


You could rent it out for a year? Double up on the principle…hope you can stay with someone for a year n rent it out…or…get boarders in??

I used freedom debt relief. They helped me.


DAVE RAMSEY’S Financial Peace is a very good book to read and get yourself a plan.


Capital one secured. Use it to pay bills

Strongly recommend an IVA with Harrington Brooks. You never pay back more than you can afford per month and the remaining debt is wiped after 5 years.

Contact a debt management company (search in google for a governmentapproved servce). They will go through your finances with you, work out what you can comfortably afflrd and consolidate all debts into one. It make put a negative against your credit rating short term but in the long term it helps to restore your credit rating and often they can write off some of your debt for you. Good luck.

Contact Scott Pape at the Herald Sun newspaper… , he will provide correct advise … don’t listen to anyone on here …

I got my score up by getting products through MDG. Got a ps4 tv bundle and laptop paid off and now paying for my beds. Affordable and my score was nearing 700s.

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Lender here, VA loans are great, less fico based on the rate, and the refinance would be a rate and term instead of a cash out if the divorce states need to buy out ex spouse. I have reputable credit repair person, or PM me for general raising your fico guidelines to boost your score. Don’t leave your job unless you have a similar salaried job, if the plan is to refi.

Lexington Law. I went from credit in the 300’s with multiple accounts in collections (7-10 accounts) and $18k in debt. After 7 months and paying them $120/ month. They took every account off my credit. It’s been 2 years since I’ve worked with them and my credit is 690 steadily until I get a credit card to raise my credit.

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Definitely look for a higher paying job. With the background you have you will qualify for other work. Look at your local government/court system job openings first and then state jobs hiring near you. Have your resume and a cover letter ready for each type of job and just apply to everything. In the mean time keep doing what you’re doing and trust that whatever change you need to make will present itself. Maybe ask for a rise at your current job? Also if you have any stuff you don’t need or want, sell and put toward your debt, save change and bottles(if your state does bottle returns) and continuously cash in and put towards the debt. Anything else you can do for a side hussle, do that too. Just get motivated by knowing a change for the better is coming and do what you can. Wishing you the best!

The job market is booming right now. You would be surprised what people are offering to steal you. Do yourself a favor and play the field because from experience I did and I landed a job that’s going to change my life financially.

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I work from home and business is boooming! Message me if you’d like more information, not a scam at all!!!

Just start making regular payments on everything and get a rebuilding credit card . I’ve been working on my credit since March 2018 and I’ve gone up over 200 points !!

Dave Ramsey is a great source to learn how to get out of debt. You don’t have to buy anything or take any of his courses. You can learn it all by watching his YouTube videos or listening to his podcast.

Look up Dave Ramsey. I’m almost out of debt, started with $109,000 and have an emergency fund and pay cash for everything!! It’s an awesome feeling!

I have a friend that does this. She has helped a lot of people. She isn’t in this group. If you message me I can give you her name and stuff.

If you have a family member who has good credit and is willing to add you as an authorized user (without access of coarse) it could boost your overall score.

I don’t have a lot of advice for your credit problem unfortunately but if you are a veteran I know there’s a buying program they have.

Check out Dave Ramsey. He has easy steps to get out of debt

City jobs pay great and have great benefits.

I to work in corrections. Find your lowest bill, pay that off first while you keep paying on your others. Once your lowest bill is paid off apply it to the next and so on.

Start with credit karma, it takes time but it’s a start. My husbands credit was awful 2.5 yrs ago and now we’re on our way to buying a home, own 3 vehicles etc.

Try to apply for another credit card that you can transfer some of the debt to. I know this may sound crazy, but the lower amount you have on cc the less interest you pay on it. That way you will be able to make a payment of more then the minimum on each card. I know you probably already work a lot but get a weekend job, the extra money you can put towards the cc debt.

You already qualify for a 0% down because you are a vet so you have that going for you.

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