How can I introduce my son and his little sister?

My little boy is five, and his sister is due in 2 weeks via section. And he’s not allowed to visit due to covid. I wanted him to visit when she was born ( open his big brother’s present box) and then he come back to the hospital when we are due to come home and enter our home as one. The only thing I can think of is him meeting us in the hospital car park, but I feel sad that he can’t meet her in hosp, in the “normal” setting first. Any recommendations? Improbably thinking about it too much, but you only become a big brother once, so I want to make it special.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I introduce my son and his little sister?

I would have a big brother ceremony when baby comes home. Make a big deal out of it with decorations and cake. No it does not have to be much but it will make him feel special.

Just make is special. He won’t know that he’s missing out on anything unless you let him know kids usually meet their siblings in the hospital…but still I doubt he would care. Ur 110% thinking about it too much. He’s gonna love meeting his sibling no matter where it’s at.

Do you have a way of vid chatting or anything after she is born he can see her that way…

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Get your partner/hubby to bring him to the ward doors them you can all walk out together. I’m sure one of the midwives will carry the car seat for you, I work on a neonatal ward and a few parents have done this, it is really cute and special x

This is how my son met his little sister.
Taken through the window of my hospital room.
Covid screwed with my birth plan also, but it all worked out.

Can’t he wait until you guys get out? I’m missing the question here. Even pre covid our kids all waited the 3 days to meet one another…

I get it special for you. But don’t over due it for him. Maybe meeting her as she walks in the door would be better. Had earlier someone stay with him and give him the box. Maybe help him make a welcome home and nice to meet you flyer for his sister. Some kids get jealous. So maybe that will help

Not flyer … sign lol

I did FaceTime with my son since i had my daughter at the start of covid. When I brought her home he wanted nothing to do with her for a bit since he didn’t understand (he was 1) now they are inseparable and idk who’s teaching who anymore haha. This is them a day or two after we got out of the hospital.

Same thing happened with me last year, my husband took a day during our hospital stay to take our son out to lunch and spoil him a little and let him pick out a stuffed animal for his sister and that made alllll the difference. My parents had him and we went to pick him up with the baby, got her inside let him sit on the floor with her in the car seat till he was ready to hold her in his lap. He’s been the best big brother and protected of her since!!

My daughter was born in the pandemic July last year. Her big brother was soo excited to video chat and met us at the top of the steps when we came home! It was still the greatest moment :purple_heart: I may have real tears thinking about the memories :rofl:


How does his mom feel about u meeting at his house to introduce him to his sister that way he feels comfortable

the normal way??? shouldnt matter where they meet as its about connecting and making the most of what you have and if you dont get off the normal bit you will not get far as nothing is as it was so go with them changes and even if in a carpark you smile be happy and hug your eldest and then introduce baby and its your reaction to things that your child will watch so be a happy mum you got a new baby too and its learn to be grateful and my daughter went through same situatiion and my daughter walked over an hour home with her son holding into the pram and the dad to the children pushed the pram and yes my daughter pushes past her expectations and just gets on with stuff so you change and get off the normal expectations as they are not going to happen so no matter where they meet it will be lovely as long as mummy yes you relax and smile and dont worry because your eldest child wont know any different unless you already said which im thinking you already have as a few weeks to go you getting fed up so turn it around mumma be positive and get your eldest a treat too and make it fun as he be looking at you and give them that hug remember that :wink: its about them and you not the situation and a carpark is awesome as still making memories and if you keep it happy even though your not as thats what mumma’s do smile even when you could cry :slight_smile: mums positive side out of every bad situation works well as it will teach them life skills to adapt and good luck and enjoy your moments even if in a car park :slight_smile:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I introduce my son and his little sister?

Awww im sorry u have been affected like this. Maybe gove him his big brother box before you leave. Add a big brothers dutys list, Get him to stay home with afmily member, and find him some jobs to do in preparation for his sister coming home ? So he feels helpful and involved ? I dont know i feel bad for you. Covid has ruined so many special occassiins for people :woman_facepalming: im sure it will be special what ever u do

You could make it a big deal that he is coming to take his little sister home. Present him with his brother box, and give him a gift to present to her once you get into your home…. This may make him feel like he has a special job. I hope it goes very special for him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Best thing you can do is, include him in everything you do for baby. Help in any way. Worst thing for him is to feel replaced. I know from experience, had 6 and none went thru welcoming new baby badly.

My sister went through this, she had a section and stayed over 1 night, little girl stayed with me that night for a fun sleepover and we looked at pictures of the baby and she met him on FaceTime, then the day they came home she went out with a friend and we picked her up and took her home to meet and the baby gave her the big sister presents :gift:

As soon as she is born could you maybe zoom call or FaceTime with him through another family member?


Facetime and let him open big brother box with dad while in facetime, it sucks but only thing I can come up with. Congratulations and best wishes to your family.

I’d personally let him come to the car park so you guys can make a huge deal about him bringing his baby sister home save his presents for when you get home and he’s had his first cuddles and give him a special job of giving a gift to her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: including him will make this so much easier in the long run and he’ll bond beautifully with her

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I had my second baby in hospital and my husband was concerned our other child would want to know were Mummy was I told him to tell him the doctor left him in the wrong place and I had gone to fetch him. no problems.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I introduce my son and his little sister?

Maybe have a family member with him at your home and when you’re ready. Go back and let him hold her.


Doesn’t make much sense to introduce them in a parking lot. He won’t really be able to hold her


Have a family member meet you at a park. Then go home as one

Just bring her home, it’s not that big of a deal when they meet. My brother had health problems so I couldn’t meet him until he was home and I just had a baby back in December and my older daughter didn’t get to meet her baby sister until she was home. It still was special no matter what setting they were in.


When I had my son I video chatted so his sister was the first one to see him then when we went home she was the first one to see and hold him


Have him waiting at home with a little “welcome home” party for her. Maybe he could help do some decorations & be set up waiting for you guys to arrive. That way it’s still special for him & you can give him present & it feels like a whole little family becoming one celebration.


I am due in January and plan on doing the first meeting at home. The baby can bring the big brother a gift home. It will be more comfortable for everyone to be home.


Quit tripping out, and introduce them when you can. Simple


Maybe video chat to let him see her and show him she has a gift for him and he will be excited to see and hold her


When most of us were that age we weren’t allowed in they hospital either and had to wait at home for the new baby.

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I just had a baby 4 weeks ago. My 9 year old daughter wasn’t able to visit in the hospital either. She stayed with my sister while I was in the hospital. Once I was discharged, I had my husband take me and the baby home, then he went and picked up my daughter from my sister so she could finally meet her brother. It was just the 4 of us, all together for the first time in the comfort of out home. I was allowed to have one other person visit me while I was in the hospital, but I didn’t want that because I wanted my daughter to be the first to meet my son besides my husband and I. I think it ended up being so nice and not stressful being able to be at home and not have extra people around.

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We had our daughter get brought to our house after we brought baby home and wersettled, then she got to meet her brother. Worked out well

Bring her home, he can open his present and meet her then. It will be special regardless.


I saw a video where the dad snuck sister in in a rolling suit case lol


I’m planning on asking the nurse to wait just inside the doors with the baby so I can greet my sons and have them come with me into the building to get her… even if it’s only a few steps


My sister recently had a baby and her son wasn’t allowed to visit but when her husband came to pick her up he was allowed in as he couldn’t be watched by anyone else
maybe your hospital will allow that ?


When my son was born last year the siblings weren’t aloud to meet baby in the hospital. I felt so sad about it too because it wasn’t what I really wanted but when he came home we tried to make it extra special that way…. Just know you’re not alone with having to face the different :pleading_face:

Have the hubby Sneak him in IN a suitcase!!!


Maybe try having him waiting at home like a little welcome party. He could have a sign maybe a couple of balloons and he could still be in a setting where he could hold her for the first time. Whatever you decide I know it’s hard as a mom not to overthink everything when it comes to your kids just know you’re doing your best and navigating this to the best of your ability.

My daughter just had her 2nd on Monday. Her son, who is 2, is with his dad, and while there, had to quarantine, so it’s going to be 2 weeks before he gets to meet his sissy. :confused: But it is what it is. They are doing what they can to make it the best for everyone.

Have son and maybe one or two adults plan a welcome home party. If grandparents maybe they could help fix you and daddy a nice meal. With a special dessert. Have a little surprise party . Lots of quick pictures of baby coming home. Huggs and love yous. Son can meet baby first grandparents like me just want to watch. Then everyone but those that live there leave. No more than 30 minutes after you walk in . They can come back next week .

I plan on just waiting till we are all home… im due in September, when I go into labour my son will be going to grandmas till we are out. And meet back at our place… I think home is better than parking lot.

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My daughter just her baby 2 weeks ago, only dad and big sister allowed in. For the rest of us, it was the chapel. Dad brought baby down to us there. Maybe that? It was ridiculous really, the chapel was like half the size of the actual room where my daughter was. But that was the rules :woman_shrugging:t3: we were prepared to just peer thru the window, but staff allowed the baby to come to us in the chapel.
Some maternity wards have family rooms, maybe that?

I felt the same had my twin Thursday and my 3 year old was not allowed. She has not met them yet and they are on the nicu. I did buy her a big sister shirt and showed her pictures

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Same for me when I had my youngest last year. My oldest was at home with my mom. It works out, trust me. We called her when we were on the way home and she was the first one at the door. We set her up on the couch to hold the baby and got some of my favorite pictures ever!

My little guy was in the NICU after birth and it was a year that the flu was really bad so his siblings couldn’t go see him until he was discharged. It was hard because I had to balance life but when it was time they came with to pick him up and we had our bonding time on the ride home together!

My oldest had to meet his baby brother at home last year. This isn’t the norm, but some things can’t be helped. It was nice to be home when the meeting took place- big brother was comfortable in his space not in a weird hospital :heart:

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Siblings were not allowed when I had daughter earlier this year and then she was in the nicu for a month because she was a premie(31 weeker). I did not tell my step children when she was able to come home and surprised them with her at her sisters birthday party at their moms house! The look on their faces when I walked into the house were the most amazing thing in the world!

Let him meet his sister at home, where you, dad, son and baby are relaxed. Ask your family and friends to respect your special family time.

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I guess the question is what do you feel like he’s missing? I loved that my oldest welcomed her
sister home at the door
With her special present.

Smuggle him in , in a suitcase 🤷🏼‍♀

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I introduce my son and his little sister?

I’ve never stayed in hospital long enough for the older kids to visit. One time we left to the hospital while the others were asleep (had people there with them) and got home before they got home from school the next day, so when they walked in the door I was sitting in the lounge feeding the newborn <3 that was pretty special <3


My niece just had her baby today and have the same problem she FaceTime him at Grandma’s because she had to do the same thing have him open his big brother present with Grandma while you FaceTiming. My nephew’s ate and it was beautiful he was fine and he understood because of covid

Most hospitals have a leave once and cant come back in policy. I’m afraid covid has change birth plans for everyone

Be sure of the hospitals rules on leaving and then reentering the hospital.
I think making a special homecoming is the way to go. The hospital arcane be overwhelming and depending on age they may not understand about leaving you at the hospital…

Surely you have told him you are going to have a baby, he has seen other peoples babies, so no big deal. He will be big brother and help with age appropriate ways to help you.


If possible have him and a grandparent plan a “homecoming” dinner/small family gathering. Let him be “in charge” if possible. Make sure to facetime with him from the hospital too. I know this will sound awful but also have the dad or grandparent bring a blanket or something to him that has the baby’s smell. I know that advice usually applies to pets but as humans we also associate emotions, memories and bonds to smells.

Have him make a welcome home sign for the new baby. Have a small welcome home celebration.


Very sweet of mom to make it special. Car outside is just perfect! That’s soon to be the norm anyway! It’s going to be nice.

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Would be hard to do it at home since it states c section.

Like i had to do, happy homecoming with the new baby and make it special fot both especially for him.

i had a becomig a big brother party for my son… i did it as part of my baby shower wiyh my daughter… just a thought tho seemed to work and get him very excited

Do it at home!! Seems pretty simple!!

This is all I have for you

Let him meet at the hospital parking lot, he can pick you and baby up with daddy. Buy a little stuffed toy or teething ring for him to give to his sister. And the family can enjoy the car ride home and then everyone can come in together

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Include him;with sonar photos. Let him;touch your belly when she’s kicking. It’s a;big adjustment to any family. My sister;went through the same situation when their youngest son was born this February. Lot’s of;patients.

Girl you hella over thinking… I have 5 kids. … they all waited til I came home to meet the baby… Unless there’s something wrong with new baby you will be home within 2 days… He’ll be fine, and still excited… Once the baby get here it will be like she’s always been there. All of y’all will be fine trust me. Not to mention it’s bad enough with all this covid delta crap that your there in the hospital… You or baby don’t need extra unnecessary exposure when you’ll be home damn near the next day

My daughter was born in sep 2020 no one was allowed except her father we FaceTimed my son the day she was born and when we got home he was waiting all excited

Did you at any point put his hand on your belly and tell him this is your brother or sister if so bringing the baby girl won’t be hard to introduce them I didn’t with my oldest 2 son’s and they were as close as they could be.

FaceTime/video call ASAP and have him waiting at home to greet her and spend special time together. If u have to stay in longer than u hope FaceTime as much as u can. Ask whoever is looking after him while ur in hospital having her to do something special with him.

Since they aren’t allowing siblings in the hospital, I would be mindful of video chat as well. When I had my son back in January my 6 year old stayed with her godparents and when she saw all of us together and realized that she had to wait for us to come home to meet brother and have her mama she had a very hard time. I didn’t see that coming. I totally understand wanting to go home as a whole. You just keep telling him that he’s gonna be an amazing big brother and that you love him. If he has to open his gift in the parking lot he isn’t gonna care. I think that he will feel proud, loved and special. Good luck mama :heart:

Get him to give the baby their first tour of the family home. Our son did this while my husband carried the baby around. (I had C section). My son was 4 and was so excited, he went through each room telling the baby what they were going to do in there, where the toys were kept, his chair at the table, favourite cups, showing his drawings and paintings on the cupboards, all the bedrooms etc…maybe leave the big brother present on his bed so when he shows off his room, surprise! Our son was also in charge of opening the front door to visitors (obs with help from Dad) and introducing his new baby to everyone!! Just make sure he feels involved and that friends and family talk to him and not just zoom in on the new baby! Good luck and many congratulations xx

My son is 3 and I had a section 3 weeks ago obviously my son couldn’t visit due to COVID but we bought our little boy a present of his little brother and told him his little brother loves him more than anything in the world he is so protective of his little brother and they have a unbreakable bond xx

I had a baby during covid (may 2020), my oldest was 5 at the time as well. We came home and had who was watching him drop.him off he ran into the house so fast and was so excited. It made it just as special. I felt so much more peaceful without being bombarded at the hospital with visitors…

Sounds horrible, but just sneak him in :joy:

My mom and sister watched my son when my hubby picked me and our daughter up from the hospital. My son meet his sister for the the first time at my sister’s house. When I was having her his sitter kept him for us and I think she showed him a picture of her.

I just had our second in May. My oldest who is 8 FaceTimed the night we had our little one and then she meet her at home for the first time. It was so much more comfortable their. I understand where you are coming from but sometimes you have to roll with the punches! Good luck and congratulations!!

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Our son was a NICU baby and just got out yesterday, it was just as special meeting him at home for our other boys as it would of been in the hospital :blush: it’s special due to the occasion not the timing or location.

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The tradition of siblings coming to the hospital was not always so. Families met the new baby when mom came home from the hospital. A five year old will do better without a lot of fanfare, but be sure to resist saying “careful” about a million times. Let him hold the baby as much as he wants and try not to hover.

Your son will love to meet his sister wherever you are. It is exciting to be a big brother and to meet his new baby sister! :heartbeat:

You’re worrying for nothing. He’s two. If you’re excited he will be too. It doesn’t matter where you are. His world is much smaller than yours. You’re going to be just fine.

He will be a big brother the rest of his life. He will be fine. Congratulations

He will not remember it and it’s better to be safe and do it at home. FaceTime.

When our son was born, he sent his daddy home with a gift wrapped present to his big sister every evening. She was happy to welcome her baby brother home.

No advice. Just empathy.
We got lucky when my daughter went into labor in March. I was able to be there…I spent most her pregnancy thinking I’d miss that. It’s a hard thing to be ok with :confused:

You are better off to wait until you go home due to liability for your child and baby.

Will he be permantly damaged I DON’T think so