How can I keep my 2-year-old in his car seat?

Sew some sticking around chest piece we’re it slides down had to do that with my kids

I put large diaper pins under the chest pieces so he could not push them down.

Not in Maps yet. Need location.

Handcuffs!!! That’s all I got… LOL


Hi I’d suggest you buy a Houdini strap it goes through the seat belts at the 2 top parts and buckles up on the chest. Helped with my son at that age, can get them from most baby shops I got mine online . Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Chest Clip Guard for Car Seat

I have a son with severe autism he does this if you go on to a special needs web page and there’s ones that they can’t get them out or open there is no way at all my son can he’s 7 good luck x

There is a special strap you can get from baby buntings in the car seat section that is made and approved by car seat companies to go from one shoulder strap across the chest to the other shoulder strap
It’s the only thing that stopped my 2 year old from getting out of her straps
I tried everything in the world first and not one thing worked
This strap has saved my daughters life
I’m not sure what it’s called but I’m sure you can find it on there website

I would make it sound exciting and put like a new toy from the the dollar store so they have something to get their mind off of it, a safe toy of course, once they get use to it and know that ur firm on them sitting in the chair they will get use to it, it’s training them that’s hard. Give them healthy safe snacks like yogurt or icees!

What I find amazing about posts like this is how some think the “nice “ and lets all have a safety conversation etc…works on All KIDS. Every kid is different. Some kids take the easier road and some need to go the HARD road , and some force you to go even farther and harder. No one easy answer and no one solution no matter what it is is wrong as long as the child is safe at the end of the drive.

My daughter did the same thing always. She is three above charts in her height. I got her a big back seat that uses the car seatbelt but straps into her car seat and it worked wonders! I’ve also had a cop pull me over on purpose to talk to her about the safety, though that didn’t help.

Shoot my daughter did that one time when we’re driving I pulled over and busted her butt in front of God and everyone. Told her how dangerous that was. Told her how scared and mad I am. And you know what? She has never done it again. She won’t even unbuckle herself when we get home. Call me a mean mom if you want but this worked for me.

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Also if yoir ok with electronics my 2 and 1 yr olds love “Little Baby Bum” Its a cartoon of nursey rhymes! Its on Netflix and youtube & can be found on freetime if you have the kids amazon tablet!

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Take him to the police station have a officer talk to him