How can I manage my postpartum anxiety?

I have postpartum anxiety and have been trying to deal with it without medication. Not only do I not want to take medication because I’m breastfeeding but I just don’t like taking medication. I’ve been back to work part-time for a month now and I can’t stand being away from my baby. She’s in good hands (with grandma) but I get so anxious after a few hours of being away…I start to panic almost. Is this something that will get better in time and I need to just be patient or is there anything else I can do??

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Magnesium has been said to help with PPD and anxiety and is obviously a natural supplement. I took it during pregnancy to deal with severe anxiety per recommendation of my midwife. It helped tremendously.


I ended up going formula fed so I could be medicated again. I’m not even remotely ashamed. My daughter needed a healthy mom, and it made a massive difference. Breastfed for about 4 months. Whatever you decide to do, it’s gonna be ok!


Tell your doctor what is going on and how you feel and your reasons against taking medication right now.
I wouldn’t feel right giving you any advice other than to see your doctor! Anything in reference to anxiety, depression, etc is a big deal especially after having a baby and requires attention from your doctor who knows your medical history and can give you the best advice. Hang in there and I wish you the absolute best :heart:


Girl mine was so bad!! I totally understand exactly what your going through. My son is 18months now and i still had it up until recently . I started taking pure thc free cbd oil and it worked so well i started selling it. Im serious girl. Game changer for me. Im here if you want to talk. Just send me a message:) i totally understand what your going through.

Talk to your doctor. I had it pretty bad myself and Kaiser set me up with a PPD support group along with 1 on 1 therapy and it helped. The group really helped because I didn’t feel alone. I tried zolaf which is safe to take while breastfeeding but I unfortunately got really neasus from it. But go get help. Your baby will thank you for it. The feed off our energy

Maybe have grandma send you pictures and videos throughout the day so you can see her and know she’s okay? If possible FaceTime her on your lunch?

There’s some antidepressants that are considered safe while breastfeeding its something you really need to talk to your doctor about

Please for the love of God goes to your doctor there is no shame in needing taking medication I understand that you might not like it but trust me you will like to have your life you will like to have your life with your child postpartum depression is a serious issue there is nothing wrong with you it just happens you’re still a good mother just sometimes you need a little extra help and there is absolutely nothing shameful about that please just take care of yourself so you can take care of that precious little bundle

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Definitely talk to your dr ppdepression is real

I’ve had ppd and anxiety I have 5 kids. I am not saying that you in particular will for sure get through this on your own but I also wont say you wont i did 5 times. It’s hard but as long as you have good support it’s easier. Definitely talk to your dr if it gets too much… most recently I suffered from both the anxiety itself stopped for the most part after like a couple weeks but it still came up now and then. The depression lasted for a good few months but the hardest part was probably around 2-4 months during which time I was seriously contemplating suicide figuring my kids would be fine without me and didnt need me THAT bad (which deep down I knew better as I’ve lost my dad kids need their parents) and that they may even be better off without me around. I never attempted and I only really told like 1 person at first. I never attempted anything but I thought about it and even thought of ways to do it. I knew what I needed tho which was to be around other people so even tho we didn’t get along great I hung out with my ex and his friends while my husband was at work so I wouldn’t be alone ( my oldest 4 kids are his it was during summer break so they got to see their dad too). It Is possible to do without meds tho but if you don’t think you can push on without meds it’s okay.

I’m having issues with it myself and I haven’t even gone back to work yet. I want to cry just thinking about it already and my son is only a week old. I had PPA with my daughter too but I wasn’t working back then. CBD is supposed to help but I haven’t looked into whether or not they’ve researched using CBD’s and breastfeeding. I know advocates say its perfectly fine but I’m so paranoid myself about everything. Lol

If you don’t want meds there are supplements you can take. I would also meditate, and exercise. If you are considering meds, Zoloft is safe.

Maybe when u start feeling like that…take 5 mins and call. Even a video chat so u can see her. Ask grandma to text u pics of her so u can see her. I dont like medication either and prefer to find natural ways of helping myself if im able.

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Kristin Loviska Ballard

I had PPA/OCD…Zoloft helped me tremendously and there’s no shame in it. PLEASE talk to your doctor, nothing bad will happen…I was so afraid of someone taking my kid away if I said anything, my husband finally convinced me to go and ALL it did was help me. Your child needs a healthy mom, do whatever it is you need to do to achieve that…therapy, meds, time to unwind, a glass of wine…whatever helps.

I could not tolerate anxiety meds, however acupuncture worked wonders for me

Definitely talk to your dr. But for me I found exercising helps me. I don’t take medication for anxiety, mine isn’t that bad. But I notice it gets worse if I haven’t exercised in a few days

Please reconsider medication. My doctor prescribed something that is breastfeeding safe and it has made a world of difference in my anxiety.

I totally commiserate with not wanting to take meds. I tried one dose of zoloft and it was AWFUL. I’m sensitive to medication anyway and holy cow.

Thats what i do send pits so she can see what shes doing during the day relax shes with grandma

I have had anxiety all my life and never wanted to take medication. I had really awful postpartum anxiety after my son was born. Finally, at the age of about 41 started to take medication. It’s been a life saver. There are natural remedies and vitamins you could try before the meds. Talk to a naturopath doctor. If that doesn’t work, don’t let yourself suffer and consider medication. You’ll be a better parent, and you’ll cope so much better. Believe me!!

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I had post postpartum anxiety and over the first 2 years of my son’s life it just got worse and worse until I was having full blown panic attacks (including one in Las Vegas while on vacation in which I literally thought I was dying and went to the ER). As a psychiatric nurse I thought I should be able to handle myself better. Finally 6 months ago I went out on a limb and tried Zoloft. It has been life changing. The first week I felt worse (which can be normal) then it balanced out and the side effects such as nausea, sleepiness went away completely. I honestly have never felt better and I wish I had tried the medication way sooner!

If you can afford to, stay home with baby. Even if you have to make your life smaller. You will not have to have work clothes, lunches out at work, car, gas, etc. Baby will be grown in minute or two…or that is how it seems once they are grown. Hildren ned to be withh their Mommies, and mommies need to be with their babies.

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Its a normal feeling it’s always hard for me to leave my 3 yr old 1 yr old and my 1 month baby but I remember there my everything and for them I will do everything and anything to make sure they have a better life than I did and with my husband support we can do it…
When u start having ppd ppa hold your arms up and make a fist take a deep breath in and at the same time squeeze your fist hard as hard as u can for 10 seconds and breath out and release you fist at the same time. Do that till you feel it leave your body.

There is nothing wrong with medication. It will pass and you won’t need it anymore. Having anxiety and depression is dangerous for you and your child. Just sayin’ …See your doctor for sure!!