How can I help pregnancy stretchmarks?

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What’s the best stretch mark cream that’ll make them go away fast ! I have two new ones from this pregnancy not too dark . & I only have 4 weeks left . So I’m looking for something that can get rid of the old ones that are already lightened and the new ones !

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There’s nothing to really get rid of them sadly. Embrace the stripes. I didn’t use anything for my pregnancy and did get stretch marks but they were less visible on their own with good diet and exercise. Use any coco butter, Mederma or coconut oil

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I got this coconut body oil from the dollarstore here. It works wonders enough for me!!

Your own breastmilk works naturally well on reducing stretch marks. Lots of water, collagen supplements and bio oil

Try vitamin E oil, they give it to patients after surgerys to reduce the appearance of scars all the time! I used it when i was younger and self conscious about the stretch marks on my legs, they were dark purple and it reduced the color drastically! My mom’s a nurse and told me to try it and gave me a bottle

Mine became lighter over the years, still there but the same color as my normal skin tone

I use cocoa butter Vaseline Lotion. I used it daily with both pregnancies and never had a stretch mark.

ItWorks sells a great stretch mark cream :slight_smile:

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Why are you like ashamed of stretch marks?? I still have them from my first pregnancy 5 1/2 years ago and I embrace them, my body created a life that means so much to me… Why erase the evidence lol


Coconut oil and vitamin E or cocoa Shea butter

Not much you can do over time they will fade but put lotion on your skin to help prevent new ones and imbrace them took me sometime to I don’t have any on my tummy I stayed small with all the kids but have them bad all over my boobs and legs took me a minute to imbrace them and wear bikinis again now I could care less about them and my husband the wonderful man he is never put me down and says im beautiful the way I am

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Theres really nothing you can do about them except wait for them to fade

Palmer’s tummy butter for stretch marks and bio oil together… not a single stretch marks where I used it… didn’t anticipate getting them on my legs lol but stomach was stretch mark free and I got huge!!

Nothing. Vit E oil will reduce appearance but not fast…

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Nothing works. And you’ll most likely get more after you give birth. And I LOVE my stretch marks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts: they remind me that I carried my daughter for 9 months and I am a strong woman!

Stretch marks are a WOUND. They have to heal.
Promote healing with coconut oil and vitamin e.

Coconut oil and shea butter

I heard rubbing breast milk in helps

Time lotion moisturize and sun

I liked bio oil, I used it during and after my first baby. My stretch marks faded considerably, not invisible though.

They’re gonna happen if they happen. All depends on your skin elasticity

I do not sell!!! but it works defining gel :open_hands::open_hands::open_hands:

Coconut oil. I used coconut oil everyday after my shower during pregnancy and I have no stretch marks at all I just had a baby 3 months ago

Stretch marks have more to do with genetics than anything else. If your mom/Aunt/grandma have them, you will most like also. There’s no avoiding them, no cream can prevent them. They are tears in the skin. They fade over time but never completely go away.

They will never go away. They will fade and be less noticeable

MOTHER’S FRIEND. Ask your pharmacist to mix it up for you! You can thank me in PM later :wink: