How can I handle my childs ADHD?

Do any mommas have kids with ADHD? I really think my 6-year-old has it. I’ve thought this for a while now. It’s just so overwhelming; I don’t know what to do. He’s not had a diagnosis; I don’t even know how to bring it up to his doctor. He is in kindergarten and is already struggling in school. I’ve been trying my best to work with him at home, and he gets soooo frustrated sooo quickly and wants to give up on the first time of getting something wrong. Not to mention, he’s always in a hurry to get done. When I’m trying to explain something to him, he doesn’t even look at me and is messing with his pencil or a notebook. He’s constantly going 10000 mph; he literally can’t walk in the house, he runs. He runs to whatever room he is going to. He has a three-year-old sister, and everything’s a race to him. Even after I tell him to quit running, a second later, he’s running again. He has these awful tantrums still. He’s six years old now. I thought he would have outgrown the tantrums by now. He gets mad over everything. He has more tantrums than his three almost four-year-old sister. I’m at a loss and feel like a failure. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. He is so very loved by his dad and me. His dad did have ADHD when he was a child too. (Also my brother (his uncle) had ADHD when he was a child, but was never diagnosed, my parents just dealt with it because they didn’t want to medicate him.) Please help. Idk how to handle him anymore. Taking toys, putting him in the corner, time outs, for his behavior don’t work. I’ve tried everything. I reallllllly reallllllly do NOT want to medicate him.


Talk to his doctor. Where I am you have to do X amount of behavior therapy before medication will be given. But the first step is talking to the doctor.

Think of ADHD medication as glasses for your sons brain. They dont change who he is, they’ll just help him think clearer. I wish I had medicated my daughter earlier. I waited until she was 8 and she is still incredibly behind and delayed academically. Im the reason she is delayed and it’s because I selfishly didn’t want to medicate when she genuinely needed it.


Talk to his doctor they can help diagnose him. They can also help put you in the right direction.
My now 7 year old was diagnosed when he was 4 and sometimes it’s easy sometimes its not but getting help is not bad.

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As a non nuertotypical, my suggestion would be firm routines and diet change. Also make sure you don’t over use broad or umbrella terms. Instead of “clean your room” be more specific with tasks in small chunks. Instead say “can you please make your bed and pick your toys and put them where you know they go.”
ADD is a dopamine deficiency. We don’t get that happy hormone release for mundane tasks. Make the little wins more apparent.

Talk to a professional. Soon.

Try eliminating gluten. Gluten makes ADHD symptoms worse. Google ADHD and gluten…

Talk to his doctor about the elimination diet. We are about to start with our autistic 4 year old. He is my little sour patch kid. We’ve also started a behavior chart and reward chart for him to earn rewards.

Go get him diagnosed

I really disagree with the stigma medication has regarding ADHD! It is designed to help them focus and help their brain slow down and process a thought. If he is already struggling with school then depriving him of something that could help him just succeed is not helping him. Talk to your Dr and do legitimate research.


My son was diagnosed at 6 yrs. Same exact behavior. I asked his dr and we went for a evaluation and blood work. My son has add and adhd. We are on a very low dose of meds and he has excelled in school as well as his class. I would go have him tested before it gets worse. Good luck.

Try also paying attention to what he pays attention to. There’s also hyper focus when you’re “in the zone” where it’s hard to stop doing what your doing.

Bring it up with your dr. To be honest the sooner it is recognized the better off he will be. Then he won’t fall behind his peers in learning. Meds are not the same as they use to be. They regulate what is unbalanced in the body. There is a study that I have read about that students with adhd take in less from school than a student who is deaf.

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Sometimes medication is the best thing. If he did get diagnosed it’s something he’d have to suffer with without the medicine. All the stories you hear about horrible side effects or completely changing them negatively is because they’re prescribed too high of a dosage because it shouldn’t make you be like that it’s suppose to make it better. So if it comes down to it just make sure he’s on a right dosage

Break down instructions into small bite sized bits for him , maybe get a trampet ( do not get a trampoline they too big and get them too hyped look for local groups in your area who support parents of kids with ADHD and find out as much information about it as possible ( the more you know the more you can help him x raise concerns with your dr and ask for advice x

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I dont know where you are from but around here if the teacher thinks the child has adhd or add they will bring it to your attention. Also. Talk to the childs dr! Just be blunt and ask is there a possibility my child has adhd. Sometimes dr dont see some things or dont notice them because child acts different at dr so start writing down things child does. Also i think meds help some kids and some it makes them a zombie. Also child can go to some sort of extracurricular activities like foot ball, soft ball, karate, basketball, for examples and help them to channel there hyperness and release it in healthy ways. Most the times kids with adhd, add, autism, and other things of that nature just dont understand why they are different and do not know how to use their God given gift! These kids are so special, yes they can be tiring but there is nothing wrong with them, they have a gift of seeing this world in a different light!

Call the doctor and ask for an ADHD assessment…you answer a bunch of questions and they teacher will too…and then at school request and IEP (individualized education program) pretty simple…best and easiest thing I could’ve done to help my son and he was diagnosed at 6

My son who is now 18 was diagnosed when he was 6 with ADHD. As his doctor explained to me … imagine yourself ( I do not have ADHD but my sons dad and my brother had it growing up ) going into a concert and alls you have is drums being pounded on for hours , it drives you nuts and you can’t think straight . That’s how your son feels all the time , he can’t focus at all . Therefore I did put him on medication and it did help and now that he’s older he himself can tell a huge difference when he skips his meds . Just thought I’d share my story and I hope you find your answer . Also normally his teachers will see this in school and most likely will mention it to you normally in 1st grade . Good luck to you

My 6 year old has been diagnosed and medicated going on 6 months now and while we have way more bad days than I’d like to admit, the medication has helped soooo much. I was against meds at first, but then I realized there was no way he was going to be able to flourish in grade 1 without some extra help. I’m so glad he’s medicated. He’s so glad he’s medicated. He told me that the meds help his brain ‘slow down and be quiet’ so he can think better, and when we’re late on a dose (life happens) we both really notice it. Talk to his teachers, while they arent qualified to diagnose, they know kids well. They can help lead you in the right direction, and will likely even help you out by writing down the behavior that notice so that you can compare it to how he behaves at home, and it’s also super helpful so have their notes to bring to your doctor. His kindergarten teachers were the ones who suggested to me that he may need some extra help, so we went to our family doctor, who referred us to a pediatrician, who then referred us to a behavioural therapist.

My son has been on ADHD meds since he was 3 and. Since he turned 5 last year they have tried him on 4 different ones and he still can’t focus and the only one left for us to try is adderall I told hos Dr I didnt want him on it but as now this is my last option but there is medications for kids. That can help just depends on how aggressive the ADHD is my son also has a sleep disorder also so he is on sleep meds

Untreated adhd can lead to odd which is one of the things I have. I started meds when I was young but was taken off and I’m not sure if I would be any different today if I would have had them but leaving it untreated can almost certainly lead to odd which will cause him to act out even more, not have the mentally capability to always listen (yes seriously), etc. He’s not a bad kid he just seriously can’t control it if he does have it.

My son is 15 and still struggles with his ADHD.

You can try to change his diet and also look into the oil rollers.
You can ask for a behavior specialist that work on the things he is struggling with.

My son has a behavior specialist that works with him twice a week at school. I also have him in therapy.
I also have a referral to get him tested on comprehension. My son lacks in soical skills. Telling the difference of whats right or wrong. Does without thinking.

It’s been a hard 11 years I tell ya that.

My son is 9 adhd, odd, and anxiety/depression. He has aggressive behaviors and is super impulsive. He still has tantrum like behaviors as well. As much as I didn’t want to medicate him, it is really what’s best for him and it helps him feel better and more in control. You can also try therapy.

my son was diagnosed at 7 (he’s 12 now), and my first bit of advise is to get him
into something that will help him burn some of that energy - something to focus on. we chose soccer (lots and lots of running and fresh air LOL), but it could be another sport or a trampoline, just something! that alone was a HUGE help. i also cut our artificial dyes in his food (mostly red40, but i avoid others if possible). THAT made a big difference as far as tantrums and meltdowns - it’s also easy to do. i literally tried one day without dyes and my mom (who watched him during the summer) said it was like night and day. it’s a quick change, if that’s something that causes a reaction.

in the end we did end up choosing medication because his behavior was affecting his school work. i was very hesitant, but it was honestly the best thing. it didn’t turn him into a zombie, and it didn’t change his chatty and goofy personality… it just brought his brain down to speed so he could actually do his work. don’t write off medication just yet.

hang in there!!

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Talk to his doctor, make sure he’s not eating processed foods and junk, multivitamin with folic acid, lots and lots of exercise to wear him out, a point system with the at least one thin GB he does by himself everyday so he never feels like he’s failing, an app like Breath Kids, and if all of that doesn’t work. (It didn’t with my boy) Then try medicine, the anxiety of constantly failing is what finally pushed me to try medicine. He would just come home crying everyday because he did his very best and it wasn’t enough because he just couldn’t focus. He’s now on half of the smallest dose of the shortest acting medicine and had A’s and is making a lot more friends.

Are there any activities you can get him involved in? Even just going to the track & letting him around… I’d also talk to the school and see if he can get an iep… that will force them to look into and help you better plan for his educational goals. Therapy is an amazing tool to avoid meds. Good luck!

Dude this is my life right now

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I got dignosed when I was 5 I was same way just ask your doc to see if he has ADHD it’s good to start working with a child with adhd early therapy helps

Both my boys and brother had the behavior your explaining. Not one of them has Adhd. However they had learning disabilities which made them very upset when it came to homework or things they couldn’t understand. We got threw it. With a little patients and extra help. Talk him to his Dr and have a mental assitment done on him and iq test. It will let you know what the problem is.

Why not have him checked

You’ll need to see a child psychologist. Ask your doctor to recommend.

  1. A diagnosis doesn’t require you medicate him.
  2. Not every medication is a stimulant (although I feel stimulants work better than non-stimulants)
  3. Medication that is life changing for you and your child isn’t wrong. And if you find the right one (might not find it on the first try) it IS life changing. My daughter changed in less than a week. My life changed overnight. It’s like people were speaking a different language your whole life and you didn’t understand anyone, and then someone gives you a pill and suddenly you know what everyone is saying. It’s like going from deaf to hearing or blind to seeing almost overnight. Would you deny a deaf person or blind person that luxury? If not, why would you deny your son that? It’s a gift. A gift with side effects, but no less a gift.
    Also enroll him in physical activities. The more active and entertained he is, the better his behavior. HELP HIM. Then demand the school help him too. I went through the process myself, and then again with my daughter. You can always DM me if you’d like to talk about it. Good luck.

My daughters neurologist said that many kids are diagnosed with adhd when it’s actually sleep apnea. Probably best to get him checked by a professional

Take him to his Primary Doctor/Pediatrician and ask to get a referral to a Behavioral health Specialist/Psychiatrist/Therapist and go on from there get him evaluated for ADHD

Another thing you can do is talk with the school counselor or principal and ask to get IEP done

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So start with his pediatrician or as for a referral for behavioral health, and talk to a therapist my son was diagnosed at the end of last year when he was 5 hes 6 now.

My daughter was diagnosed when she was 7 she struggles still at almost 13 be consistent a routine always …she has learned was to deal with it she is always in a hurry but more is her talking…she can for hours on end …with her …meds have side affects …as everyone has stated here they all do pretty much the same thing never any organization…can’t not focus …with us living in a very small town the school system is great with helping …

Talk to the school district she if they can diagnose the adhd. Take him to the Dr. and seek medication if he is adhd. Medication is not a failure. Taught special needs children 37 years. Please get help before he feels he is a failure at home and school.

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Try giving him coffee, cappuccino or mountain dew. See if it calms him down a bit. His body chemistry may work differently.


My kiddo is 4 and had been diagnosed. It’s a struggle. He’s too young to medicate.

Sometimes I wonder as do others, if these behaviors come from the number of vaccines these kids are getting now.


I agree with all the up above get him to his pediatrician and discuss these things with him or her , getting a teacher to help you would also be a big help. My son had adhd and I also have 3 grandchildren with it, they have all been on medication for it. Just make sure they don’t over medicat him, most will start out on a small dose and go from there. My granddaughter has never been on a high dose because she has had heart surgery so her mom is always on top of anything she takes to make sure she’s safe. Best of luck to you but myself with my son I couldn’t deal with him without his medicine, he was such a better child once I got him on medication for adhd and went from straight F’s to A’s with the help from medication and teachers. That’s just a choice you have to make on your own.

Talk to your dr, my daughter is almost 6 and was just diagnosed this year. She is on the lowest of her medication. It runs on my side of the family. We still have our moments with her but I deal with it. I only give her the medicine during the school year and it was ok with her doctor. My next step is having her talk with a counselor because she does have anxiety problems also. More help that they get now, the better they will be when they get older.

Mine acts just like that. Except he can get aggressive and hit other people. He is 6. I just started him in counseling. So many people judge us and think we are bad parents.

Omega 3, calcium citrate powder called calm kids. And alot of mom’s use CBD. I have no experience with cbd. But my son is ADHD And anxiety it’s rough but gets better with help! Tell the doctors and start there.

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Medicate r learn to deal with it

My 5 yr old has a diagnosis… And I brought it up at his 5 yr checkup after 15 mins, I said “I think hes got ADHD” the Dr responded back, “was wondering when you were gonna bring that up.”

Just mention it, its not a bad thing.

If you don’t want to medicate, why not look into occupational therapy. I personally would not put my kid on adhd medication.

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My son is 4 and I believe he has ADHD too. I told his pediatrician about it. She observed him and referred him to this center that tests for ADHD, add, learning disorders, autism. So really it’s best to go ahead and get them tested.


It’s nothing that you are doing wrong it’s a serious problem and as much as you don’t want him on medication sometimes you have to go that way in order for him to succeed in life. Alot of parents feel that way and think they can just handle it themselves but I can tell you from experience that medication sometimes is the only way. I tried handling it on my own and it just doesn’t work for some kids and when I finally did put him on meds he got so much better around me and definitely in school. If you don’t want to be one of those parents who’s considered having a problem child who just can’t succeed in school and in life all the way around you should consider medication. Sometimes it’s the only way. He will thank you in the long run and also some therapy will help tremendously so he understands what is going on with him in his little body. From what you have told me that is your best bet in this matter. Later in the years you can consider winging him off the meds but some children have to have it to be able to succeed in life. It will be better for him and better for you as a mother. Trust me I know what I’m talking about it doesn’t make you a bad parent to be concerned about your child and his wellbeing so do the right thing before your in the principles office begging someone to keep your child in their school. My son had to be on meds all the way up until 16 and when he felt he was ready he winged himself off the meds but even now today I hear him say that he just can’t control his temper and even has gone as far as wanting to commit suicide. So understand that some people need meds to deal with life and it’s nothing you’ve done to cause this but sometimes it’s the only way. Good luck !!

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Take artificial crap out of their diet


Artificial color and flavorings

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My son has autism adhd ocd had odd… By the time he had been in school 2 months i had a stack of referrals a inch high… I was at a loss … My son got placed (once we moved to a new district) into a behavioral special ed class… She helped me start the process of getting him diagnosed. But you can just tell your doctor whats been going on at home and school and that you would like help on getting the process started to get him diagnosed. To help with the temper tantrums and stemming this is what we did… As negative feed back only makes it worse you need to take a deep breath when hes acting out cause if you flip he will flip harder… So come in calm and stay calm… 1st watch what is setting him off is he over stimulated? Is something “picking” at him and annoying him ect… Find these that are avoidable and minimize interactions with these till he learns to manage… Think of him like a pot of water… Turn that heat up and its going to boil… Keep a steady medium heat eventually it will boil… Keep temperature low only a small simmer which is easier to control? When he starts to freak out get him to take 7 long deep slow breaths and do it with him… Then have him slowly count or recite something… Listen to him ask him what happen what he was feeling. Why he thinks he felt that way… And you both come up with ways to combat that from happening again… Then… Get him a behavior chart… Break it down by half hours and get the teachers in on keeping the logs…

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Does he play sports? Extra curricular activities? My 5 year old boy is incredibly active and was at times a :poop: but sports and being outside to do things has helped tremendously. Tablet and TV time is limited, he has chores and makes a few bucks. We have found things he enjoys especially after becoming a new big brother.


It may be a little more expensive but try it

Read labels of what your buying for them to eat

My son has had same issue since last year at school but he has been to a pediatrician and not been diagnosed with ADHD but needs to do a MLT speach assesment to rule out if he needs help at school

Have you tried weighted blankets? Even weighted lap blanket help to calm and soothe.

Get him to the dr get it diagnosed they will then find the right medication for him to help with it

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You can ask your pediatrician to refer you for an evaluation. I would honestly suggest you do. If he needed resources, the earlier, the better.


What is so wrong with medication? Their brains are literally missing something that the medication helps. We also did therapy and she is thriving now.

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When my son was in 1st grade a teacher suggested giving him coffee, it has the opposite affect. It calms them down.

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You just described my 5yr daughter (except the getting mad at everything) and really she does get mad easily but we taught her breathing techniques to help calm her down. I just think some kids are more hyperactive than others. Its exhausting trying to keep up with her but giving her short tasks and short activities help tremendously. Mention your concern to your doc but make sure they know you are looking for options other than meds. It takes a lot of patience so work on yourself as well, on how to not overreact and redirect his attention. Find a calm activity that he enjoys…for my daughter its coloring/drawing. And when he gets too much for the moment, make him focus on that calm activity for a little bit. But also dont just assume this behavior is due to adhd. Keep an open mind and a calm demeanor.

You take him to the doctor & say “I think my child has adhd & I’d like him tested”. U will have to fill out a sheet & his teacher will too. Then u go back to the doctor & talk about what your options are. My son is 5 h has adhd h we are having to do a medicine even though I was struggling with that decision. But behavior counseling is limited in my town & we are doing that as well but he still needed help focusing in clas

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Call your doctor and let them know what is going on with his behavior and have him evaluated. Diagnosis does not mean medication, there are lots of options to help him that dont include a prescription.

First, you don’t medicate a 6 year old. Second, you can’t accurately diagnose children until they’re older than kindergarten. Third, be consistent. Focus on Accountability because kids with ADHD have a hard time controlling themselves and learning to, so if you forced on teaching him that he actually is in control, you’re going to have an easier time later, when the real challenges come. If he does something unacceptable have a consequence for it, because ADHD or no ADHD, unacceptable behaviour is unacceptable behaviour.

I know it’s overwhelming, but your child will look to you for stability and calmness, remember that. Your life will be 1000 times more chaotic if you can’t stay calm and stable. Kids with ADHD need a “rock”. They need to know that you love them and you’re there but also that everything is ok because you’ll make sure it is. They need to be able to trust you and believe you when you say it will be ok. If you’re high strung or anxious your child will read it and feed off that energy.

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First bring it up with his dr. Then search around and find out where to get him tested to see if he does indeed have ADHD. Then find a Psychiatrist that cousnels young childen. That’s what I did before deciding to put him on medication. And if you do happen to give him meds just start out with a low dose and go from there. I didn’t want to either but now I’m glad that I did cause it has calmed him down so much and he is doing good in school too. I started him on meds the last part of his year in Kindergarten. He is now 11 and in the 6th grade. He is an awesome child. He acts out sometimes but that’s ok. We deal with it as it happens. But each child is different and acts different to medication. What helps for one may not help for another. But just start with getting him diagnosed and get a counselor and together yall will be able to discuss what options you have and go from there. I didn’t want to put him on meds but I was out of options for my son when I went with medication. And he doing really well. Hope you can find what works for your son.

You dont want him on drugs. Is it fair ? Some medicine I wouldn’t give to my dog. But the right one is a blessing. Please talk to a doctor so he can tell you how peaceful his insides feel. We had a little girl in our class who had adhd. She couldn’t focus on her work. Couldn’t sit still,so many things can change with the correct medicine. You have to tell the doctor what’s wrong with each meds he tries, how it makes him feel. Everything will settle down. For him. Keeping you in my prayers.

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Sounds like my son. Turns out he’s easily overstimulated and has a lot of energy. I let him grow up a bit, had to take him out of school for half a year because it was too much for him but he’s great now! (He’s 8)
I’ve found for myself at least I’ve been expecting way too much too soon with my littles. Also if his doctor thought there was a problem he/she’d have said something.

Maybe he has an over active thyroid should get it checked

I am surprised at the amount of people saying to go ahead and get him on meds. ALOT of the meds for ADHD aren’t safe. Sorry to burst bubbles but they really aren’t. I should have been helped with mine but after seeing my brother on them for his severe ADHD I refused. They made him a zombie, and irritable. The opposite of himself. Our parents had the drs adjust and change the meds a few times but he still wasn’t the same. I’m NOT saying dont try that avenue at all, just make sure you try everything else 1st. Best of luck, I think my 5 year old has it as well, his father and grandpa had it as well.

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My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was 6. She is now on medication that she takes on school days only to help her focus in school. I monitor what she eats. No chocolate and No red dye 40 these seem to send her in a tail spin climbing the walls and bouncing off the ceiling. What you have described was her to the T when she was 6. Talk to her doctor and have her tested and speak about your options. Coffee has the opposite affect on a child with adhd it will calm them instead of hyping them up. My daughter who is now 10 has coffee with me on the weekends so she dowsnt have to take her medicine when she isbout of school

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My 14 yr old has it. Just bring it up to your dr and they will give you paperwork for an assessment and a copy to give to your child’s teacher

Let him have a small cup of coffee( small amount of milk in it)in the morning, prior to school (it has the opposite affect on the hyper kids), let him run around after school (take him to a park, etc.), my 15 year old still has tantrums, but if he eats proper meals and gets a snack in between he doesn’t (keeps his sugar levels under control, if they start to get low God help us all).

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Speak to your pediatric doctor immediately. There are tests to help confirm this condition. You cannot parent a child with ADHD the same as you do a child without. Join a support group. Counseling can help for both parents and child. Keep the home situation as quiet and calm as possible. Do not double punish. If a child gets disciplined at school, don’t punish when they get home. They need a structured, loving home to return to. It is exasperating at times but so rewarding to see the changes. Some do not outgrow this condition and need to continue medications thru adulthood.

Perhaps it might help to have an allergy test done. It might show an allergy and then he might be able to focus better! Playing outside at the park maybe would help.

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Please DO NOT go through a pediatrician. Do the testing through a PSYCHOLOGIST, they will do a thorough evaluation and even check for learning disabilities. However, find a psychologist that will continue to do follow up testing once they are on meds. That aspect is KEY to make sure the medicine is the correct one. I had to learn the hard way and got reprimanded by my daughters psychologist because we didn’t follow up with the testing once on meds. Yes, the meds will have an outer appearance that it’s working but it doesnt necessarily mean it is working on the brain so to speak. My daughter was 10 and by all outer appearances we thought the meds were working. I took her in the get tested with meds and her “focus” ability was of a 7 year old. Needless to say the meds were not working. So now, we do testing at the beginning of the school year and during Xmas break to see if there needs to be changes. Also, if it does come back that your child has a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, go to the school and place them on a 504 plan. I’m a school counselor so I deal with that daily. It is NOT special education. It will allow him/her classroom and testing accommodations to be successful in school. Feel free to PM if you have any questions. OAN: NO they DO NOT outgrow it.


My daughter has ADHD. I didn’t want to medicate her either, but it is miraculous the change it made in her schooling. She was incapable of learning in school, but is now doing wonderfully and FEELS like a success, whereas she hated school before. Medication alone is a bad option; an understanding teacher, consistent discipline and rewards, and behavioral therapy go along with it. It really does help. Eventually, she may be able to make it without meds, but I’m glad she has them. It helps her settle down enough to learn.


For his sake, have him tested. Then when giving instructions, only give 1 at a time. Frustration comes from too many options, decisions, etc. Allow him a specific time to go outside and run in circles, laps, anything to take the edge off BEFORE attempting instructions. Good luck

Work with a child psychologist and have the school do an IEP which will force them by law to implement learning accommodations. Meds are helpful you would give meds to a diabetic child. You don’t want his self esteem damaged
Both my grandsons have ADHD and are on meds, A students one in engineering college and one in 8th grade. Don"t be afraid of getting himhelp, he can’t help this.

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First thing first! Change his diet. Eliminate sugar and bad carbs. Feed him protein, omega 3 and vegies

Get an appointment with a counselor and his pediatrician. My son has adhd and takes meds for his. They help a lot. He was the same way you are describing your son and still is when his medicine wears off. Choosing to medicate is a hard decision. I always said I’d never medicate my son but seeing him struggle in school was enough to change my mind. It’s better to try counseling before medicating though. Exhaust all other options.

My son was diagnosed in kindergarten. He had to repeat because he did not learn what he needed to because of his adhd. His dr and I tried diet change, behavior modification, and strict schedules. He did end up needing medication but hes been off of them for 2 years he is 15 now

I have 2 daughter’s with ADHD.

It’s so sad for the child and can cause much harm for their self esteem if not treated, nothing wrong with trying meds, both my children have it and also my nephew :cry::heart:

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Punishment doesn’t work for ADHD kids. Rewards work. And it has to be a daily reward, nothing big but their little minds are trying to collect all this information but they don’t collect it all so then they get confused & miss a lot of learning in school. They get frustrated bc they can’t collect all the information going in at once, they gather bits and pieces of information. Try with daily rewards for being good.

Watch “the magic pill” it’s a documentary explaining how Keto works. It’s pretty amazing and it’s actually been around since the 1800’s. People have been eating that way for YEARS. It’s just in recent years it’s been for weight loss. It’s used for people with ADHd, epilepsy, and some forms of cancer.


Get a full psychoeducational evaluation done by a neuropsych.

Now some kids have it and some kids don’t, A child that you know has been through a tramatic event like parents getting divorced, child abuse, being bullied, those kids need to go see a doctor they need someone to talk through the events if they are capable some kids shut down or will have adverse reaction to reliving the experience. A good pediatrician, someone the child trust 100% and a school willing to help you through the process will have a great out come for your child. If any one of those are lacking it’s going to be a hard road to a normal life!

I would imagine The school will probably be notifying u… or u bring it up to them… see what they suggest
then go to the doctor and say the school wanted u to discuss it with his doctor and go from there

It is nothing to be ashamed of, it runs in a lot of families. Get to a Dr. and read, read, and read up on it. My children have both kinds, Hypo and Hyper.

Have you tried cutting out color dyes in food? My 10 year old was the same way about up until a month ago and we cut dyes out of the foods he eats. It has definitely helped it was like a new kid. He is still very active and always on the go but he has been doing a lot better in school with concentrating.

first get a professional diagnosis, to ask a physical is as easy as “Can we get (insert name here) tested for ADHD? These are why I think he might be…”, after that you and your doctor can figure out a treatment plan which may or may not include medication, if you don’t want him on certain meds. let the doctor know, if the doctor doesn’t listen take him to another, until you find one that will. Having him see a child psychologist might also help him work though some of his issues.

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It is truly up to you to be his advocate. I have learned this. My son will be 8 in a couple weeks. You just described him. You have to throw it out there to have him tested. School will just label him a problem child. Be hos advocate. Someone just told me recently to embrace his craziness. He will not remember school after he grows but he will remember how you acted as his Mom. Don’t worry about social norms or you will spend his life fighting with him. I wish you all the luck in the world. It is a daily struggle.

My niece was given one of the small cans of Mt. Dew and that helped her concentrate on her homework. Also, depending on your area you could make him an obstacle course inside or outside that he has to run 2-3 time before he sits down to do his homework. Just a thought. However, get as much information on the subject as you can then talk to his doctor! Good vibes and good luck to you!

My daughter was diagnosed and after two years tried meds and they only worked so so. Then I accidentally gave her a double shot espresso drink (long story, short version it looked like a kids drink) anyway she immediately showed signs of being able to pay attention better, was more calm and collected, and even did her homework without a 3 hour fight. Now every day before school she makes her coffee and does much better. Has caught up on two years of work and is sitting at almost grade level for the first time since she started school. I’m not saying it works for everyone but after talking to her doctor the coffee is less invasive than the drugs and better for her overall health. I would at least try it. She is 10 and now acts 10.


My child was 6 when diagnosed she is 18 now. You have to be diagnosed on otder to help. Its not just medication it’s also their diet. Some schools will test if you ask. Find out for sure first. The running isn’t the hyper part it’s in their system.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor and get the help he needs. My 2 boys both have exactly what you are saying in your post. Both my boys are now on medications to help with focusing.

start with his teacher and then his doctor (teacher will have to do some paperwork)…do what is best for him…if he needs medication, give it to him (it will not hurt him)…some kids a diet change works; some not so much. Don’t wait until school is over to start getting him seen…do it now.

You need to talk to his pediatrician about it. Both of my boys had ADHD and they’re finally outgrowing it at 20 and 18. Good luck