How can I help my one-year-old with her teething pain?

What are some things to do for my one-year-old when she’s getting her molars in? What can I do to make it easier for her? It is worse for her at night.


Tylenol and babyganics teething gel pods helped us the most with his 4th molar. The other 3 he had NO issues with…the 4th one was just hell for him. :cry:

Baby Motrin …
It last longer than Tylenol so she may sleep through the night better.

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Tylenol/ motrin i also used oragel

Tylenol and ib profen. Half and half. And do not use the gel… and do not use the tablets… Do research before using any of them although some parents will say it’s safe I used it. Etc. It’s not. And deathly.


No tylenol, cold wash towel , wet the corner

Depends where u are I’m in uk and swear by anbesol liquid

I was lucky and my daughter had very little problems teething but I’ve seen people suggest frozen waffles or some frozen breast milk/formula/whatever she drinks. Good luck Mama

Tylenol and ibuprofen can be staggered, and I would give a washcloth with one corner tied into a small knot and soaked in cold water. But of course with this you have to be right there to make sure the washcloth doesnt go to far into the mouth.

I know this sounds crazy but my twins sailed through teething using amber bracelets. Not necklaces as they can present a strangling hazard but mine were them round their ankles and hardly had a problem with teething x

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I used a frozen wash cloth. Also popsicles help too

I froze fruit juice like orange juice into ice pops so they could suck on it and calm their teeth

Nookies in the freezer switch them out fairly often helped my nephew with his

The soft blue sponges that are for washing dishes I would buy those wet them put them in a zip lock baggie and freeze them and let my daughter chew on it she loved it.

Let her bite on a wet washcloth, nothing helped my son but this!

There is some stuff out called teething tablets you can get at walmart … you put them under her tongue and you can do it 3 or 4 times a day… also put a a wet rag in the freezer and let her chew on it for a little while it will help numb the gums

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Try water grip night it helps my son sleep through the night when he is fuzzy and teething

I froze some homemade baby food and put it in a like baby mesh teether. It was nice and frozen to help with the pain.

Popsicles and Tylenol. Don’t use the gel bc it can numb the throat and cause choking.

Orajel actually hardens their gums and makes it harder for the teeth to come through the gums, so anything that she can chew on that will also numb her gums using cold is a good thing. The mesh teethers you can fill with frozen fruits or crushed ice are blessings.

there is an herbal tincture called Spilanthes. It numbs tooth pain and gum pain. Not sure if recommended for babies

Pizza crust! It helps tear the gums gently and then falls apart enough to swallow, under supervision of course.
Mom of 4 here, pizza crust teether for all 4


Frozen waffles, works like a charm


Freezer some new wash cloths with some koolaid or just plain water. The cold will naturally numb the gums and the ruff cloth will help the teeth break through. Just let them chew it on whenever they want.

Orajel and baby motrin…works great, never have to worry about all natural things having no regulation so they can put whatever in there.


Rub whiskey on the gums before bed. NOT alot. It’s old school. During the day clean leather strap or a chicken bone. Take the crissel off so not to choke.


Freeze milk into a tiny ice pop worked for all 4 of my nieces.

Frozen waffles.
Frozen washcloths
Baby orajel
This is less and less common practice because well people can be stupid. But if you’re smart enough, you can manage to put a DAB of whiskey on your fingertip, and rub the whiskey into her gum with said fingertip. It does alleviate pains for a few hours at a time!


Our kiddos loved either frozen carrots…get large ones so they don’t choke. And kid toothbrushes. I think the bristles helped and the extra large, rubbery handle were lifesavers.

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SONIC ICE was a LIFESAVER :100::100::100:

I gave my son from frozen waffles alot…which is probably why, at six years old, that he will eat frozen fries and fish 🤷:rofl::rofl:

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Put vanilla extract on their gums! Does the same as orajel would but tastes a whole lot better.

If you breastfeed make boobie pops. They worked amazingly for both of mine

I always used tigers eye teething necklace. It helps take away pain.

Orajel Hardens Their Gums So Not The Best Idea

Oh my father in law would put brandy on his finger rubbed his on my.daughters gums it warms them but wet clothes in the freezer soothes sore burning gums due to teething

Panadol Braer teething liquid Teething gelcold Face washers

We used slices of cucumber (skin-on). Only while supervised. Once it started to get mushy or break apart, I swapped it for a fresh slice. It cools and helps with inflammation. It worked great!

They have homeopathic teething powder that comes in little packets that dissolves when you dump it in their mouths. Worked wonders for the little girl I keep. (I’m a nanny) Cannot remember the name. I believe it’s called Teetha.

Baltic Amber teething beads.

Im sure you could google it

Frozen wash clothe work well too.

Keep a toothbrush in the freezer, also somebody mentioned freeze pizza crust, my youngest loved that when he was a baby.

Cold wet rags to chew on.

They have teething wafers at cvs pharmacy, they helped my daughter. They have blueberry flavor and sweet potato flavor

Freeze a paci or towel