How can I help my baby sit up?

So my son is 7 months old and is crawling but hasn’t mastered the art sitting up. How do you recommend we work on this? I sit him up all throughout the day and he definitely does sit up but he has his hands on the floor and doesn’t do it for long he gets distracted and tries reaching to his left or right and falls over. Tonight we went to the park and he was doing remarkable! He sat up for about 10 minutes MAX and evened up falling over again. His doctor is pressuring me to work on this but he just doesn’t seem interested. We always had toys in front of him but it just doesn’t keep him occupied. Picture for attentions so we don’t get lost!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I help my baby sit up?

Have you tried a bumbo ?

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My son was the same. He crawled first then sat. He also didn’t learn how to walk till he was 1 year and a half. Some babies take their time. Be patient mama


My son is almost 9 months old and just now rolling from his back to his front and his front to his back! He is in o.t and p.t. If concerned reach out to the doctor and request a referral. Never hurts to have a second look. Your doing a great job!!

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Sit him up in a washing basket with a pillow behind his back and some toys in the basket


I would do a variety of things just to help practice and build those muscles. Sit him up in the middle of a boppy pillow, sit him up and sit behind him with your legs on either side, you can try a bumbo or sit me up seat. Toys, read books, sing songs do patty cake or peek a boo. :blush:

I used a boppy. Sit them in the little half circle

If he has a long back/torso and shorter legs he will be tippy for a while.

Bumbo seat and a lot of pillows surrounding on the floor


My son is 2 AND still can’t crawl sit up walk they will do it in there own time my son has celebal posy been diagnosed so your all lucky to have healthy babies and it’s not like it’s not gonna happen with you all it’s when with me it’s if ever but regardless it will happen when it happends if concern the health visitor will do an assessment


Sit with him on your lap. Its ok if he doesnt do the milestones in order some kids dont


Sit with him on your lap. Its ok if he doesnt do the milestones in order some kids dont

sometimes they have to learn to crawl before sitting on their own…crawling helps them learn balance

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7 months is still on the younger end of the spectrum for sitting independently. Generally it’s a skill developed roughly the same time as crawling but it’s on a spectrum so it might take some time still. Just give your baby as much unassisted floor time as possible and it will come in no time.

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My son didn’t have a desire to get himself in the sitting position until 10 mos. Wasn’t interested in “working” to get to his toys. He didn’t crawl until a year. It concerned me. He ended up being developmentally delayed. Fine motor skills were always a challenge. He spoke fluently and articulate at a young age. Some milestones came quickly while others were delayed. He later presented other behaviors that felt outside the norm. He is on the spectrum but so high functioning that most may not notice. That is my story, doesn’t mean that is your scenario. He is grown and doing great!

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put a pillow on each side and behind him and just keep trying. he’s got to build up his little core muscles a bit more and his little back muscles, while working on his balance. also just a suggestion, but sit with him and get him to do the “wiggle dance” while sitting down. it’ll help him work on his balance a little so he can prevent himself from falling down. but he’s only 7 months old so don’t put too much pressure on him to do it. it’ll happen. just a few times a day would be enough

Do u have a boppy pillow I used it for nursing and worked great for tummy time and my babies learning to sit up so when they were still learning it was a soft landing and helped them sit up

Kinactive_kids on Instagram. Her name is Emily and is a kids physical therapist.

My first baby never crawled. She went from sitting to pulling herself up to walking. She’s 8.
My second baby is 4 months. Absolutely abhors tummy time and will scream bloody murder until she falls asleep or you put her in a different station. She sits unassisted with her hands planted for about a minute or so. Her sister was already sitting at this age.

I said all of this to say- that it is so easy for us to compare ourselves and our kids to others. We all bloom when it’s our time. There is no race. Your baby will get there when they get there. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Momma. Breathe and enjoy the ride. These “baby” days won’t last forever and you will miss them when they’re gone.

Each child is different

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Does he have enough core control to maintain the position? Did the doctor rule out any physical limitations? I am stumped but am sending positive energy your way

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I have a cousin that walked before he crawled .don’t worry he’ll get the hang of it

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His doctor needs to go back to university. 7 months is absolutely no concern when it comes to sitting up. I’ve got 7 kids. They worked things out at their pace not by being forced to learn it . Keep doing what you are doing. Your little one is fine.


leave him dont ruch him child got there own time dont wish them big time fly

Don’t stress. If he sits up 4 a short while den that’s fine. But see 4other signs. Of a shoulder drop,limb coordination. Den worry if the limbs not moving, or a shorter /dropped shoulder

I took my playpen mat out of the crib shell and set it on the floor.
I sat down on the floor holding my hands ready to catch baby and sat them down in the sitting position. Theirs certain that need to get stronger that those baby chairs really don’t help with. They’re great for once awhile if mom gets busy but not really for them to be independently sitting.
We played peekaboo and with toys etc while we had our little sit sessions. About 2wks and baby will sit up

Help him build tummy muscles. Help him do sit ups. We would hold my daughters hands and help her sit up. She has VECTRAL and is missing part of spine and is unable to use her lower half. We knew that those core muscles would be important. She can now sit, crawl, pull herself up and so much more. More than likely if he just started crawling not long ago he will probably be sitting better soon. Crawling and tummy time helps build these muscles. He may have a bigger head and that can throw off the balance. When he crawls does effect his balance as much. If it continues you can always asked to be referred to a physical therapist. I would stress.

Oh no, dont let him sit!! Hé is not ready. A baby will dit heen ready. :see_no_evil: so bad for him. My baby starten crawling and a couple weeks later started sitting. It is not recommend to let a baby sit when hè does not do it himself.

each child devolpes on their time not yours or the doctor my oldest sat up a walked at 7 months my younger one was way over one before walking not in rush to crawl each chi;d is different

Unrealistic much ? he sounds quite normal in his development, please dont try to get him to do crunches and sit-ups

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My son is 8 months in 2 days and isnt sitting up unassisted nor crawling. He gets up on his knees and elbows but thats it. His dr wants him sitting at least in tripod position by 9 months. But he was a few weeks early. So im giving him his own time. As you should to

Put him on his tummy with some toys around him.

My 11 mouth old can crawl and sit aslong as i put him in the sitting position but can not get into the position by himself :woman_shrugging: honestly please do not stress, every child learns there skills at diffrent times, he will get there when hes ready to do so xx

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Every child is different at reaching milestones, before you know it he will be walking touching everything and you will be chasing after him :slightly_smiling_face: He will get there before you know it :slight_smile:

I put my daughter in between my legs and played with toys with her to keep her attention. Simple enough and worked for her at least

He is sitting just not for long periods. He’ll get there soon. Just encourage crawling and tummy time and he will be sitting on his own soon.

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He’ll sit up when he’s ready


Sat him up in the corner of the couch with a pillow in front of him

My son crawled before he rolled over. Hed lay on his back like a turtle . As a daycare. Provider I’ve see kids do things fast, slow and no particular order. Drs would scream but my kids sat in a bean bag. Push it down in middle sit them straight up. If they fall back they use tummy muscles to sit back up. Put toys in with him to encourage reach.

People don’t understand some drs don’t have kids, they don’t study each thing very long. Other moms snd day care providers have way more experience.
My grandson had those dr brown bottles and the newborn nipple made him gasp and gulp. The dr zaid it was fine. He also spit up alot. I hated feeding him when I watched him. I told my son and DIL not to use those bottles. Go to Walmart and get regular . 97 bottle. They kept saying dr said no he’s fine. I finally went and bought 2. About 3 nonths later dil said I can’t believe I didn’t listen and he was so miserable . Dr said it was acid reflux.
Drs don’t know everything and they don’t always learn the same things.


He will do it when he ready
No rush put pillows round him

1st one sat at 9 months
2nd- 3 months- he was NOSEY lol
3rd- 7 months
4th- 11 months- born at 28 weeks gestation

He will sit up when ready.
More and all the floor time to build the the core.
Avoid baby containment apparatuses- bouncers, walkers, bumbo things, and the other things.

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He will do it when he is ready in my opinion don’t be pressured into this if he likes lying down leave him to it am sure he will get the hang of it… he is only 7mths old not 7 years…

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He will when he’s ready :revolving_hearts:Keep doing what you’re doing Mama

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let him be, Before you know it he will be walking out your front door, all grown up & living his own life, Enjoy these moments because again before you know it they will be gone & nothing but memories


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My daughter was 7 months before sitting but was crawling before 6 months. She is now 10 months old, just getting into 3-6 months clothes, I assumed she struggled because she was so tiny lol. But every baby will do it at their own pace :relaxed:

Also try sitting babe between your legs or with a pregnancy pillow for short periods to help get into the routine of sitting while having some supports

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I would just keep working with him. I wouldn’t do it long because I mean obviously that’s not gonna be comfortable in your stomach or back but at his age that’s really normal

Core strengthening. Tummy time and keep encouraging sitting. When going from tummy time to sit position gently roll baby to side then slowly up to sit position.

My youngest was lazy with sitting. So I stopped putting a pillow behind her, let her fall a couple times with nothing to catch her. Didn’t take long and she started sitting lol. Edit to add for all the perfect parents — I always had her sitting on a foam mat so when she did fall she wouldn’t hurt her head


At 7 months, I wouldn’t be too concerned. My son, who turned out to be fairly gifted in athletics, was past 7 months when he was finally able to reliably sit up, and I believe it was because he had a large head. A baby’s muscles are not fully developed yet, and when the heaviest part of its body is at the top, it is hard for them to keep their balance.

My son had eye issues and couldn’t sit up on his own until 9-10 months. You son will sit up on his own when he is ready.

Relax a little…keep him safe is the priority…if he is still toppling over put a cushion beside and behind if he is on a hard surface. He will be learning about body balance and this is a skill just like crawling then walking…it will fall in to place for him. The fact that he is crawling shows he is mastering that … some skills are mastered at different times.

Here are 2 great women I follow, who have amazing tips for that sort of thing.

He has to get his center & back muscles stronger. Keep working with him. Have him leaned back but reach up for things, almost like a sit up. He’ll get there.

I used the bumboo chair for my 3 and the round exasaucer ( lol however it’s spelled ) with this one I would put a small pillow behind them

It is normal and he will get there

I wouldn’t stress too much, my little boy was 10 months before he was comfortably sitting unaided

My son is 8 months old today crawling everywhere but still falls over if he gets distracted or excited.

They will do these things at their own pace

Crawling is a step to aitting up, it atrengthens the backbone.roll him over and roll him the other way, take him to the pool,holdhim while he kicks. Why rush it, he will be walking before you know it, talk about running after them.

He is just about there What difference when just as theymaster it.

My son was a big baby and had a big head. He acted like it hurt his tummy to sit up. I finally started packing pillows around him and he learned how to sit back up if he tumbled forward. He was around 9 months when he finally sat up with no problem.

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Why the rush? He’s got plenty of time before he’s considered “late” for sitting alone… I would try to just enjoy things as they are :heart: he will sit eventually

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Try packing pillows around him to balance him till he strengthens his core muscles… also can use a walker with blanket packed around him to keep him straight up

Put pillows around him, let him sit alone (but be near) with a few toys to reach for. When he falls over, help sit him back up. Do this about 30 minutes at a time. 4-6 times a day.
Also, a boppy helps as well. Sit him with his boppy behind him, itll support him kinda like a seat.