How can my brother go about getting the child tax credit payments?

I’ve had my grandkids since November of last year, and she claimed them last year, and my 2020 taxes are still being processed. The IRS portal doesn’t have a anywhere to change life changes.

The problem is a verbal agreement…

He can amended his return and add the children he is entitled to ,but has to be mailed in and signed of course,also include any documents that support he had children all year or is entitled to claim them like insurance letter with children’s name and his address or a school record showing his address as primary address or even doctor print out that shows he takes them to dr and even if other custodial parent claimed them irs will investigate who gets credits and if another recd it already not your problem irs will bill them.also its website has options to add a pin to your ssn and that goes for children to ,which means you can block anyone from using yours or your child’s ssn on their efile return causing it to reject and yours to process only issue is you create your own pin and have to include it with return and if you forget what you created you can delay your own return to.Irs cant reset it since you created it.good luck.the good thing is it’s not daycare money it’s a credit and if you dont get it now its not lost or missed but you will have to wait till you file 2021 return to claim yours if you qualify and add pins she can’t use the ssn next year to file and will most likely owe irs back if she isnt suppose to claim them.

He needs to get a court ordered parental rights agreement.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can my brother go about getting the child tax credit payments?

It is an advance on your taxes that you file the first of next year for this year. So if it’s his turn to claim the kids he’ll still get all that’s coming to him on his taxes if he doesn’t get it now if she gets it now she will owe the IRS When she files and doesn’t claim the children that she has already gotten money for. She will have to pay it back


Should be where the child lives….
My payments are going on their school supplies and their vacation.

You have to have a written agreement if you were never married. Most states do not recognize commen law marriages. They will side with the mother.

He needs a court order. Needs the agreement in writing. Then he can have proof for the irs


What daycare stimulus payments were given?


Stop paying day care so she have to start paying it, and go tho courts

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He has to go thru the court


Court and no verbal agreements

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There’s a way to change the direct deposit on the irs website.

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Considering she filed them it’s gonna be hard to try and get them in his name especially since they are being distributed this month…

What daycare stimulus?

You had to be signed up online for that by a certain date

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can my brother go about getting the child tax credit payments?

Verbal agreements means nothing. Mother will usually have default unless there is a legal document. He needs to get with an attorney and get a court order outlining it all. Otherwise, yes, he will just have to deal with it.


Not much you can do for verbal agreements. Unless it was ordered by the court unfortunately nothing can be done


Talk to tax office about what you can do about the taxes if your the one paying for their care. Then go from there to do whats legal maybe lawyer.

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He can paper file and he will get credit for them even if she already received it. It triggers an audit on her filing. I had to do it when my oldestest sons father claimed him out of turn. When I called the irs they told me to paper file and what to do. I got the credit and he had to repay what he received back to the irs.

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Unfortunately there is not much he can do. She would have to go onto the IRS website & unenroll from payments & he would have to then enroll for payments. Its too late for the first one because you had to unenroll by 6/28. With how this is worded, I’d be confident to say he will have to take it up with lawyers or wait till tax time & square up with it on his 2021 Tax Return. In the end, she may have to pay it back to the IRS when filing her taxes, but they haven’t release any information on paying that type of credit back yet. I just don’t believe there is anything he can do about it now.


He will need to go to court.

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He’ll have to sue her for the amount he should’ve got for the kid living with him

He needs to contact a lawyer, maybe you need to do it for him if you’re asking here for him. Too many variables to get a correct answer on here.

Best thing you can do is get a lawyer, other than that contact the IRS, but I doubt they’ll do anything since you have a verbal agreement

He can contact irs directly , I’m sure they will be able to help

This was a case on Judy Judge last week. She ruled the mother must give the father ALL of the stimulus money for the child living with him EVEN though it was HER year to claim them on taxes because he was the full time care giver.

Maybe contact an attorney?


Nothing he can about a verbal agreement. He will have to go to.court to have it in writing

All you need is proof the child lives at his address (report card etc) or call it in .

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There’s probably not much he can do about it now. These are advance payments, so when he files his taxes for this year, tell him to claim the child that’s living with him. If she tries to claim that child also she can get busted for tax fraud, and she will have to pay back the child credit money she received in advance. Also, he should have never trusted this every other year agreement, they each should have just claimed one child each year to make it fair.


He would probably only get it only for the older one who lives with him, if he got it at all. Ive been saying divorced couples who share custody should split it down the middle.

It’s all based on tax returns. There is nothing he is gonna be able to do unfortunately

Good luck cause if there’s nothing in writing stating who gets to claim which years it’ll be hard to prove and also always have stuff like this done in court

I would take her to court and bring all tax documents for as long as they have been switching off. If it’s been years. Then it would show they’ve been doing every other year consistently and support the verbal agreement. If it’s a newer break up maybe the judge just will at least make her split it all. Definitely bring all daycare documents. Sorry this is happening to your brother. It’s sad that people are shady and don’t do what’s best for their children.

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Just has to make sure he’s getting the promotion? Lol wow

You get the payments unless you opt out.

If it’s a verbal agreement, make the point and stop paying. Then she has to use it for that. Problem solved.

He can file an amendment to his taxes for the previous year adding his children. (For the year she wrongfully claimed them) He will need to provide documentation that it was in fact his year to claim. It’s a lengthy wait but he will at least get the initial return payments - idk about the additional stimulus ones, but perhaps. We did this with my nephew who we had legal guardianship of when his mother wrongfully claimed him. After the amendment it took almost a year but we received a paper check in the amount of the child tax payment. I’m unsure if we will recieve any of the stimulus ones moving forward or not. But it doesn’t cost anything to do and is worth it.

You go online to your CRA account and add the child to your residence as of the day they moved in. I did it with my nephew when he moved in with us. If the mother received payment when the child was not in their care they will have to pay it back.

Is this for South Africa?

Sad people really out here fighting over $600.

Verbal agreements mean nothing