How can I wean my breastfed baby?

Hello, I have exclusively breastfed my son he will be 10 months old next week. I’ve never really pumped or anything because I was home with him now that I’m working my supply has decreased some and no longer fulfills him. I would like to start weaning him but have no idea how I’ve tried three types of formula and he refuses them all. I’ve tried similax advance, similar supplementation and Gerber pro


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I wean my breastfed baby?

Start with one feeding a day going to milk in a sippy cup for a few days. Then keep doing that with more feedings. 

Pump and feed breast milk in a bottle. slowly mix in formula making the formula stronger


Wear high shirts to your neck. Offer different color sippy cups, offer watermelon, fruits that are juicy. Maybe just nurse one a day for a month to ween both of your bodies.

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My lo only would drink enfamil

Try an organic one, all the other ones are toxic.

My daughter would only drink the one from costco for sensitive tummies. Sorry I forget the name.

Talk to your doctor. The side of the formula can usually states that you should talk to your doctor before feeding formula to your baby if it’s under 12 months old. They will be able to give you all the info you’re after. Generally a breastfed baby will refuse formula, especially if it’s never had a bottle or sippy cup before. It’s not as sweet as breast milk. Ask pharmacist for as many samples as they can give you of different brands so you don’t have to keep spending $30 or more to find out they refuse it


Our baby on while milk. Mine swapped their selves at 9-10 months

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