How can I increase my milk production?

How can I increase my milk production? I’m postpartum one week, and I’m only pumping 5 oz per session? Exclusively pumping baby was born 28weeks? I’m worried ill tank soon.


Look here! Tons of resources!

That is actually really good for only the first week. Pump frequently, drink lots and lots of water and try oatmeal in the mornings, brewers yeast tablets, and mother’s milk tea


Newborns only take about 3 ounces at a feeding so pumping 5 ounces is good! It should increase in the next few weeks

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Have you tried CoBoo spray? It’s a pumping spray and is amazing.

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Power pump look up some guides it mimicks cluster feeding

5 ounces a session is great for your first week ! You’re doing awesome ! Mine always increased little by little the more I pumped and nursed

That’s actually a lot!! Newborns only drink maybe 3 oz and your baby will clusterfeed which will boost supply. Keep pumping and let baby clusterfeed.

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Body armours and oatmeal

5 oz is a lot!!! It’s only been one week! I’m breastfeeding my one month old and I only pump 3 ounces.

That’s really good output! Babies only need 24-32oz a day, roughly 1.5oz an hour. A newborn’s tummy is so small, they really don’t need much! I’m 3 months pp, EBF, and I average about 3oz on the occasions I do pump, which is more than enough for my LO :relaxed:


As weird as it sounds…massage your breasts…thats what I did before and after and I produced loads! Xx

5oz a session is AMAZING. I would have been happy with 2oz! But if you need to up your supply try Mother’s Milk tea, power pumping (ask Dr. Google) and stay hydrated. I also ate lactation cookies- you can get them at Target.

5oz is really good for one week postpartum. Your baby shouldn’t be needing more than that per feeding right now. I mean, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure you’re doing alright

Only? I think you’re doing pretty good! Your body will only produce what it needs to feed your baby.

For the baby being only a week old you’re doing amazing. The best way to up production is baby to boob. Even having a blanket they have been on can help prompt your boobs to produce

5 oz per session? I’m 2 weeks pp and I pump at max 2-3 ounces… I say your doing pretty dang good.

Newborns don’t drink that much so whatever you have left over freeze for a stash.

How many sessions are you pumping because at one week PP that is amazing!!! I’m 3 months PP and get 6oz usually and pump 6x. But before that I pumped 7-8x a day and only got 3oz until I was about a month up then i sloy started getting more.
There are foods that help increase supply. Usual ingredients are steel oats, fenugreek, flax seed, and brewer’s yeast. These items can be baked into cookies or brownies or put into smoothies. Stay hydrated body armor sports can help keep you hydrated. Keep up calories.
You’re doing amazing!

Actually thats perfect supply. Your babe isnt taking more than 2 ish every few -2.5 so you are doing double.
Be gentle with yourself :heart: dont up as it can backfire due to engorgement.

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Power pump and keep hydrated. Supply and demand. There are some resources that say oats and fenugreek and mother’s milk tea. Can’t hurt. But the power pump is where it’s at.

5oz is actually really good for one week pp. keep pumping every two hours and drinking plenty of water to keep your production high.

Oatmeal is great for that. Which I think you’re doing great anyways. When my milk would slow down oats would help so much.

I’m almost a year in and I’m lucky to get 6 oz lol but my little never drank more than 3 1/2 oz at a time.

5 oz is amazing! I’m 2 weeks postpartum, pumping every 2 hours and only get 2-4 oz each time. Pumping more often will increase your supply.

Body armor drinks , they work

That’s really good actually. If anything that’s too much
Newborm babies only drink 1-2 oz. At a time.
Your body will pump as the baby needs.

You’re doing great! Remember baby only has the ability to take in so much at this age. 5oz per session sounds like a lot! Just remember to pump every 2-3 hours to keep your supply up otherwise you will lose your milk. I also had a 28 Weeker and by the time he was 5 months I could only get about 2-3 oz per day!

Milky mama’s lactation supplements

Drink a bottle of beer every nite.

Fenu-greek pills. Idk, if I spelled it right. But it helped me, a lot. Also, they have drinks and cookies at Wal-Mart. I was away from my baby for a while and all that helped.

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That’s better then most!!! I’m 2 weeks and definitely not getting that much

That’s not bad for a week postpartum. Baby only needs about an ounce or two every couple hours.
Pump at least every two hours, make sure you’re super hydrated & eating lots of protein.

Look up a recipe for milk making cookies, they helped me and we’re delicious.

My daughter was born at 34w4d (she’s 3 weeks now) and she just started taking 3 oz like yesterday. Im pumping appx 6 ounce each sitting (also only pumping;; she wont latch) and i have a heck of a freezer stash. Ive always been told to drink plenty of water (4 kids;; attempted to breastfeed them all) and it will keep your supply up. But if your pumping 5oz per sitting i think you’re doing amazing momma!

Look into your breastfeeding mommas group in your area and they may be able to help you. Also look and see who makes lactation cookies around you. I know someone that makes them around my area and she actually ships them too.

Body is probably still adjusting to what baby needs. Drink lots of water. Eat oats. Sounds like good production so far, I would suggest not trying any supplements yet. Let your body and baby do their thing.

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Join a exclusive pumping or breastfeeding page on Facebook. They have great tips and support! Staying hydrated and getting extra calories will help. Also pumping/nursing at least every 2-3 hours will help you establish a good supply.

5oz is a good amount for one week postpartum.


5 oz is awesome! I never pumped more then 3 a session and exclusively pumped for 6 months. You got this! Lots of water and oats

Brewers yeast in like non alcoholic beer, eat more oatmeal, apricots, and drink milk. Also drink lots of water and snack on protein

There is a nstural lactation tea you can get. It’s from Traditional Medicinals and is called Organic Mothers Milk. I get it at Walmart. Does a great job helping keep supply up!! 5 oz at 1 week post is great!! You can also look up recipes for lactation cookies and shakes. Drink LOTS of water and it can help when you pump if you look at pictures or videos of baby (if you’re not around them) or even smell them or their blanket or clothes. That will release oxytocin which helps with production. Sounds wonky but really helps!! Also make sure you are eating plenty of calories every day!! Nursing takes a LOT of energy!! I was not good about eating enough after my 1st (I was too busy and didn’t feel hungry) and my supply struggled until I increased my food intake!

Body armors drinks!!!

The lactation cookies on Amazon. They’re pricey but MAN THEY WORK SO GOOD

They recommend not pumping till 6 weeks you will cause an over supply. Keep up you water at least 2l a day till then.

I drank body armor drinks just had to stop drinking them because of the crazy amount of sugar also try holding something that smells like your baby while pumping

That’s good being your baby needs only 2-3 right now

Your milk doesn’t regulate until about 6 weeks. 5oz every pump session is actually amazing, since newborns usually really only eat 2-3oz anyway until about a month old. Oats and almonds are really good. Staying hydrated is super important as well. Coconut water is really good for keeping hydrated! Also, try not to stress yourself out too much as stress can effect milk production as well. Be careful with things like fenugreek because while it may work AMAZING for some moms, I have heard that it did the complete opposite for others and dried them up.

Keep calm and drink water. That was my problem.

I am 7 weeks post postpartum and only able to pump 5 oz every now and then first thing in the morning, throughout the day between and after nursing I’m lucky if I fill a 2oz bottle between both boobs.

Diet and lots of water. Lots of fats and protein. Just keep feeding your supply is still adjusting to babies needs. The more baby feeds more milk you get.

Also pump while baby sleeps if you can find the energy.

Body armor drinks were a life savor for me

I had 27 weekers. If I’m reading this correctly then baby is in the NICU. Ask the lactation consultants, get with them and get advice. Once your baby is able to breastfeed your production may go up. Mine did with my boys. Just keep pumping get as much skin ti skin as you can.

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You can find a plethora of info for what works for individual moms which may work for you, also. Be sure to stay hydrated, and look into la leche league, or other resources to find more help if needed. Just stick to it, you got this!

I don’t have the answer but I’ll tell you don’t be afraid to supplement. I went a few weeks barely producing anything. Had several people tell me my latch was fine. Changed my diet, drank more water, drank mother’s milk tea and took vitamins that were all supposed to help. After a few weeks of doing what the doctor’s told me with no results, I started doing formula after trying for a minimum of 30 minutes per feeding of trying to breast feed. For whatever reason, I just wasn’t able to. Pay attention to your body and if things don’t improve, do whatever is best for your baby.

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My baby is 5 months old and I still pump. I range from 4 oz to 6. 3 to 4 times a week I drink a homemade banana chocolate shake I found on pinterest that helps my lactation

The Milky Mama drops worked for me, making sure to pump more often than you need and drinking a crap ton of water was what my lactation consultant told me, warming up your boobs with a warm cloth might help when you pump as well as covering up the bottle so you don’t stress over how much which has shown to have an adverse effect in milk output. These all worked for me, I hope it can help!

5oz per session is amazing early on. A full term baby would rarely eat 5oz in one sitting. With that said, power pumping and massaging while pumping could help.


Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support Group

Also 5oz is a lot of milk. Don’t stress so much.

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Pumping doesn’t equal supply. I could never pump anything but baby ate like a champ!

I used lactation cookies but 5 oz is a good amount my daughter was born at 34 weeks and i was pumping the same amount as u per session for that first month she was in the nicu just make sure u pump every 2 to 3 hours i was worried about it too but i atr those cookies and they helped boost my supply to the point where i have a full freezer of milk now from pumping and storing the extra and now she takes the breast for almost all feedings so i only pump occasionally and she is 6 months now

Pump every two hours just like if he was eating. It will trigger your body that it needs to make more. They also sell vitamins and such that help too. Also 5 oz is good per session. I’m almost 7 mos postpartum and I’ll get 5 oz each breast first time around in the morning then I’ll get 2-3 every time after that.

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Cluster pumping helped me.

Oatmeal and power pump to increase supply if needed.

Mamas magic milk boost by Earthley has helped me!

I ate Milk Maker cookies. They tasted good and seemed to help a lot

Lactation cookies. I ate some for fun and started lactating again a year later :joy:

I had a 28 weeker also. 5 oz is great for one week postpartum! Just stay on a good pumping schedule, even on those sessions that you don’t get much, keep going. Drink water and make sure you are eating. I know having a baby in the NICU is stressful, but you’ve got to take care of yourself in order to take better care of your baby. And don’t be afraid to ask to speak with a lactation consultant. The ones who worked in the NICU where we were, were life saving.


Non alcoholic beer. Heineken makes a 0% one now. Instant

5 ounces is good. I’ve been told breastfed babies never eat more than four ounces at a time. So you’re making a meal every time you pump.

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That’s a pretty good amount for one week postpartum because your baby probably wouldn’t even eat that much at one week… I had my son at 29 weeks and I dried up after 2-3 months of pumping but I’d say that’s a good amount for a start!! I think that the artificial- ness Can sometimes cause issues after a while with prematurity in my experience but keep up the good work!!!

The body armor drinks helped me produce more with my first.

Just for perspective…average for both breasts combined is under 3oz. You are actually considered to have an over supply. :blush: it also takes weeks for your milk to regulate so don’t stress.

Apply heat before pumping and drink plenty of water. Try having fenugreek, worked for me!

Water. Drink alot of water

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Try fenugreek and blessed thistle

In South Africa we use the tablet eglynol… gives you milk.

Anything oatmeal, raw almond, honey bunches of oats cereal with almonds, blue Gatorade, and lots of water. Never skip meals, and always pump on time. Don’t let yourself be engorged.

Pump every 2 hours 5 minutes on each breast 3 times on each if you’re not already see if you can be near baby while you do it. And wake yourself to do it at night as well so your body gets used to how much baby would be feeding if baby was on the breast. That’s what I was told baby born at 31 weeks

That is excellent! Your baby will only need 1-3oz per feed depending on how often your baby feeds. It is 1oz per hour so if your baby feeds every 2 hours its 2oz, etc.

You can check out more breastfeeding tips and videos here:

Instagram- @kd_healthtalk

Milk production is based on supply and demand. Your milk is still being established and unless there’s a medical need, it’s not recommended to pump until you’re at least 6 weeks PP. Please don’t get intimidated by what you get out with a pump. .5-2oz combined is considered a normal pump output. Watch baby’s wet diaper output. 6 wet diapers per day is an indication of adequate feeds. Lots of skin to skin and nurse nurse nurse. Be careful with some of the things people are suggesting. If drinks and other supposed milk boosters are doing anything it all it’s likely due to lack of hydration. Clear and light colored urine means that you’re drinking plenty of fluids. Don’t stress mama. Relax, and enjoy that baby. Sending hugs and positive energy.

You’re already over producing. Breastfed babies should never drink more then 4 ozs per feeding. My LO is 7 months he only drinks 3 oz at a time. You’re doing great!