How can I help my PMS depression?

I need advice on how to help PMS depression without taking an antidepressant prescription. I seem to always fall into a deep depression where I just feel out of it & alone. Some months better than others, but for the most part, I feel like just sitting in my house for a week straight. Does anyone have this problem? Does anything help get you out of this mindset? All suggestions/advice is appreciated!


Personally??? Medication and counselling. Together = best outcome. I’ve been doing both for years, meds take trial and error, finally I’m on the right ones at the right dosage.


Sometimes you can’t will, diet or read yourself out of depression.
You should talk to your doctor.


What help me is exercising everyday.

I have really bad PMDD. Lasts about 2 weeks before my period. I hope you find something that works. My therapist always told me to just be kind and gentle to myself during that time. And to take it easy. Best of luck

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Full disclosure- I sell natural medicine. BUT I have in the last 2 months had the most amazing results taking a new product introduced to us at convention. I’ve struggled with PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) for years. Although what I’m taking isn’t marketed to treat any illness, I have noticed that I haven’t had the awful symptoms of depression or agitation and the pain is much less since I started taking it!

Please talk to your Dr before taking any kind of OTC or natural meds. They affect everyone differently!

Why without prescription medication?

Try light therapy. It helps to stimulate the brain and pull you out of depression. It actually worked for me because I get SAD the seasonal depression that comes because of the changes in the season

St John’s Wort is really good

Cannabis helps with depression and is legal in a lot of places now. CBD works as well, if you’re in an illegal state. If you’re adamently against prescription medication, cannabis and it’s derivatives can be used as natural a antidepressant. Exercise, lots of natural light, fresh air, plenty of sleep. Positive thoughts and a good support system. Needing medication for clinical depression is perfectly fine but the stigma around cannabis needs to end.

I was very against pills and I had your same problem. Prozac has helped immensely. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do on your own to fix a chemical imbalance. Cannabis helps also, even the thc free stuff.

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I had the same problem, I went to the dr to check my hormone levels and everything came back good. They told me to try dieting and exercising… I’m mostly a single mom and work 50+ hours a week, I did not do as suggested. Mine comes and goes but it’s mostly better now. My son is about to turn 4, however you are not alone.

I feel you sooooo much!! Honestly what helps me is making a schedule and following it to a T. I also feel better when I wake up before anyone else and get some ME time in. Just breathe and take it one day at a time love :heart:

I am this I suffer from ptsd and depression. I was never a meds person but on them now. I just get tired faster. I am waiting list for my appointment with metal health

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I have it too. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. It’s been a struggle every mo for years. The short time that I was on an anxiety med for it really helped. We were incident free for months…But you’d have to find a Gyno that genuinely cares. I agree that you can try try try but you cannot will it away. You’re suffering and need to see someone :sparkling_heart:

For me personally, every few days either having an epsom salt bath with 2 cups with a hot bath, or a foot soak with 1 cup in a 2 gallon bucket every few days, even when it’s not my pms, tends to help with mood, cramps and pain. The Magnesium seems to do wonders. While it doesn’t cure depressuon, it evens me out a bit so to speak. I would look up the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency. I have personally not tried supplements but the salt soak does it for me. And it’s cheap.

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This is exactly how I feel every month. Most months are a little worse. I’m definitely going to look into some of the ideas posted here.

Yes! Magnesium and B6 supplements help. Over the years, I’ve just stopped fighting it and rest. Progesterone cream and Ginseng help, also. And I walk 2 miles a day.

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Exercise helps!!! Join a gym or classes! Cardio is amazing it helps with the endorphins


Are you lacking certain vitamins and nutrients? There’s been several studies showing the correlation between depression and vitamin deficiency.

CBD. Magnesium and B12 for energy. Walks. Me time. Remembering I am loved and valued just breathing.

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Good diet and exercise.

Magnesium has helped me SO much. I cant even believe a simple mineral can help so much.


Vitamin B, magnesium, and liquid iron supplement, and keto diet.

I got it very bad, Suicide attempt bad!! The 3 month Depo-prevera injection worked for me. No more bleeding no more PMDD!! It doesn’t work for everyone, a lot of women have serious complaints about it. But for me it worked fine. Xx

Yoga and meditation help if you can find the time.

Trintellix is fabulous. Perfect for menopausal symptoms.

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Would love to see some answers to this! I experience very severe emotions as well.

Volunteer at a cancer center.

It’s just a case of mind over matter.

Magnesium and vitamin B12 complex

Oona it’s an herbal supplement

May I ask how old you are?

Because mine was all hormonal, taking a good probiotic with a prebiotic helped me… Good luck!


Force yourself to keep busy! The more you sit around the more you WANT to. Take a walk! Pursue something you enjoy that requires you to concentrate on that activity instead of thinking about how you feel. Of course the supplements could help, too, but the more you do, the better you’ll feel!

Go check your hormones get a doc that will listen

See your gynecologist.

SAM-e , vitamin D and fish oil :heart:

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Vitamin B, red raspberry, coffee dates, and outside time

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St. John’s wart it is in the vitamin section it is natural and it helped with mine. That and vitamin D/ Sun time