How can we keep my 15 month old stimulated and stop him from getting into things?

My 15-month-old learns very quickly. He doesn’t say many words, but he communicates using sign language. He gets into everything and doesn’t typically play with kids or with toys. I have been a stay at home mom this year but am going back to work. So grandma needs some help on how to keep him stimulated and challenged through out the day until I can pick him up.

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Give him some pots & pans to play with !


Blocks so he can build things. At that age though it’s hard to stop babies from exploring it’s what they do. So it’s better to control the environment that they can explore. Put up things that they could break, and baby proof your house. Or get a baby cage usually one single gate is not enough we’ve always put two together so that way they have more room. Again it’s hard to control their need to explore but you can control the environment that they’re allowed to explore.


Does he like sensory stuff? Take baby oil and put food coloring with it (not much in the bag) and put it in a zip lock bag and show him how to move around and write on it. Or take shaving cream and spray a small amount on the table and let him smear it around and draw in it (super easy cleanup) crayons and paper, play dough…

Lot of grandparents would like to know that. Pots and pans end up with dents in stove fridge etc. Nick’s in furniture. Every piece not just one. They kinda do their own thing. Keep them from getting hurt and go with the my .view

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Art supplies! He’ll get messy but that’s how they learn. You can make edible paint and slime if he still puts things in his mouth. Musical instruments are a big hit around that age. Blocks and other building toys. Anything hands on and open ended so he can learn cause & effect, trial & error, enhance creativity and imagination. As for him getting into things, put up things he can break or get hurt on. I never baby proofed, I taught my son what he can and cannot touch. It takes awhile but it’s good in the long run.

easiest thing to do is redirect them… eventually they’ll learn. or get a baby fence thing and fill with toys and snacks lol

Try an age appropriate tablet with educational apps. VTECH had several types.

Redirection and reinforcement. That’s literally it.

Reinforcement and baby gates to keep him from getting into things that can hurt him

I redirect them to something else when they get into something that they are not supposed to get into

A 15 month old can keep you hopping

Google baby busy boards.

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Baby gates to keep him out of where you don’t want him. Even with stimulation, babies will get into everything they can.

You can’t stop a curious child

Maybe dedicate a drawer or box of things he CAN get into. Like a curiosity box. Finger painting? Edible play dough? When my boy was that young he had a drawer in the kitchen he could play in and pull things out. Like measuring cups and things

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What ever happened to play pens ?

When u figure it out let me know. Mine is 5 and still gets into everything even though she knows better


Its pretty normal behavior. With a short attention span you cant have any set thing for them to do.

Take it as a sign grandma can’t do it as a caretaker for a toddler if this is your criteria. Toddlers move. They explore. They get into things like it’s their job - because it is.


I hate to tell you but, there’s not much you can do. Even if he has a place just for him to get into things, he will be curious and want to explore. I have 4 kids. Making them their own playrooms, toy bins, etc never worked for long. Exploring and figuring things out is a major part of development. My youngest is 5 and still explores.

A cupboard they can use, a box to play with, and mega blocks might buy you 5 mins if they’re anything like my youngest lol

Hes a baby leave him alone

These people raising kid don’t know what spakang is thy have to raise there self.

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Try teaching him things he should know. Colors,letters,shapes and such. Maybe if he’s learning necessary things, he’ll give up some of the other stuff. But he’s a toddler, he’s going to get into stuff.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: if you figure it out let me know!!

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Sensory play bags toys zippers, crinkle books, wood puzzles, puppets, rice bin, food play, baking, dish washing…

You might be of some help if you knew how to speak proper english

Sometimes kids just like things we use every day. Give them a bowl and a spoon to make some noise lol. You can take paint and put it in a ziploc and tape it to a highchair table for sensory play. High contrast videos or shows. Maybe a musical instrument. Edible sand made with cherrios. Just some ideas


He’s 15 months old. He’s going to get into things. Just part of having children :woman_shrugging:t3:


Wooden puzzles, cube puzzles that have numerous puzzles on them those kind of things. My son was about that age when he really started getting puzzles. You can also get 2 pieces big ones with halves of animals or shapes etc.

Let grandma be grandma and spoil the hell out of him. Don’t make her worry about stimulating and challenging him. Let her love on him and leave the learning for when he’s with mom and dad.


Spatula and ladle. Plastic bowls/plates. A box? Kids love everything that the big ticket item came IN…
Bought my son a side by side electric gator… He liked the box better.

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I also have a 16m and there’s not much you can do but try and keep them in a baby gate or maybe a play room that you can manage. My sons just getting the the point where he wants to take everything out of drawers or cabinets or even play buckets take them all out put them back in. They are just learning the dynamics of life and usually keep themselves busy.

Being a grammie of a 4 and 2 yr old and 6 month old that I have babysat since the first one was born, all I do is give my undivided attention to them. Play, feed, discipline. Ya gotta treat them as if they were your own. I dont just sit there and watch them…we dance, we sing, we do a craft just about everyday. The only time I sit is when they’re napping. Also, limit his toy selection. Otherwise they pull everything out and have no idea what to play with. Sometimes ya just gotta be creative and act goofy to occupy the time. But on the other hand…if theyre sitting playing with a toy and are happy…leave them be. Just my opinion. Love my grandbabies!


He’s one. You think you have trouble now. You should def have more!

Make him an area of things he can play with everywhere he gets into things. A drawer in the kitchen specifically for him with play cups, plates, and food. If he gets into things in the laundry room while you do laundry, make him a laundry basket and fill it with old clothes or doll clothes. He’s growing and learning and sounds like he wants to be involved in everything. But kids that age do get into things. Use child locks for things that he shouldn’t be getting into.

My son is 14 months he will go find some random thing in the house and as long as he’s not crying or hurting himself I let him play with it or carry it around whatever he wants

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15 months. This will last until they are about 3 or 4. It is called exploring and learning. You can’t stop them. They don’t stay stimulated very long. Their attention span is close to zero honey. Try to set up stations around the house that he can divide up when he gets bored. He can transition himself from one to the other.

Sometimes I think we try to do too much with our children. Grandma raised kids. I think she will be okay. Also, kids NEED to use their imaginations and explore/play on their own. Technology and helicopter parenting has killed imagination and self play in a couple of generations of children. I’m not trying to be mean if that’s how it comes across to you. I’m stating what I see in elementary children. Make forts, use pots and pans to create music, make up stories, play in the dirt.

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I too have a 15 month old, she gets in some things, however, she has a ball pit set up, and a princess tower set up with her toys in it. i have a blanket on the floor and the living room is blocked off. She loves to crawl around and use the sofa to help her walk. She doesnt walk yet, and she too doesnt speak, but babbles, we use sign as well. the ball pit seems to keep her occupied for the most part. And a wood puzzle of animals, she will also watch mother goose on the tv and dance to the music. Sounds like ur son may need toys that make sound, and even a drum with the maracas and flute and stuff. Thats what keeps my baby entertained. She also plays with her siblings a lot. Keep snacks around, and make half juice half water bottles. My baby seems to like to keep things in her mouth constantly while roaming around. Block ur baby off from things. Im putting up the tree in her area tomorrow so I dont know whats going to happen. However we all keep her busy.

Baby proof things. Hes a toddler. He needs someone to interact with him.

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Break out the pots and pans. Helped with my son.

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“Getting into things” IS being stimulated. He’s learning and exploring. Yes he might get into things he’s not supposed to but that’s how he learns you cant expect him to just sit all day with a single toy. At that age they have all the energy in the world. My 2 year old sits with me while we have breakfast, she plays with the dishes in the lower cupboard next to me while I wash dishes or cook, we sit and watch educational videos on tv together she makes messes in the living room while I clean the kitchen.

The best thing to do is give choices. If he gets into drawers in the kitchen give him his own drawer with things that will keep him interested like his own pot and pan. Keeo things high that he shouldn’t get into but make sure there are things he can open to find stuff hes allowed to play with.

My 2 year old barely plays with toys and just started getting interested in TV. He just followed us so we did what we could to.keep.him.involved. worked out because now he knows alot, how his hair, brush his teeth, do.laundry/dishes, he loves cleaning lol just give him an age appropriate job to do

Grandma knows what shes doing shes already raised kids.

-Sign language is great, but start pairing it with words and encouraging him to use words.
That will help.
Kids often act out when they cant verbalize wants/needs.
-find activities your child enjoys. Maybe get him a childs trampoline to help with that toddler energy.

Sensory table they are amazing and can be made at home super easy and fun

My son was/is the same way. He was diagnosed with autism at 2. He didn’t start being verbal until he turned 3. But when he did start talking we learned he could read at a first grade level.

Trip to park or playground .Get a year zoo pass and go often.Do you have a sand or / water table? Great toys. Cars, trucks, dump truck. Read books to him . Color wonder is a book that only works with its own pen. It wont mark on any place but the color wonder book. There is also a color book and paint brush that you fill with water. No mess, it drys and can be reused. Teach him colors and shapes. Get a cardbord playhouse, its got designs on outside so he can color or paint or markers. Get several boxes that he can stack up, put things in. Puzzels age appropriate.

Good luck with that… :wink: unless you sit with him the whole time he’s going to get into things… some kids are happy colouring or playing with toys and some just want to explore… enjoy them while they’re young… it goes by way to fast :innocent:

At that age you just need to be vigilante and keep on him and engage with him as much as possible. Whomever watches him just needs to be creative and mobile.

I allow my granddaughter 2 cupboards to play with . Youtube has childrens learning programs. I use supersimple songs with Katie. our little one loves music and walking . My husband and I just enjoy her.