How can I help my child build a stronger immune system?

Hi guys, I have an 18-month-old son, and I was wondering what you guys do to keep your children’s immune systems up. He gets sick quite often and right now there is a lot of sickness going around where I live (flu, RSV, pneumonia, etc.) and he is probably bound to get it because he gets the flu every time it comes around and is miserable and super sick the whole time. Let me know what vitamins, routines, etc. you use to keep your kids immune systems healthy when illnesses are going around, please!


Elderberry and greens.


Multivitamins! And orange juice.

proper diet. no garbage sugary concoctions and pre packaged foods mixes.


8-11 servings daily of fresh fruits and vegetables, with or between meals.


I swear by these my daughter has been on ever since kindergarten has not had cold


Elderberry and nutrient rich foods. Probiotics as well.

Proper diet and sleep goes a long way. Also, letting him get sick. It sounds counterproductive but they can’t build antibodies to things they have never had. My son goes through spurts where it seems like he is sick for a few weeks but then not sick for 3 mo.


Elderberry for sure. Grape juice is supposed to be good too but at that age I wouldn’t do much, just a cup a day

Healthy food, clean home, keep hands clean (his and yours) But remember, germs are good for kids, they help build the immune system in kids. Proper amount of sleep is important, outdoor time is good too. Open windows when able to allow fresh air in the home (obviously not when its freezing ) talk to her pediatrician about a multivitamin that will be good for an 18 mth old.

Halos… Tangerines, oranges and berries… We have had very few viruses in my house even when my husband had the flu no one else got it… He was the only one vaccinated by the way and it nearly killed him, but to each their own on that subject… We eat halos everyday… It is what my kids like the most… I’ve been a mom for nearly 30 years and only had the flu in my house once…

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18months? Talk to your pediatrician


There’s pro biotics you can buy from the supermarket i thinks it’s called “yoplait” my kids love it Tastes like strawberry :strawberry: should be near the yoghurt isle in the store

Chiropractor… out of pocket is usually pretty cheap. It is crazy how much this helps everything

Pneumonia itself isn’t contagious. Pneumonia happens when you get an infection from another illness and don’t do anything about it.
Healthy diet and vitamin gummies to make sure he’s getting everything he needs. Flu shot to avoid the bad flus.
Unfortunately RSV and colds and most other viral infections that kids get, they just have to build up a natural immunity to.

Vaccinate and germ it up. Let them play outside and eat dirt and snow and grass.


Probiotics and vitamin d in the winter.

Elderberry and vitamin c is what I give my daughter, as a preemie she should have been sick a million times but shes never been sick even once. I don’t isolate us, I dont use bleach, lysol or other cleaners. But the main thing is, she’s not vaccinated so her immune system and general health isn’t completely destroyed.
Also colloidal silver is very good


Honestly if your kid gets sick easily there is nothing that will stop it from happening… No amount of extra vitamins etc are going to stop your child picking up an illness. As long as your child has a healthy diet with a good variety of food groups they shouldn’t need vitamins anyway. My eldest would get sick after every break from school, lasted 3-4 years. He is gp said everything was fine and when he got over what ever illness it was, he was fine. One of my twins gets sick easily but the other rarely does.

Change his diet. Eliminate sugar and processed junk. It will make a world of difference


Vitamins! Hand sanitizer! wash your hands disenfectant spray for the house all that!

Zarbees immune support and orange juice

We use regular character vitamins and they work good!

Fruits and veggies, also don’t be afraid to let him play outside… we keep a humidifier turned on sleep mode just to help with air quality. Wash hands and face frequently when bugs are going around

Give him supplements probiotics children’s vitamins one-a-day and Omega threes

Play outside, mud, animals, bugs, play with other kids, actually him getting sick early as a kid will help his immune system in the long run.


The only way they can build an immune system is by getting something to begin with. Don’t push antibiotics everytime they get a cold. Don’t push meds every time there’s a fever. Definitely don’t over clean


Fresh air and let them get dirty! Mine have rolled around in dirt since they could sit/crawl. Never had the flu or been hospitalized and they are 4 and 5.

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Elderberry is what I use. I dont over sanitize things and I’m not afraid to let my twins play outside or in groups or get a little dirty. I do make sure to clean them up and wash their hands regularly but thats about it.

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If a single virus cell attempts to reside in an organism the body has an army of antibodies armed and ready on standby to wipe it out before it has time to multiple, in order for them to do so the membrane of the virus cell must be heated to a point which melts away its armour so the antibodies can attack it, this is what is happening when fever takes place, it’s the body naturally doing its job. But instead paracetamol is Administrated giving the virus cell protection and time to multiply until it forms its own army making it harder for the army of antibodies to fight so then antibiotics is Administrated but the antibiotics only wipe out the antibodies so now the virus is free to take up residence until they self destruct with over population and when the environment is no longer sustainable they seek relocation to another organism (much the same behaviour as human)

Vitamins a, c, and d, elderberry syrup, healthy foods, lots of fresh air and outside time. I don’t give my kid over the counter meds and he’s never had antibiotics. He’s about to turn 2 and has been sick maybe a handful of times and never longer than 24 hours. I don’t over sanitize things either.


Consistent sleep routine, water, vitamins, veggies, and washing hands!

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Wash his hands, elderberry, orange juice.


Orange juice, elderberry syrup, yogurt, vitamins, water, fresh air, washing hands often can help. Let them play in the dirt, and don’t over sanitize. Getting sick is actually good for the immune system.

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People under estimate the power of water. Encourage your child to drink water because water is cleansing. But, check with the pediatrician. Some people give their children vitamins, but honestly if the child is not vitamin deficient then you could be wasting money. The doc may recommend specific vitamins, but check with him first. A balanced diet would help. Try to avoid sugar. Encourage fruit, like apple pieces, etc.

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Do not over sanitize!! Let your children get dirty. It helps build a strong immune system naturally without shoving supplements down their throat.


Dirt and a balanced diet. We have 4 kids living on the farm and 3/4 get sick MAAYBEEE once a year. For simple colds, we don’t run for medicine unless absolutely necessary. We use a multivitamin for the baby, and the school aged kids just take vitamin C in the winter. We also make sure they all get enough sleep and drink enough water.

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don’t over clean don’t over sanitise and play outside in the dirt

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I have 4 children, my older 3 use to get sick all the time, then I read something about dairy and decided to cut it out of their diet. They have never been healthier. My who had next to no dairy was never sick. My children get all their vitamins from vegetables. We have loads of garlic, sweet potato, spinach, salad etc when they feel a sniffle come on they chew on ginger.
No soft drinks, limited lollies etc

Pure Elderberry syrup & there are gummies available too that are safe. They help provide immune support. But the only other way to build an immune system is to feed them a nutrient rich diet. And make sure they take vitamins or get the equivalent from food.

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Eating fruit and veg, drink water let them play outside and don’t over sanitise, play in mud splash in puddles having fun without wrapping them in a cleanse bubble will help their natural immune system grow. To much faffing these days about cleanliness. Clean your house obviously from dust and dirt don’t use med only if they really need it😊

My kids are older, 4 and 12

Elderberry, honey, lemon, cook with a lot of garlic and onion. Limit processed food and sugar. Plenty of sunshine and outside in the ground play. Plenty of rest and good hygiene.

My daughter is 2 years old only got a small cold this last winter she takes gummy vitiamins, Elderberry gummies 2 a day and a gummy of CBD oil.

My son was very sick at a young age with pneumonia like 4 times under age of 3 he ended up with a lung bacteria they found when we were sent to an asthma and allergy specialist might check that out

Getting regular chiropractic care for your little one can help. Getting adjusted ensures the nervous system doesnt have any interference and is functioning like its meant too.


Breastmilk and let them play in the dirt!

If he gets ear infections consult a chiropractor who specializes in children. My son went and it helped him so much

Get a air cleaner for your home,it keeps dust an

The first five years they get sick all the time but that’s them building their immune system!
Healthy real food, water, clean is good, but don’t bleach your home, that does more harm then good! Wash hands regularly, especially after coming in from anywhere really!

My kids rarely get sick. They play outside a lot, mud and dirt, I dont do hand washing unless the hands are covered. Healthy diet (little to no meat, no dairy) fruits and whole grains. I keep a tidy home and only use lysol when some one actually does get sick to prevent spread. 18 months is young so her immunity needs to build up. My son had ear infections 3 times in 4 months before 1 year old then didnt go to the doctor for sickness till 3 years later.


Gummy vitamins, proper sleep schedule, hydrate with H20, clean diet, vitamin C when a cold is coming on, hand washing and not keeping my kid wrapped in a bubble. Best of luck!

Agree to much of the above.
Also good sleep habits. 8 to 10hrs a night.

I have a 1 and 2 year old. I let them put like everything in their mouth within reason. They’re outside for at least 2 to 3 hours a day when the weather is good and I dont ever use hand sanitizer on their hands. Just water.

Kids build an immune system by being exposed to germs. I dont freak when they stick their hands in the dogs water bowl. Never have. They’re rarely ever sick. No vitamins, no super healthy foods, nothing special. They get dirty. Old school way which worked perfectly for me because I had strep once as a kid and that was the worst. I’ve never had the flu or anything kids these days keep catching.

My kids take half a dose of elderberry, they also have fat in their diet, lots of fats, fatty acids, and they get dirty as heck in the 36-72 hours between baths. They still get sick, but only the common cold. Water, staying hydrated helps a ton with immunity because bodies just simply rely on it. Protien and unrefined grains. This is just me, talk to your kids doctor :upside_down_face:

After my second baby my first daughter happened to fall sick often. I realized something is missing and started a compulsory routine of 6 dates, 6 almonds and pomegranate twice a week. She is healthy and even she puts some weight now. Not getting them as often as she used to get. And for the past 6 months she was not at all sick a single day

Stress can be a major cause of recurring illness, so building a predictable routine at home and eliminating unnecessary stressors in your life may make a difference. Children pick up on everything and can feel anxiety or depression in others.

Let them eat dirt!! For real :joy: kids need germs to build an immunity to bugs. :blush:

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There are immune booster shots the doctor can give. They do a round of them. My son had them when he was a baby and he got everything before that. He had pneumonia.bronchiolitis,bronchitis,scarlet fever,rotavirus several times and hand,foot and mouth disease. All that illness wore him and us out.

eazacold is good for building up immune system i used it for my grandaughter for over 6 months one a day or two while they are sick she was always sick now she rearly gets sick. i use it now if she does get sick.

Let him get dirty. Did we die? No That’s what’s wrong with kids today. Mother’s running around with hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes on everything . Don’t touch that doesn’t touch this. My kids grew up in a clean house and I let them play outside in mud puddles and digging whole in the backyard climbing trees when we lived in Florida. My kids hardly got sick. I was never sick as a child because we played outside . Kid stay inside playing video games on iPads. Mother’s are always looking for drugs or shots, pills from doctors to keep kids healthy. They can’t build up immunity to germs if they’re not exposed to them .

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Stuff is airborne no way of missing it so work within the body such as immune builders our son started kindergarten and be sick a lot so I started vitamins, veggie and fruits and teaching him the importance of handwashing and proper techniques of protecting himself as well as others if he is sick such as cover mouth when coughing etc…Also, check with pediatrics cause 75% off the time its autoimmune deficiency or allergies good luck

Are you wiping everything down with disinfectant wipes and rigorously cleaning what you can, but don’t necessarily need to? Cleaning overkill is the #1 contributing factor for a weakened childhood immune system. I’ve seen mom’s that lysol their kids toys and those are the sickest kids. My sister in law was a cleaning fanatic when her kids were infants and by age three they both had to have yearly allergy shots and were always sickly.

Children just aren’t allowed to get dirty anymore and aren’t being exposed to bacteria that actually turns out to be helpful. The more they’re exposed to the stronger their immune systems will become. Of course you have to draw the line at some things. Let’s employ common sense.

I’m not talking about only my personal experience although the same has turned out true for my kids as well.


I had a rough winter last year with my now 16 month old colds and rsv . He got a supply of albuterol and a breathing machine. I began giving him flintstones chewables . So far 1 runny nose this session. I’ve used his machine maybe 3 times since this past Thanksgiving. I take him outside often dressed warm but this winter has been so calm

I get sick everytime someone sneezes and was bound and determined not to get sick so I’ve tried something different this year. I make a “cocktail” of real cranberry and grape juice and my family hasn’t gotten sick since.

my kids were 3+ when I started this. I found that just a little fresh veggies and fruit every week made a big difference. My kids still got every cold that passed thru daycare, but they consistently had very mild colds and got over them very quick. Also had a Dr. tell me to e quick to give them decongestants/antihistamines as a strategy for preventing secondary infections and I feel like the Dr. may have been right.

Vitamins and food such as fruits and veggies that help build immunity Google a list

We’re consuming elderberry gummies and vitamin c. Eat healthy most of the time

Put him in daycare. My child was sick at first now not often. Honestly it has helped my daughter.

Talk to your doctor about it they may want to put your son on vitamins

My daughter gives her sons probiotics

No sugar, elderberry syrup(no sugar added)

I’m serious! This mission has changed the lives of many!!