How can I manage my depression?

I have depression. And after having a child, it went away. But recently I have been depressed. Mainly because I have no friends. No social life. Everyone just wants to be friends on social media but when I ask them to hang out everyone has an excuse. I don’t know what is it about me that people do not want to be my friend. This one from work, we had so much in common she introduced herself to me we became friends. She came over to my place twice. She yet hasn’t invited me. And recently she had a super bowl party but didn’t invite me. And doesn’t talk to me at work unless it’s work related. Should I confront her? I am so depressed. I need friends and I don’t know how to make friends.


Here if you want to talk

I totally get it. I’m in the exact same position.


Depression is the worst. Here if you want someone to talk to! :heart:

This is me, plus a self centered SO.
I found new friendship with my children 5 and 6. Drown yourself in activities

I’m in the same boat… so sorry… feel free to PM if you want to chat

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Don’t confront her. I feel like that might make things worse. Have you thought about taking a night class or putting your kid in gymnastics or something where you can meet new people. Sometimes it’s about finding the right friends rather than convenient friends. Pm me if you me too talk.


Is there any moms Facebook group in your city/neighborhood? Look for friends that are moms themselves too, if possible with kids same age as yours, that way you will have friends that have tons of things in common and will be able to do the same programs like taking the kids to the park, play spaces, play dates etc!

Go to the GYM, take your child to the library. If you go to church, join the different groups they have, and make friends

Join mom meet up groups in your area… if there isn’t one. Create one

Separate personal and work environment. Don’t let yourself down. If someone want to be your friend, they will step up, if not, carry on, be strong.

it’s just how people are these days. they don’t really physically interact for pure fun or gatherings just to hangout. everyone is addicted to technology and that’s how they have adapted to socialize. it may not be you just how it is

Sometimes it is hard to make friends! I would just continue to try to talk to the girl at work and see if she reaches out too hangout.

Sadly iy happens after having a child. Try to find some mom friends.

I understand this and feel for you. It can be especially difficult when you have young children because they require so much time, love and attention that we forget to devote some time and love to ourselves. I work full time, go to college online, and have a 1 & a 2 year old. I have one, maybe two best friends that I can share anything with. And sometimes I think it’d be SO beneficial to have MOM FRIENDS… A mom group… Something. I wish you the best!

Omg I’m so sorry. This breaks my heart.

I know the feeling. I felt so isolated for so long. If you need a friend to talk to don’t hesitate to message me.

No don’t beg no one to be your friend. But you will find someone that you have things in common with. Just pray about it. You sound like your a cool girl. People are so busy so it’s hard to find good friend s but Donnt give up. God will send you a friend.

I know the feeling. It’s like a mirror of a situation I was in. Be civil and friendly but not friends. Like the one lady said take your child to the library or park.

I moved 5 hrs away from home to be with my fiance and I have been here over a year and yet to make friends people are all about technology its sad im always free to chat if u need a friend pm me

I feel your pain. Problem is I’m a senior citizen. I have one friend younger than my but she works two jobs. I want friends to go shopping with, have lunch and just to spend time together. It is depressing and lonely. Praying for you. You’re probably a very sweet lady.

Dont take anything personal, unfortunately most of the time people are too busy to even think of others. There are plenty good suggestions on this post. I hope you put the extra effort to try some things out. The smallest task sometimes feels impossible when you are feeling depressed. Try to get out of the house as often as you can. As your children get older you will meet other parents that have things in common with you. Stay strong and realize this too shall pass.

I understand. I moved to a whole new state with my boyfriend then a year later had my son. He is now 10 months old. I only have 1 real friend here but she has 2 kids and live an hour away. I’m a stay at home mom so I sit in the house most of the time with my son. I did sign up for a mommy class which has helped with the depression. All the people I know are my boyfriend’s friends.

I’m in the same boat except I never have a sitter to hang out anyway

Ill be your friend😊 im in texas i understand what its like and ive felt the same way😔

Go to your church and get involved. Try teaching Sunday School

Do you enjoy your own company? If you met you, would you find you nice? interesting? fun? If your answers ae “no”, then, others probably see you in that same way. Show interest in others, but do not act clingy or in need of attention yourself. Make people want to be in your company. The super bowl party is a curiosity. If you are bold enough, call up this person. Tell her honestly how you are feeling. Tell her that you felt that the two of you were friends. Tell her you enjoyed being with her But, you also could not help but notice that she had not in ited you to her house after being at your house twice, and that she did not in ite you to her super bowl party. Simply ask her if she will be honest with you and tell you what it is that prevents her from wanting to be a friend to you. Tell her it is important to you because you are lonely for friendships and you want to know what it is that seems to put people off. Tell her you mihtt be a little hurt to discover what it is, but, not nearly as hurt as you are not knowing. Good luck. Work on being the kind of person you enjoy being around. At least, if you still do not make friends easily, at least you will enjoy your own company.

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There is a local FB page for SAHM’s to make friends & hang out. We’re not really friends but just meet with our kids at parks, the mall play area & 4th of July. It’s really nice. We take turns bringing snacks or BYOSnacks, no strings attached which means no drama… lol Some people are new moms from out of town. Small talk is made of parks in town or FREE activities!! :blush: And it’s nice to see a friendly face when our town has festivities :partying_face: Check to see if there is one in your town/city. You might make some great friendships!!

Having the exact issue 1. Im going through post partum depression really really bad. In always at home just had triple hernia surgery and I had a friend who I was working with stopped by twice and then we made plans when it came time for her to be here incouldnt get a hold of her and the next day she didn’t say anything about it planned to be here and did same thing the day after that… I have a dry sense of humor and am really awkward as it is… you are not alone PM me is ya want a friend idk if we can hang out in person though :thinking::nerd_face::thinking::sunglasses:

Hello you are not alone on this .

Pretty much in the same boat. And honestly, it’s because of kids. If she doesn’t have any kids that’s more than likely the reason for her not inviting. She probably didn’t want to bother you with the trouble of having to find a babysitter :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s hard to make friends with people that don’t have kids. Sometimes it’s hard to make friends with people that do have kids. I’m at the point where I just don’t care and I’m going through a “I dislike people” phase.

Where does everyone live? Maybe thru this group we can form some new relationships/ friendships and then you won’t feel so alone…

Girl im in the exact situation and after trting and trying. Im to the point now that im done. Not saying that im not still having a hard time with it but I found that the disappointment from trying bothered me more than just accepting that im just not likable enough to have friends but its ok. Ive got my kids and husband. They keep me going

First order of business should be getting some help for your depression. The brutal truth is, depression is hard to be around and perhaps that may be some of the issue in meeting/keeping friends. :frowning: I would guess people dont know how to befriend you and are rarely qualified to help. When you are ready, I’d join some groups that are tailored to some of your specific interests. Book club, cooking site, music junkie sites…anything. I hope you are able to turn this around. :heart:

I feel you my went to bowling never ask me or go to moive never ask me. But trying to find new friends is hard

Same situation, it’s because of having kids, we’re in a totally different stage in life that many people, less tolerance for bullshit etc.

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