How can I regulate my daughters sleeping pattern?

I have the same problem with my five year old she will stay up all night and wanna sleep all day I just started giving her meliton that what pharmacy suggested works some what but not always and she is very active outside first thing in the morning and in and out all day plus walks and park time she still won’t sleep

The melatonin might be the cause of her wake ups. Try doing without it for a few days to a week (as hard as that may be!), and work on a lot of physical activity to wear her out

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Have you talked to her pediatrician? My son had to have 2 sleep studies before he was sent to a pulmonologist who specializes in pediatric sleep studies. We found out my son has great iron levels, but his blood isnt retaining the iron. He started supplements and has been doing great! We tried the melatonin too, but it made his night terrors worse. Good luck!


Melatonin should really only be used to change the sleep cycle. If you have given It to her that is why she is on another cycle other than the one you want. Yes it makes her fall asleep faster but messes with the sleep cycle. Start a night time routine and wake her up in the am.

Keep her up until 11 12am do activities with her ,tire her out dont give her any food or drink after 7 /8. Do this with her until she gets her rythm. Wake her at same time in the morning 8am. But u need to get her day and nite balanced.

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Same issue here! Melatonin is a no-no here…too many night terrors. We started getting outside more and I thought that would help. Nope! We started going to the chiropractor last week and anxiety and sleep patterns are the concerns for us to work on…that may be something for you guys to see about?

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Time to put the child in track. She will learn lots of good habits, make friends and get tired and sleep really well. Tumbling class or gymnastics if you can afford it.

Play her favorite songs 30 mins to 1 hr before bed and let her dance like crazy. She will burn her energy and sleep better.

Take a bath in the afternoon before she goes to sleep

eggs Will help you sleep good deb