How can I teach my son to drink from a cup?

Have a 16-month-old (just turned 16 months yesterday), and he just learned to drink from a straw sippy cup, it’s not his favorite but he will do it. I’m the worse at transitions like I literally just took the bottle from him 3 days ago. I know, I know! But my question is one how do I help him learn to turn up the regular sippy cups to drink out of them? He brings them to me to hold for him. He can do it minus the turning it up. Like if he is laying in my arms, he can do it but not while standing if that makes sense. Also when did yall introduce the open cup? No mom-shaming I’m pretty sure I’m not setting him up for failure by being late to learn drinking out of a cup properly. Thanks


He’ll learn just give him time

Mine started with a normal cup at 9 months and just copied Mummy. Just put in a little bit at first.

no need to hurry your baby to grow up–they all learn in time.

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Use the 360 cup! And he will learn just keep at it.


Many many kids take time To get used to cups. They don’t understand yet that the liquid inside shifts.
Also many go through many styles of cups before it clicks.
Just constant reminders and showing during meal times.
And there is also nothing wrong about the ages he has had a bottle. Or how long he takes to use a cup. All kids learn at their own pace.

360 cup is the best!!! Maybe make it fun? Sometimes my daughter and I clink our cups and say “cheers” and we both take a big sip and go “ah”.

I didn’t give my daughter an open cup until she was 2.5

Since he’s already 16 months try the 360 cups and hold his arms for him ( behind the elbows) and every now and the move your hands away. If he drops his arms remind him he has to hold them up. Then pull his hands back up

It’s only been 3 days. It takes time. You got this. I agree with an above comment the 360 cups are awesome. Other than that if my littles brought me their cup to help I actually helped them hold it and move it to their mouth using their arms and hands. It was frustrating of course but they eventually get it.

Use cups with straws. I EBF my first so she never had bottles or sippy cups. She went straight to straw cups.
It’s easier in my opinion and then you won’t have to worry about him having to tilt it back!

My son was EBF so no bottles but he started to use a straw sippy cup around 10 months, and then started using an open cup (without making a total mess) around 15 months. I started by offering him some from my cup and didn’t have any issues with him starting!

Teach him to drink water from a regular cup when he’s in the bath. He will learn the tipping motion, and get an idea about how fast it can come, without making a mess.


Use sippy cup handles for now, that will help him tilt. Then use the 360 cup. My 20 month old still uses the 360 cup.

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I taught all of my kids by drinking from the cup myself. Once they saw me do it, they figured it out.

My son turned 2 in October and still makes messes with open cups. We do hard lid sippy cups during the day and then give just enough liquid to cover the bottom of an open cup at meal times

He will get it just give him time. When he brings it to you to do for him tell him no he is a big boy and can do it himself. Have him sit down to drink from it if u need to.

We never did the 360 cups but instead used an open kid cup with handles or the disposable Dixie bathroom cups with small amounts of water at mealtime.

My son was the same, drove me crazy so I just gave him a plastic or paper cup with a tiny bit of milk/juice in and try help him figure it out, with my daughter I’ve encountered her to drink from a cup since about 4 months old she now 2 and has always loved them the sooner they the learn the easier they adapt I think :blush:

Keep practicing! He will get it. Tell him to “tip it up” and show him.

Put something he loves in the cup . So it with him to get thd taste and hell soon know whats in it x

the 360 cups for sure !!

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My son will be two and started with the straw cup. Still uses it & doesn’t leak!

My son didnt get an open cup until 2. He started on sippys at 7 months though. So he had good practice. Just be patient and remind him how to do it.

I just started giving my oldest small plastic cups when he was like 14 months with literally less than an inch of water in it and he figured it out quickly. I know a lot of people use those 360 cups and they work really good

My daughter is 2.5 years old she can drink out of a cup but I give her straw cups and 360 cups so she doesn’t mess all over but that’s just my preference it takes a bit for them to learn to tip it up when I first gave my daughter a straw cup she thought she had to tip it he’ll get the hang of it

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Get him a sippy cup with a weighted straw.
As for an open cup, practice with small amounts of liquid when you think he is ready to try, but expect spills

360 sippy cups they helped alot in teaching my son to drink from cups also alot of my family started teaching him things early in age

Show him. Literally keep doing over, say look at mommy drinking, they usually laugh and mimick u :blush::sparkling_heart:

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He isn’t late… lots of kids drink from sippy cups till they are around_4

I just sat mine down and made them hold the cup and I tilted it in their hands. It showed them they can do it and how to do it. And do it like that every time. Make him sit beside you tho

My kids were drinking from a normal cup by 2.5 years old. So I kinda rushed them into it. From bottle to sippy to straw to cup but my golly it’s so much easier once they are on a Cup

Use the sippy cup till he’s going to school . It saves on clean ups

First off, every kid develops at their own pace. My son drank VERY late from a cup. He’s special needs and didn’t drink fully from a cup till age 4 (he’s now 5) he always preferred a straw. Introduce it but don’t force it. I used these no tip training cups that were great. Munchkin also makes great 360 training cups. With and without handles.

Put him in his high chair and give him the real cup. Start with barely a swallow of water in the cup, because he is gonna dump it. But with all 3 of my kids I had them drinking out of a real cup in just one little session.

My son is almost 2 and he refuses to drink from a cup that doesn’t have handles. I’ve heard that 360 cups are great for this. His doc also told me to put very little water in a kids cup and have him drink from it at meal times in his high chair.

My son is 3 and still struggles with an open cup lmao

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Repetition is key when comes to learning at first. When he goes for a drink show him to lean his head back standing. You pretend to take a drink and show him how then hand it ro him for him to do. He will get it just keep at it.

Hand him the cup every time he wants a drink. You might have to “help” for a few days, but, if he’s thirsty…he will figure it out. DON’T GO BACK TO THE SIPPY

get a small cup and help him to drink from it. in a few weeks put in water and let him do it. all you do is change his clothes. within the monthh he will get the hang of it. thats what we do in the 1 yr old room

If you put his favorite juice in it might be more apt to drink out of the cup

Keep showing him how to turn it up. Have him stand in front of you, give him his cup and push his arms up to tilt it. You don’t touch it. Keep making him do it. He will get it. It might take him awhile and a few tantrums but make him do it himself with only guidance of helping him tip and that’s it. Don’t hold it for him any more. Help him tip and that’s it. He will get it.


Maybe try different sippy cups one with a straw might help if it is often to hard to suction the drink out of the cup

Following this, my 2 yr old drinks her water and milk from sippy and straw cups still

Mom shame won’t come from me. One of my kids didn’t transition to a cup until he was 4 because emotionally he just had too much on his plate. He was born into the middle of a nasty divorce situation and his bottle, even full of water, was his only comfort. Today he is a well adjusted positively contributing to society adult that knows he can trust mom has his back.


My son never liked straw cups or sippy cup. Instead I gave him small juice boxes and he enjoyed them. During bath time I allowed him to play with cups while bathing. He had fun dumping the cups over his boats trying to sink them. He noticed all of us drinking from cups without straws. He wanted to try, so I gave him just a few sips before filling up the cup. He loved that he was drinking like daddy, mommy, and big sister. Since then he never drank from a straw cup unless he sees us doing it. Even now at 11 he does not like straws unless we eat out and that’s maybe twice a month.

I introduced a regular cup to my youngest at 6 months with a TINY amount of fluid. He had his bottle until his first birthday and the day after his first birthday he was on a cup all the time.


I started by putting a straw in an open cup so she got used to it. Next I had her use a sippy cup that she had to tilt up (we started by helping her and she caught on quickly). Then I let her take some sips from my open cup. She can’t tilt it herself yet (she is 12 months) but she can sip from the open cups. I’m sure the rest will come as she improves fine motor skills.

My 3 year old still struggles with a regular cup. She’s the same way though she can drink through a straw cup but not a regular cup. She tries to but she spills it. She has an issue grasping the closing her mouth for some reason lol but I’m assuming that if you just keep letting them practice and maybe show them a demonstration or maybe even Google youtube videos that help teach them. That’s what I’m about to start trying

Look up the ezpz tiny cup on Amazon. One cup costs $9.99. They are amazing!!! We have several of them. They are very small little cups, very easy to hold with small hands. They are silicone, so no worries if baby drops it or chews it on the side. My son is 11 months and we’ve been working on him learning to drink from them efficiently. Try them out, they are SO worth it.

It is all practice. They did not come out of the womb with an instruction book. You can try any way people tell you but all children are different. One way does not work for all kids. It may take one try for Billy to learn and 2 weeks of trying for Tommy. Susan may learn in one day while Janet may take a month and still slop all over the place. Keep trying. Don’t get angry or call names , just be patient. Same with potty training.

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Try using a small shot glass sized cup, and just put a small amount of water in it. This’ll teach him how to tip the cup to get the liquid out. This worked well with my younger son. Since the shot glass was small, it was easier for him to hold and tip with one hand.


No rush ,all kids develop at different rates and like different things . Just love him and don’t stress the small stuff they are only babies once.

my son drank from a bottle till he was close to three he was using sippy cups but we had to go through like 50 different kinds of sippy cups before we found the ones that worked. My daughter on the other hand just turned one last week I gave her whatever sippy cup I bought and she picked it up like she’d been doing in her entire life she still does get the bottle twice at like before nap in bed but she’s on the sippy cup all day. you just got to kind of figure out which one he likes first and then go from there it’ll be easier

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Mine had a bottle until he was 3 1/2 years old. He wasn’t potty trained until 3 , sucked his thumb until he was 4. (never had bad teeth. )Now he’s a 46 year old , well adjusted registered nurse. Every child is different. Don’t be too hard on yourself


My son was off the bottle by his first birthday and then I got him sippy cups but he never liked them so my grandfather gave him an open cup maybe a month later and he learned by himself if he spilt it on himself he knew he turned it to much. Just assist him with tipping it and encourage him that he can do it the more you do it he will get the hang of it

No failure, I run a daycare and I take them off the sippy cup at age 3 if they can get through a couple trials without spilling. I start by taking the spill proof part out of the sippy cup. They have to drink at the table or in the kitchen only.
With the bottle and spill proof cups they are usually in the main room.
Your son like all children will develop the need for a cup on his own time.


My kids never had a bottle strait from teet to sippy for a couple months then regular cup never had a problem just stick to your convictions with it. Also had a similar problem with one of my kids not wanting to potty train. So I’m not mom shaming just giving a point of veiw.

360 toddler cup works great. It just like drinking out of a regular cup but spill proof

At Dollar tree I got these water bottle like cups that I use for myself and my youngest daughter likes them also cause they have different characters on them. She may be 5 and yes she knows how to drink from a open cup but she drinks better from that kind of cup over a opened cup. It’s ok to be like that cause he does need to learn. No worries mom your doing great for asking. Hope my suggestion will help you finding cups he may like

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Simple don’t do it for him. If he brings it to you, show him how to do it, but then give it back and allow him to do it. Children often follow what they see, unless of course we continue to do everything for them. My daughter just recently turned 3. She can do almost anything on her own. She can drink from a straw, a regular cup, and bottle. Doesn’t matter. She can dress herself, put on shoes, open doors, etc. she has been able to do all of this for some time. When she was little I would set her into the highchair while I was in the kitchen doing things. I’d usually give her snacks, but if she wasn’t hungry other things like a bowl with water, maybe ice, and a whisk were the go to. She loved to be able to do what I was doing. It also taught her that tipping the open bowl made a mess, which of course she loved at times. I always allowed her to feed herself as well. No matter how big the mess I knew she would make, she was also given her own bowl and utensils. Now she can eat off of a spoon or fork with no problem. So I’d say he just needs time to explore and figure it out himself. He will get the hang of it sooner or later.

After the bottle I bought 360 cup when he was 15 months and then, I put little bit water in his glass and day by day he started to drink from the glass…I also helped in the begining to hold the glass good…i suggest you buy plastic cups in the beginen because he might trouw it on the floor…

You are not running behind, don’t stress him out, use the cups with the straw a little while longer, get a cup and drink as he does ,he’ll see how it’s done, encourage him to do it for himself, don’t get frustrated if he takes a while, stay calm, relaxed and he will follow your lead, just love him, your doing just fine.

My oldest was 16 months before he walked… I would maybe try the little 3 oz bathroom cups with just water to start with. If it spills its just water as he gains confidence move to a bigger cup

Just keep offering him one (his size) put it in his hands one on each size, out it to his lips, just keep trying

Nuby makes a sippy cup that lloks like a regular sippy and has a flexible straw with a weighted floating bottom. They can drink from it straight up or tipping it up. The straw is down and when they tip it up the floating weight falls into the drink.

Why is it so important for him to use a cup causes frustration for you and for him let him continue to use the the straw cup , should be no problem

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My kids are in their 30s. NEVER used a sippy cup. Straw only until 4 or 5 when muscle control allowed success at using an open cup without a mess. I hate sippy cups. Trains kids to turn cups upside down. Hard to train that out of them.

Introduce him to the regular cup. If you’re worried about it do it while he’s in the bath. (Use clean water, not bath water) but it’s no mess if you start that way. Once he gets used to tipping the cup up he’ll be ready for regular cups by then. Until he learns, just stick to the straw cups.

You need to watch and listen to your child as each child is different but give him the sippy cup and let him go with it if he still wants the bottle give him the bottle full and then less an less each time and mor of the sippy he will adjust at his speed

Your doing just fine. He will get the hang of it soon. I would not rush open cups unless your into cleaning up messes. I can assure he won’t go to college with a sippy cup. So for now your awesome!!!

He will do it in his own time. Let him have the bottle back. Make sure he is drinking enough. Just a baby at 16 months.

You can go to Walmart, they have cups that has a lid on it but it is like a regular cup. It is almost like a cup an adult drinks out of. My grandson had one an he loves it

I started with the straw ones. She eventually transitioned to the tip up kind. Don’t stress they will get it. We breastfed and always held my daughters bottle so it took her a while to hold her own cup.

Don’t be hard on yourself jeesh he is still young & a lot of daycares like to keep kids in sippy cups so that they don’t spill all over…

They sell cups with a special lid to help teach without remaking a mess

My kids were all drinking from a regular cup at their first birthday. But, they still used sippy cups as well. You just give them a small cup and put a little bit of water in, set them in their high chair and let them make a mess. They will figure it out.

Try sitting him in your lap not laying down let him hold the cup and just assist with tipping it up But don’t fret he’ll get use to it in no time.

If you can, buy him a 360° cup. They sell them at Walmart and Target. Both of my grandchildren drink from them. My grandchildren are 4 and 3 yrs old.

If possible have other children near his age show him. Play “monkey see, monkey do.”

Others have suggested water so cleanup isn’t a problem. I’d suggest trying his favorite juice or drink…something he really wants. Put him in the bathtub if you’re worried about the mess.

Maybe for some reason his neck hurts when he does it if you think about it he doesn’t tilt his head back when you do it or he’s laying down.

Don’t open that dup til he graduates high school,just joking If he get hungry tilt it once then don’t tilt anymore he will figure it out

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I started my babies as soon as they could sit up by giving them tiny sips from my drink cup or used a small juice or jelly glSs fkr them so they didn’t want to drink from my cup. If they did I got them a small cup exactly like mine. Learned that is sometimes what a bany wanted instead of drinking from mom’s cup. That wasn’t to get them to drink from a cup soon but to help them learn so when they got old enough they knew how. I took their bottle away slowly when they could drink most of their milk from a cup. At nap time and bed time I only got their bottle if it was ask for. Othetwise I put them down to sleep or rocked them. If they woke and ask for a bottle I only put a ounce or so in it and took my time because they usually went to sleep after only 1 or 2 ounces but held the bottle all night. It usually took 6 months before the bottle was not ask for but if they had a cold or flue of any illness they would want the conmfort of the bottle again but it only took a week or so when well to quit asking. I never used a sippy cup unless they wanted a cup away from the kitchen table and then put a straw in a Tupper chewed sippy cup seal. They thought it was a big boy or girl cup then. Everything they needed to learn when older I always introduced at about 5 to 8 months so they would be easy to teach the new when time was right. I was much better with my children than one grandson. I spoiled him but he did give up his bottle before age 2.

I swear by starting them on 360 cups and then introducing a open cup. 360 cups help them learn to drink out of an open cup

Drinking from a cup takes time don’t push it. Get a cup with a straw attached


Don’t panic he’ll do it - help him hold it and make a big deal each time he holds it even for a few seconds / it’s not big deal don’t let anybody tell you it is

girl he’s playing you like a fiddle. Give him the cup and walk away, he’ll get it

open cup at 3 or 4 depending on child maybe

We bought ours kids a special cup and made a big deal out of it , said it was just like our ect

We used a mix of sippy cups and sassy cup that have no rim, for our kids.

You can have one for your self. When he brings you his, tell him no you can do it. Watch momma. You drink from yours and let him try. If he needs help still let him hold it just guid it with him

I just bought 2 no knock over cups for my son. I put water in them and let him practice.

there are sippy cups that have straws with a weight at the bottom of that may help better.

Try a solid cup with a very little bit of liquid in it

Try a 360 cup. It’s the same all the way around… check it out online…can get them at Walmart

Have you tried to show him by telling to watch you do it?

Trust me they get it on their own we think we are teach we are facilitsting

Put his hand on the bottom of the cup. hold the cup with his other hand… Try a small cup… :grinning:

I started min with a little tiny cup when they were about a year or so old. Just little sips when they were in the high chair for meals. Pretty soon they could hold it themselves. This was before sippy cups.