How can I remove a splinter from my sons hand?

My son feels in the park and got two splinters on his palm. I removed the superficial one using suction by syringe technique, but the other one is deep. I have put a piece of banana peel n duct tape over it. Should I leave it overnight??


I heard that putting some Elmer’s glue on a splinter, letting it dry and peeling it off, works.

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Cut the tip off a medicine syringe and suck it out. Works like a charm!

Take a needle and dig it out then put alchol on it


Try maybe a past of baking soda and water set for minute try pushing up or needle if let u.even with stings same thing.

Piece of bread and milk. Dip a small piece of bread in milk let dry on skin (band aide) it will suck it right out.

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Tweezers and a needle :heart:


Put Watkins Petro Carbo Salve on with a bandage,it takes the infection out and it will work it out so you can pull it out w/tweezers in a day or so.:grin:

Tweezers wait until he’s asleep to do it if he’s afraid to let you do it

I read to make a paste with soda,apply and cover,is suppose to make splinter come to surface.

Put brown savle or drawing savle and then use tweezer once it pops up some

Soak in hot water and epsom salt


Parks are open? I thought we were in a pandemic.

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Do it while he’s in the bath, and the skin is soft.

It will work itself out, he could get an infection messing with it to much.

Bite the bullet and dig the bitch out. Sucks but that’s the best way to do it.

Soak his hand in warm bread and milk for 2/ 15 minute intervals.

I use peroxide on splinters . It will soften the skin and bubble to splinter out

Make a paste with baking soda and let it sit, it will draw it to the surface so that you can remove it

Soaked break in milk, and put a bandaid on over night and a sock. It’ll be drawn out by morning

Put a piece of bacon fat on it and wrap it. leave on overnight. When you take it off splinter should be on fat

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Try Elmer’s glue let dry and pull off