How can you relieve the pain after giving birth?

I had my son 5 days ago. I had a vaginal birth and tore twice. What are some things that relieved your pain down there?


Ice in a diaper works wonders


Cold pack feels great

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They have a spray at Walmart you can buy and it helps with the pain!

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The ice pack pads they gave me in the hospital… changed my life!


Tucks wipes, witch hazzle


I was constantly changing my pads and that squirter bottle with warm water was my best friend staying clean helped me wonders


Sit in a hot bath with Epsom salt

Get a pad put cocanut oil aloe and witch hazel on it and freeze it

Cold packs. As well local pharmacy will have numbing agent you can get… I know im not a female but from medical field

The hospital gave me some kind of bath salt to put in the tub so I can sit and relax in the bath after I had my son… I even relaxed in the tub in the hospital with the salt

Ice on your bottom and tub soak

I used whatever numbing spray Walmart had. I dont quite remember the name, but it comes in a little red spray bottle… it works wonders. Tore with my little top and bottom. It was awful and thats the only thing that helped!

Ice packs and dermoplast it’s a numbing spray they gave me at the hospital you can get it at any drug store

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Witch hazel was my friend…

Did the hospital not give you a bag of things you needed?

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site in cool water i did it i i love it

Witch hassel wipes along with a numbing spray the hospital gave me. Can also get at walmart

Ice packs, witch hazel pads, dermoplast spray, sitting in a sitz bath, rest
Don’t wear anything tight, no TP only your peri bottle


Dermoplast spray and these…

Dermoplast and acetaminophen

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Ice packs and the spray bottle helps!

This! And put aloe gel on a pad and fold them back up and put them in the freezer. Or take a diaper and put some water in it and put it in the freezer for like 30 mins So it’s like slushy not frozen. I’d do the diaper with a pad on top. Diaper thing seems weird but it was a lifesaver!

Tucks and dermaplast. Also the squeeze bottle they give you.

Sitting on a round hollow center nippy pillow or blow up baby inflatable pool float as to relieve any pressure when sitting.

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Instead of ice packs when i was in hospital they gave me condoms with frozen water in. The lube stops it from sticking

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The numbing spray and ice packs we’re my best friend you can buy it at Walmart also if you run out of what the hospital gives you

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Every night, I’d take a soak bath. Warm water, witch hazel, lavender oil, camomile oil, Epson salt, pinch of regular salt. Soak for 20mins. I’d also apply dermoplast spray and Tucks pads to the area throughout the day.

Drink urosol. It will take the sting out of your pee.
Dry it with a cool hair dryer after showering.

There are a tone of tricks you could do. But at the top of my head get a condom fill it with water freeze it and then you have an ice pack that will sit better on your vajayjay, and lots of cool aloe vera gel helped me

Witch hazel wipes and lidocaine cream were my best friend with my 2nd degree tear.

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You can take maxi pads and put aloe gel and use that it will help you big time and it’s super safe for your area!

Definitely dermaplast. The squirt bottle the hospital should give you, tucks pads for your bum (if you got hemroids) I didn’t use anything frozen. But the warm water in squirt bottle is heaven.


I’ve packs, pain med from dr, tbat dermoplast from them and lots of good rest.


The spray bottle they give you ooooommmggggg is amazing fill it with hot water and just soak yourself with it

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Dermoplast spray, sitz baths but use your spray bottle from hospital to clean off before getting out and then use dermoplast to numb, good luck. Also stacking pillows to sit on help.

The hospital gave me the dermoplast spray that numbs and the witch hazel pads were amazing


Maxi pads soaked in witch hazel. Witch hazel seriously does wonders

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I used that first aid spray for cuts and burns. Felt amazing! Padsicles= a pad soaked in witch hazel and aloe then frozen AMAZING!

That numbing stuff and the squirt bottle will be your best friend

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Rest, ice, spray bottle when peeing! Good luck my first a!9lb boy and even with the episiotomy he tore me bad!


Soak your butt in warm water with liquid baby soap, pat dry, do this twice a day and have a mixture of it in a bottle and squirt it on the area after you go to the bathroom. Like a bidet in a bottle. Pat dry.

I put witch hazel pads on my stiches every time used the bathroom and let them sit there till the next bathroom trip. Pour witch hazel on pads and freeze them, dermaplast was my best friend.


Fill a baggy with ice

Witch hazel soak it on a baby wipe and put it on your pad or use those tucks pads but it just witch hazel so it’s really cheaper just to buy the bottle of witch hazel and have a spray that kind numbs a little but you’d have to call your doctor for that.

Sitzbath & the spray bottle.

That pain spray that they give u in the hosptial

Ice packs… Tucks Pads.

Put your maxi pads in the freezer and witch hazel pads in the fridge. Then use the maxi pad, layer a witch hazel pad or two in there, spray dermaplast. Use the bottle when you go to the bathroom.

They gave me dermoplast thBLUE can the red is antiseptic the blue numbs it I used like two can the stuff was a life saver


Dermoplast. A topical anesthetic. A spray you can get at drugstore


Dermoplast, witch hazel and ice stuffed in a diaper. I had 33 stitches. Those 3 things were a lifesaver!!


Spray bottle, ice pack. The numbing spray they give also. Which can be found at any store also.
They also gave me some foam stuff to spray on my pad. It was great also. I have no clue what it is called though

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Sitz baths every time you use the restroom. Tucks pads, dermaspray. I was scared to wipe until my stitches were gone, so I used the sitz baths to rinse and then patted dry with toilet paper.

I ised lidocain spray

This stuff was a life saver with both my kids.
I know a lot of women said padsicles, but I personally couldn’t use them. The cold hurt way too much. Definitely try them though! If they work for you, that’s awesome!!

Ice packs and more ice packs. Take it easy

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Nothing. Only sleep :sob:
I wasn’t allowed to use witch hazel or anything like that because they said it could have cause infection for me.

Ice packs, witch hazel pads. They should have given you some numbing spray as well.

Lavender oil neat on a sanitary pad x

CBD oil and numbing spray

Witch hazel wipes work wonders

Best thing right here with my son I had alot of stiches I mean alot and I used the can up the hospital gave me and went and got more at Wal-Mart was a huge life savor but with my 2nd baby I only had 1 stich and it wasn’t that bad but I still used this and it helped with discomfort for sure would reccomend to any one for sure if you don’t have a ice pack or something quick girl you can put that can in your purse on the go or any where you go if it starts hurting lol best thing promise


So much for natural childbirth. Not everyone can do it. I had a 100K surgery

Squeeze bottle for cleansing, dermoplast spray for pain relief and tucks pads, the coolness if them will feel good.

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Ice packs and sitting on pillows

Epson salt sith bath and dermoplast spray
Helped my wife so much


Sit over hot water add the epsom salt

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Witch hazel wipes. The numbing spray. And big bags of ice off and on every so often.

Dermoplast & ice packs

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I just always took the spray from the hospital they tell you to use for stinging and it helped a ton plus the bottle to help clean yourself for the first couple weeks.

I had a natural birth 4 weeks ago and I made PADSICLES !!!
I got extra large, extra long pads from Walmart, and i used a butter knife and smeared aloe across it all along the blue indicator and I used witch hazel also and froze them.
In my spray bottle to use when going to the washroom, I put in Epsom salts and witch hazel in with the warm water and rinsed with that each time.

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Witch hazel pads and those cold pack pad lookin things

What helped me was the Dermaplast spray sprayed directly on my pad and the water squeeze bottle everytime I peed. Also the mesh panties was all the wore for the 1st 2 weeks. Way more comfortable than regular panties.

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Witch hazel pads. I also had a numbing spray.

I just used everything i had in the hospital. Witch hazel pads, warm water in squeeze bottle, spray, and ice packs. I had 3rd degree tear with both of my children so all those plus pain pills whenever needed