How can I manage my postpartum depression?

I’ve never had postpartum depression before, and after having my daughter, I have it… I don’t know how to deal with it. I need some advice because I feel like everything I do is not good enough for my children. I have times where I want to be alone in my room and don’t want to come out. I basically shut the world out and want to be alone… I love my family so much. My children are my world!!

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I manage my postpartum depression?

Make an appt with your Dr.

CBD but make sure it’s organic, I have information on a great brand!! Plants over pills, depression meds come with too many side effects and not effective enough to even deal with the side effects

Stop asking us, and go to a doctor!

Speak with a doctor. There are lots of natural remedies available.

speak to yur family dr

I would seek a therapist for help.

I had it so so bad I was suicidal I spoke to my doctor if you want to chat lmk

You need to go to get therapy.

Depression in any fourm is not healthy. At least you know that you have it. Know it needs to been be completely addressed.

Have friends/ family members come over to help you. Cook dinners , laundry, watch kids while you run errands or when you just need to be alone.
All that ants to a lot when your under pressure.
Get some help for yourself !