How can I Handle this

I’m about to give up now. I am 3 months pregnant with my first child. When I told my partner about it he said I should have an abortion because we are not financially stable and we do not have much to offer to our child. I told him I will never do that, everything went fine until we argued about money, and he was blaming me every time,he told me that It was all my fault because if only I had aborted it. We wouldn’t face problems and situations like this. Obviously he doesn’t want us. And now I am sleep deprived because I am having anxiety, and couldn’t even eat. I love this tiny baby inside of me but It will be so hard for me to raise my child alone. I am afraid that I might not raise my baby well, and ofcourse he will grow up without a father and im not even sure if I can provide for both of us. But i really want my baby. I want us to be together. What do u think is the best thing to do?