How can I track an Iphone from an Android?

I have an Android and my daughter has a iPhone 14 and I am needing a app that I can have on my android to track her iPhone. Doesn’t have to be anonymous at all. Thanks in advance!


Google family link, I’ve had so many issues with life360. My husband and i used to use that (before we got married and lived together). One time life360 put him in Philadelphia, when he was home in nj

Depending on your service provider you can track directly through their website. I have an android, my sons have iphones & I can track their locations through I also have it set up to automatically alert me twice a day on my 18 year olds location. It texts me.

Life 360, me, and my sister have iPhones, but my father and my husband have androids and it works great for it

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Life 360
I know t-mobile also has their own app


Life 360 me and my husband use this for when he’s traveling out of state so the kids can see where he’s at

Your service provider usually has one as well

Google family link does too

Google maps, share y’all’s location with each other.

I’ve used family wall
I’ve also heard that family link is good

Depending on your provider you might be able to track through them. I know with Verizon you can.

Life 360 app they have a free one and you can also pay for certain features.

Verizon has the smart family app. My husband and I have androids, our 2 kids have iPhones. We can see their location, set parental controls, hours, restrictions, and more… check with your provider.

Google maps you can see their location for free

Get an iPhone. Life 360 has a work around and your daughter will easily be able to show she’s somewhere she’s not.

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LIFE360 works on android and iPhone