How can I help my friend through her miscarriage?

Send her a gift bag full of some of her favorite things with a few special gifts some gift cards so she can get her some comfort food and leave a note in it saying something extra special


If u can find a bracelet or necklace to represent a lost baby I thought that was a good idea when I had my miscarriage but everyone

Respect her time alone and don’t push it. I did the same thing when I lost mine in 2017. I wanted alone time to try and figure things out. I sat there with emptiness in myself. Asking was something wrong that couldn’t be helped? We asked for a healthy baby, did we do something wrong? Then, people started pushing and the more they pushed the more I lashed out. Thankfully they were understanding. I cried until I slept and then woke up in what seemed like a trance. For me, I just wanted to be left alone for a while. The heartache is unbearable. It just takes time but… for me… after my time, I didn’t want a reminder of it, just to be honest. I had reflected enough and something that reminds me of the heartache I just came through was just something I didn’t want.

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Take her some meals.

Just let her know that you’re there in the distance.

And as much as I’m sure you mean nothing by it, do NOT tell her that you “totally understand” what she’s feeling or saying. I, myself, don’t mean anything negative or offensive by saying that. I just know-from my own personal experience-you can’t possibly understand the loss of a child unless you’ve gone through it yourself. Prayers for peace, comfort, and complete healing.