How can I treat constipation in toddlers?

My 2 year old has had problems with constipation since before she was even a year old. She drinks mostly juice because of this but it doesn’t always help. She will scream in pain trying to poop. The Dr hasn’t been much help. Does anyone have any other ideas? To regulate her. If I give her too much juice to help her poop then she gets diarrhea. Idk what to do and it just doesn’t seem normal for her to be constipated so much. TIA


Idk if this is a thing but when my son is constipated I give him Concord grape juice. It clears him right out.

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I used to give mine half oz pure orange juice to four oz warm water every other day x

Went through the same thing with my 2yr old this is amazing and works right away they also sell it at walmart

Suppositories. Up the bum. Or mirilax in her drink. Clean her out and get her on a probiotic regime and she will regulate. Kids are often constipated because they feel like they are losing a piece of themselves and hold it in for so long, that it then becomes difficult to go

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prunes or a probiotic vitamin

I’d switch doctor. Poor baby. My daughter used to scream in pain when I switched from formula to regular milk. Try laxatives that’s what helped her and she doesn’t get constipated anymore.

prunes or a probiotic vitamin

They sell laxatives for babies in the baby aisle

Stop giving juice. .

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Pear juice worked for my son

I give mine probiotics daily

My son was constipated n the dr recommended activia yogurt. He went that same day.

Prune juice! More water! Too much juice can cause constipation.

My 7 year old has dealt with this since an infant. Try mirlax you will have to play with dosage start out small then work up ! Also I give my son children’s fiber chews daily you can try strawberry shredded wheat for extra fiber my son eats it dry :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: but he is started to be regular after 7 years


Be careful of prune juice. I barely drank half a cup and it gave me diarrhea the entire day and night. Little goes along ways. But concord grape juice helped my 6 year old when she was constipated

WATER, FRUITS, PAPAYA, a teaspoon of olive oil, glycerin

They make Gummy Vitamins for digestive health. Also Activia helps.

What is her diet like? Try to give her more veggies and fruit if you are not already.

We tried EVERYTHING and nothing helped our girl! We did try a chiropractor last and it has done WONDERS!! Definitely recommend checking it out!

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Idk I use to have this problem growing up. My parents would put vasoline on my butt before I had to go to the bathroom. It made things easier. Also, vegetables help with this. I know I have to watch how many salads I eat in the summertime.

My daughter is a month old and she is constipated all the time and I give her Karo syrup and it makes her go

My daughter also has Miralax but that is basically my last resort.

Water! Water! Water! Juice has so much sugar it can be counter productive. I would drop it all together and do water and milk only. Probiotic yogurt too.


I give my daughter this combo & it helps

Glycerin suppositories

Prunes. The doctor gave me lactic acid for my son when he was a baby and it helped but strangely I find if he’s a bit bunged up tuna mayo sandwiches seem to work xx

Mirilax helped my daughter. I’d give a capful for a couple days then a half capful after her 1st poo it’s not a stimulant but should drink plenty of water it helps to soften it w the water

Look up coconut oil for babies.

A tablespoon of Karo syrup in her sippy with any drink!

My lil one has been on restrolax for a year at first they get the runs but then it starts to balance it out now we give it to her very 3rd day

Get the fiber for kids and start her on them. They come in gummy form and the kids all like them.

My daughter was exactly the same. We needed special formula. She has had gut issues pretty much since birth. She suffered an impaction when she was about 5 and was in the hospital. She was then on Miralax for 3 or 4 years.
She has been tested for allergies and celiac disease. Slight allergies to milk whey and wheat. No celiac.
She does have Type 1 diabetes and gastroparesis. Don’t know if the gut issues were a precursor or not though.
If the GP isnt helpful you can go to a Pediatric Gasterologist. Childrens Hospital has a very nice GI dept.

Glycerin Supposatoris…small little wax tubes inserted in the bum…karo syrup…


Our dr suggested water and probiotics.

My 4 year old son has been seeing a specialist for this since he was 1 we do Miralax in the morning and laxative at night we had to do a 48 hr cleanse with miralax before we started that and hes completely normal now

Our pediatrician suggested I give Miralax daily. Both my kids were on it for a long while. Yes I know the warnings. Just saying what I was told and what worked for us.

Get rid of the juice and replace with water.


warm water every morning before any meal helps a an adult who suffer constipation a lot now I have piles which might happen to her. constant constipation can result to piles and those are very painful

Prune juice, sweet potatoes, any food high in fiber oatmeal, oatmeal squares.

Give her a little bit of prune juice. It tastes horrible but it really does help. Bananas really help with constipation as well.

If she drinks whole milk, 2% or low fat milk , the juice will not help. My daught is 2 1/2 and she is barly on her third week, having 2% milk withought having extreamly painful bowels. She had to have almond milk before that some babys just take longer for thier tummies to get use to the milk. When you think shes ready slowly start to add milk again but dont go staright to half of the bottle being milk or else she will get constipated again. This is what i did with my daughter my doctor approved.

I mix water and apple juice. Try prune juice.

More fruits n vegetables sometimes the fiber helps n the sugar from juices don’t ? Had potty issue with one of mine it’s frustrating

My daughter has the same problem and we give her just a little bit of prune juice and it helps alot. My daughter drinks it straight but you can mix with milk is what her Dr told us.

Apple sauce and apples, grapes Prune juice. Stay away from cheese and dairy because it causes constipation

Goat milk and water. You can buy goat milk at Walmart. I recommend the carton found in the milk cooler. The canned tastes horrible.

Miralax mixed in water. Smart small. It takes a while to regulate it. Too little doesnt work. Too much, diarrhea. Takes a day to work but so worth it. My youngest had ti use it for a while starting when she was 1.

My daughter the same way her Dr put her on miralax

My second oldest daughter, when she was smaller, had the same problem. Constipated to the point she would cry it was so hard. Doctors took xrays and found her lower intestine swollen but couldn’t explain why. They put her on softners, big ass bottles too but nothing helped. Well, one night as I was helping her, or trying to, she’s crying nd I wanted to cry from frustration, I saw something coming out of her bottom. It was worms. She had gotten worms. After I took her to her pedi the next day, she got meds to kill them, kept her on the stool softner and her constipation went away. I say check her. They only come out at night.

It’s called WATER give it to her. No juice.

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Have u tried Caro syrup

My son has a probiotic that he takes every day that seems to help him I put it in his water bottle but you mix it with juice. My son doesn’t like to drink juice much he prefers the Nestle splash water so thats what he drinks. He takes culturelle kids packet. I will take a photo of the box and post it in the reply comment box. You can buy it at Walmart or Walgreens or CVS.

My son had an issue with constipation that turned into holding poop because he was afraid if it getting painful. We have been using culturelle kids regularity. It has concentrated naturally occurring vegetable fibers. I mix it in water and my son does great!

Probiotics - they may kinds you can add to her drinks and gummies. My kid is the same way. If we forget to take them it’s noticeable. Also yogurt - and not kids yogurt, real yogurt.

They have powdered Probiotics for infants and young children that helps sometimes you have to give it every day my children went through it I noticed it’s worse with dairy products my children were all on nut milks they are all adults now and now I have two grandchildren that have the same problem I would say try no gluten it’s harder to digest and exit the system and no Dairy do not milk and lots of vegetables and lot water I even give warm chamomile tea diluted it soothes the stomach

Water water water. My youngest is almost 2 and almost never has juice, she prefers water all day. No poop problems.

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She should be drinking more water and high fiber foods. Watch my son closely and if I see hard stool I will offer more water and fiber rich foods
. Usually gets everything going after a few well planned meals and snacks to encourage him to go easier. But I’m sure you’ve tried it all to finally type in. Hope u find relief soon for your child.

I get cranberry/ apple juice or prune juice… My doctor said bananas is a big cause of constipation to avoid them and cheese while she is constipated

Sneak a bit of prune juice in her juice, it helps my 3 year old

Less juice, more water!


Try a couple of sugar free gummy bears. You can find them at the pharmacy in the candy isle. Only give her 2 or 3 no more then that

I put my daughter on culturelle and that helped

Def more water, probiotics and if those don’t work miralax but do your research on it

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Mothers Helper has an all natural constipation liquid you administer by dropper. It helps my son a ton.

Any fruit that starts with a P helps poop😉. Juice may not help unless it is prune or pineapple

My oldest suffered and still does from mildly chronic constipation. I finally got her Dr to refer her to a specialist and she takes a prescription laxative every other day. And its helping to regulate her system to where she doesn’t need it as often. Soon she won’t need it at all

Prune juice or fig biscuits

Prunes…or “big raisins” in our house!

Pickles always helps my daughter. I give her 1 or 2 a day and it keeps her regular

Ditch the juice. Water only.

My son has prune juice mixed with water and cherrios every morning… Since then his poops have been fine. Prunes work wonders.

Listen my granddaughter was the same as had to do leg excersises lay him down circle his legs around pushing them up and around…we were given movical in the end she’s grown out of it x

Yogurt, prune juice, prunes dipped in sugar

My 2 year old has the same problem, his pediatrician prescribed miralax. I only give it to him if he skips 2 or more days. It works for him

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Prunes! My son eats the apple and prune mixed baby food as a snack and helps him!

Miralax is a life saver with my daughter.

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Best stuff hands down

My son was constipated really bad and we gave him miralax. His doctor said its fine.

My daughters pediatrician has her on a half cap of Miralax daily in one of her bottles after all other methods failed. She doesn’t cramp or anything. But she is able to have a poop without screaming and writhing in pain. It safe to do as it doesn’t stimulate a bowel movement. It just draws extra water into the bowel so it softens her stool. It’s completely safe and not habit forming.

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You can use the kids liquid glycerine suppositories. My son’s always had issues with constipation it’s one of the issues we’ve faced with his autism since he was almost a year old. At 1 yr old his pediatrician told me to start Miralax daily to help. You just give them half the amount you would take. It works wonders for my little boy.

I tried the prune juice, giving water it still didn’t help i took my little one to
The drs and they prescribed lactulose 10gm/15 ml solution, and that worked the best!! I was also advised to switch my little one to 1% milk and he hasn’t had a problem since!! Good luck!!

Pedia-lax chewable laxatives. My son has a condition that causes chronic constipation and his GI said they’re safe for everyday use because the only active ingredient is magnesium. He used to eat half a tablet every day or two. He hasn’t needed the Pedia-lax since he started taking a probiotic called Nature’s Way Children’s Primadolphilus. You may need to initially use a liquid glycerin suppository to loosen the impacted stool before either the Pedi-lax or probiotic will work. Sometimes you have to attack it from both ends to get everything cleared before starting a regime that will keep it clear.

Idk what kind of juice you use but we have always used pear juice and she goes within hours!!
I was told Apple juice constipates them more! Have you tried prune juice?
Also I was told miralax by the pediatrician!

Karo syrup and water is the best thing to leave or drink in order to help relieve constipation

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My mom has taken care of babies for years and years. She gives them a little tsp of olive oil and it does the trick…i did with my son when he was little

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My Dr always told me to use pancake syrup and it always worked. Besides having a better taste than the rest.

pegicol is the only thing that helped my baby. you need a prescription for it but as soon as you give it to her she will poop within the hour. best stuff ever. ask your doctor about it. it’s a little sachet with powder in and you mix it with water. please try this

I tried everything under the sun to help my daughter who is three the only thing that I could do was water down her milk when she did drink milk and add Benefiber to it after that we have not had any issues

Our daughter went threw the same thing and we used miralax in her drinks, spoke with a pharmacist about it and that’s what’s she recommended and it’s awesome, I was concerned cause I thought it was just for adults, but they said just to use 1/4 of the regular dosage until she is on a regular pooping schedule and it’s been great :raised_hands:t2:

Miralax. Take her to a GI doctor to be monitored

Have you checked for allergies? Maybe ask for a perscription for Lactalose that’s the only thing that helped my daughter with pooping

What is she typically consuming as food? This may be indication of a food intolerance like dairy.

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Pro and pre biotics together

I just had this problem with my daughter. The doctor told me to give her a cap full of Miralax everyday in her drink until her poop was normal again. More fiber in her diet like whole grains and plenty of green vegetables. And lots of warm baths. Hope it gets better soon.

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Give her 1 tsp a day of the powdered miralax for 3 days if it seems to be helping but still seems hard increase by 1/2 tsp and then once she is broke loose then maybe back off a 1/2 tsp to where shes not extremely loose but keepin her regular…I had to do this with my daughter when she was like 6 months old…much smaller dose of course but it really helped and after awhile she didn’t need it anymore

The first question that should be asked is what is making her constipated? Treat the problem not the symptom

She needs to drink more water and get vegetables, green beans are good, raisins even syrup on pancakes . She should only have 1/2 cup of juice per day, mica little juice with a lot of water. I’m not a doctor but raised 7 children. Now days we eat too much on the go and too many fast foods! Not near enough fiber. Go with the natural cures and keep away from lacitives

Juice can help as far as fiber, but water is always better for constipation. A lot of “juices” you find on the shelves will make it worse.

Give her grapes, raisins, apples, prunes, dark leafy greens… and water.

What about smooth move tea?!