How can I keep my newborn awake during the day?

Two weeks …and you’re already tired…sleep whenever baby sleeps that way you’ll be well rested…enjoy this time…:grin:


The baby needs all the sleep its getting. Thats essential to the babies health.


Their sleep cycle doesn’t develop until after a month. But mine slept better during the day so I started messing with her around 6, and did everything I could to keep her up until 9 every night for a week

I think its too early for that, my son started sleeping all night at one month n i didnt have to do anything. Every baby is different.

They’re supposed to sleep slot. Especially that young. It sucks but that’s how they roll, lol


Why keep a two week old awake!?


Is this a serious question? :flushed: baby is 2 WEEKS old. Sorry that’s how it is for a while.


That’s how it is usually by 2 months they get into a schedule

Yep not gonna happen. I learned a long time ago you sleep when the baby sleeps.

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Um he’s two weeks old… doesn’t have a hold of his own sleep schedule yet and sleeps when he needs to… be patient …