How can I manage my postpartum depression?

I’ve never had postpartum depression before, and after having my daughter, I have it… I don’t know how to deal with it. I need some advice because I feel like everything I do is not good enough for my children. I have times where I want to be alone in my room and don’t want to come out. I basically shut the world out and want to be alone… I love my family so much. My children are my world!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I manage my postpartum depression?

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Talk to your doctor! You and your children will benefit from you being healthy!!


Best advice, go to your doctor and have a chat with
Him or her about how you are feeling, the worst thing to do is to try to deal with it yourself, because support really is the best thing.
I struggled with postpartum anxiety the best thing I ever did was talk to my doctor she helped me through it very quickly, it’s totally normal don’t feel like you’re alone.

Talk to your dr as soon as possible


Tell your doc.get counseling and meds if need be.


Definitely see your OBGYN…get some meds to regulate until this passes. Don’t delay bc you don’t need to suffer…get the meds, let them work, live your life and soon enough you won’t need them anymore…the first step is the hardest but will be life changing.


Find a counselor, or a friend who has been thru the same and refuses to judge you. Sometimes it’s hard to admit you are struggling. :heart:

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Get to your Dr. Maybe meds will help it has me. Good luck, best of wishes…

Talk to a doctor ASAP. Counseling and meds help…

Besides medical help, and some Advices from professionals; go out the house, try to make some sports like you swim, listen to music or actually whatever you enjoy. Or if if you believe a bit you can ask someone to pray for you and go to a church. It’s not gonna be easy but you‘ll see results :wink:

Run, walk skip, church, music. Help of friends and family with the baby or pay someone to help you with chores. Get professional help also

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible mama! PPD is very serious and needs to be properly treated. No shame in getting some help to cope with being a new mommy. It’s a life changing event. Congrats on your baby!

Please please PLEASE get OFF facebook and seek appropriate treatment from your doctor!!! PPD is NOT an emotional and mental dysfunction to be ignored or half assed in care!! PLEASE SEEK PROPER PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!
Mommas are SO IMPORTANT!!! Please please please get professional help with this!!!
I am wishing you the ABSOLUTE BEST in getting appropriate treatment for this!!!