How can you tell if you are having a girl?

I am pregnant with my 4th little one. :blush: This pregnancy is completely different. Like, night and day difference. I have all boys. I was soooo sick with all of them. Constant nausea, very small appetite, horrible pain all the time. This pregnancy however I have not had any sort of nausea, pain or anything. I am constantly hungry. The only same thing as my previous pregnancies is the tiredness. How many mama’s had different symptoms with different genders? We want a daughter very much and my sons have asked for a sister for a long time. Do you think this could be our girl? What were your pregnancies like with your girls? I’m so curious lol.


I was sick with all my girls. No real symptoms this time and I’m finally having my boy! But don’t put too much into it, every pregnancy is different!

I’m currently pregnant with my second. Both my pregnancies have been polar opposites. First one I craved steak. This one, fruits and sweets. First one I didn’t have much morning sickness. This one, I’m basically living over the toilet. Even my weight gain has been different. Both are boys.

So Litterally this is me at the moment! I have 3 boys, and had Hypermesis in all 3 pregnancies, and just found out a week ago I was expecting, I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out I’m 26 weeks pregnant with a girl! I had no clue i was even pregnant!


With my boys I felt sick all the time. With my girls they couldn’t have been easier pregnancies.

The only difference I noticed between my boys and girls is the way I carried. Girls were low and round like a beachball under my shirt, and the boys were high and oval right up under my ribs. I never had any morning sickness or odd cravings, so it was always a nice surprise to find out either gender :slight_smile:
I do hope you get your little girl!

I pregnant with my 4th I have 3 boys and was so sick with all them found out so early from being sick this time I found out was already 25 weeks no symptoms at all really and I’m having girl x

Currently pregnant with #3. I have 2 boys at home. I had ZERO nausea with the first two and am STILL vomiting with #3 and I’m 22 weeks. I was 100% sure this must be a girl, but alas, boy #3 for me! Lol. Try not to convince yourself one way or the other!


The boys kicked my ass but my girl was such a breeze.

I have a girl and was sick all the time , could not stand the the smell of hand sanitizer at all . Wanted anything strawberry

My 1st 2 pregnancies where nearly identical. 1st a boy 2nd a girl. We we’re 100% sure she was a boy, but nope

I def used to think there was a difference in symptoms with gender … my 1st was a boy and i had no pregnancy symptoms at all and then i got pregnant with baby #2, a girl, and she almost killed me lol i couldnt eat or drink anything…constantly sick and constantly in the hospital getting fluids through an IV since i couldnt keep anything down. Now im pregnant with #3 another girl, my symptoms are very mild but i haven’t been very sick… a lil reflux here n there but the 1 thing that was the same in all 3 … extreme tiredness :slight_smile: good luck momma and congrats

I had 4 boys, first three pregnancies were the same last was the complete opposite, all my kids were born with a penis…🤷🏻

All 3 of my pregnancies were somewhat different. All 3 are girls. I was hoping that my last was Going to be a boy since I was so much sicker compared to my other 2 girls. I cried at the ultrasound when I was told she was a girl. I love her just as much as my others. I was just emotional then. But good luck with your girl. My cousin had 4 boys then finally her girl.

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I’m about 4 1/2 months pregnant with a girl now. I also have a 9 yr old girl. I didn’t get sick with either one. I don’t really remember my hunger with my first but I’m up eating now. I’m always starving these days.

I had 2 completely different pregnancies…both boys. I was certain tge 2nd was a girl…so I will NEVER go by that again :joy:

I was extremely sick with our 1st daughter.
Wasn’t sick at all with our 2 boys.

Currently expecting our 2nd girl and haven’t been sick a day :woman_shrugging:

I was so sick up to 7months with my daughter. My son I was sick but not as long as with my daughter. I could not even work at the beginning of my pregnancy with my son. I was in bed for about a month,no energy just miserable.And I carried my son so low,his nose and face was bruised and purple when he was born.

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I was the total opposite!!! My daughter made me so sick! Only thing I was able to eat really were foods she liked. Nothing with red sauce, only pizza with white sauce, hot wings and salads… with my son I barely got sick but I was miserable with how big I was… he was a 10lb baby lol

My first son, I threw up once. I felt great for most of my pregnancy with him. The next time, I was throwing up so much I had to carry a bucket around with me, at work, in the car, in the grocery store. My hubby found me crying eating mashed potatoes in the bathroom once cuz I knew it would only be seconds before I was sick again. I swore it was a girl and that little girl was trying to kill me. Needless to say, I have a healthy, happy, troublemaking, perfectly wonderful 3 year old boy and I learned not to assume anything about pregnancy :joy: congrats


A girl you lucky duck.

4 girls all pregnancies are different. My last one was soooooo different from the others, I was convinced (and a little sad) at the thought of a boy. It was a girl!

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I had 2 boys and 2 girls
The pregnancy for my boys were easy and my girls made me sick

You’ll definitely know the difference in a sex that’s for sure! I had easy pregnancies & an easy labour with both my girls. I knew the minute I was having a boy. From day 3 after having sex I was vomitting rings round me and literally had no energy to I gave birth lol. Even my labour was terrifying with my son. Xx

I had 3 pregnancies 1 girl, 2 boys. All pregnancies were the same for me.

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Pregnant 2 both boys totally different pregnancies. Was even told my second was a girl.

All 3 of my pregnancy’s were different (2 girls 1 boy). But I would LOVE an update when this little one is born bc I would like to know if you finally get your girl!!! Hope you do!!!

I’ve been exhausted since day 1, sick more often than not, issues with BP. Just felt like crap. My mom was the same way when she was pregnant with me.

My son was my first and I threw up for 6 months .Carried him likes basketball . My daughter second child I woke up one morning had salty taste in my mouth and that was it. Carried her all over.

Well two out of three of my pregnancies were the same (minus the high risk with 2 and 3) i was sick with baby 3… Never with my other two… Different cravings(minus choc milk) all three are girls…

1st (girl) - no symptoms AT ALL did get lots of pimples
2nd (boy) - super sick all day every day ENTIRE pregnancy. Was on nausea meds whole time. Beautiful skin
3rd (girl) - a little sick here/there never more than twice a day no pimples
4th (girl) nauseas a lot and sick in occasion no pimples
5th (boy) - no symptoms AT ALL some acne

In my case the sex didn’t match the symptoms with any of them. I think it has a lot to do with your preexisting health and age.

I have 2 boys. I was convinced that my youngest was going to be a girl and I was hoping he was as we are most likely done since having two. My pregnancies were completely different from each other.

All pregnancies are different. So good luck

I’ve only had 1 pregnancy but it was a boy and I barely had any sickness or symptoms other than tired all the time…and my hair and skin were great lol

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I have two girls and both pregnancies were polar opposite. With my first I carried high and small, consistently nauseous, food adversities. With my second I carried low and large, never had morning sickness till the last month and ate everything in sight. Both my girls had almost identical measurements at birth. I just think all the old wives tale are just that… tales, and every pregnancy is different.

I didn’t have nausea per se with my girl. I just felt really Meh about food until the 2nd trimester

Mine where the same! Congrats

No morning sickness, awful reflux and heartburn, carried high, only craved veges especially brussel sprouts, not tired, high sex drive, but gender is decided by daddy. I had a girl…not done

I felt shitty with all of them. I’m on my 4th boy and have one girl.

I’ve found no method to the madness lol

I have three boys already and I am 35 weeks with a girl. And all my pregnancies were extremely different I have decided there is no rhyme or reason to any of the madness.

With my girl I had no nausea or anything I had lots of pain but that’s because the munchkin likes to sit in my ribs lol. Sounds to me like ur getting the girl you wanted

i had 3 girls no nausea or morning sickness. 3 different cravings my 1st with cravings ate cheesecorn like it was going out of style ,taco bell mashed potatoes . i had pickles and ice cream hated smell of hotdogs.,my 2nd i ate fish im not fond of fish and again cheesecorn.and my 3rd ate fruits and veggies and again cheesecorn my mom ate cheesecorn even when pg with me. my last 2 were kinda a difficult pregnancy induce with last 2 my middle was 2weeks late but kinda waddled out after being induced . my 3rd aweek late and she didnt want to come first i walked in the hospital she walked out.

If you carry high it’s a girl
If you carry low it’s a boy.
This is tried and true. Take some Drano put some in a old no good coffee cup and pre in it. Turns brown = boy. Green=girl.

With my daughter you would not have known I was pregnant no symptoms etc. My son I felt like I was dying x

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Crystallized Drano not liquid

I stayed sick with my daughter i couldnt keep anything down.
Im pregnant with a boy now and i havent been sick at all but i dont like the taste of meat.

I had boys first (2) they were very active felt like the first one played kick ball for nine months the second liked to do flips. Both girls were Pretty quite and were born early. One at 8 1/2 months and second 7 1/2 months she was real early but she made it

k ball

I’ve had an almost completely different pregnancy this third time. I have two girls. I thought for sure it was a boy, but it’s another girl :two_hearts:

I’ve heard all kinds of methods and examples, but for me it was exactly that. Different pregnancy’s different genders.

I could honestly tell they were completely different pregnancies. My son was so low, I felt sick but never got sick, and grease was my weakness.:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face: I craved Milk.
With my girl she was so high I felt like I couldn’t breath some days. I was sick sick real sick but could eat anything I wanted. No cravings.:heart_eyes:
This last one I’m sick sick can eat anything I want and to early to see how I’m carrying. But I’m craving Ketchup. Haha :joy::joy: so we will see.

I have two girls and my pregnancies were completely opposite!! I was convinced that my second daughter was going to be a boy! Goodluck to you! I hope you get your girl! Unfortunately I don’t think symptoms have anything to do with the gender :blush:


My girl I was constantly sick. My boy it was slight nausea maybe 3 times total :wink:

I have 4 boys and 1 girl and all were different from each other.

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My first two girls I stayed constantly sick. It was awful , sometimes I wonder how I survived it . All day everyday , almost my entire pregnancy with both I stayed sick. my youngest daughter however was completely different. Although I was still sick it was nowhere near as severe as it was with her older sisters. in fact we were convinced we were having a boy because the pregnancies were so different.

All 4 of my girls where almost identical, back pain morning sickness the whole 9 months no acne nothing. With this one I don’t have back pain don’t get sick but if I eat meat it’s a different story. My face looks like I don’t wash my face, got acne so bad, heartburn up the but and my groin and pelvis is killing me. I’m almost 20 wks

Both my boys were completely different. First had morning sickness, completely different cravings, exhausted. Second none of that but I had acne really bad. Just because they’re the same or different doesn’t mean anything. Hope you get the daughter you’ve been trying for!

2 kids.
Pregnancy for both was completely opposite.
1st. Gained 75 lbs. Everything got fat. Ate healthy, Toxemia, some nausea. 72 hour birth. Healthy Short fat baby girl.
2nd . Gained 30 lbs couldn’t tell I was pregnant from behind. Barely any nausea (both kids had a lot of hair) healthy “natural birth” to quick for drugs. Long skinny healthy Girl!!

Just take care of yourself.

I have a 4 yr old son and I’m currently almost 34 weeks pregnant with a girl,
I’m carrying them the same and I had nausea with both
The only differences are I had this weird metallic taste in my mouth this pregnancy and I’m not swelling hardly. With my son I swelled soo bad.
He was also super active in the womb and she is super chill. Like she moves and stuff but nothing like he did lol.
I had acne with my son and my face stays super clear this pregnancy.
Had heartburn last pregnancy and don’t have it this pregnancy

I had different symptoms for all my pregnancies, but all were girls

When I was pregnant with girls I had low iron and low blood pressure. With a boy I didn’t have any issues. With the twins (2 girls) my iron and blood pressure were extremely low

All of my pregnancies were different (3) my middle son I swore up and down he was a girl. I carried him really high and my oldest son I carried low. Also with my middle son I was wider.
My daughter , holy cow that child almost killed me. I had morning sickness all day every day Everytime I ate. Then When it subsided I gained 100 lbs. ended up getting preeclampsia and went into labor at 32 weeks.
With my youngest I got fat everywhere. My oldest I looked like I had a basketball under my shirt and from the back you couldn’t tell I was pregnant lol.

I have 2 boys and the pregnancies were complete opposites. I had minimal sickness with my 1st, was constantly sick with my 2nd. Nobody even knew I was pregnant with my 1st, my 2nd popped out around 12 weeks. I craved salad and chocolate milk with my 1st, my 2nd wanted junk food and salty snacks. I swore up and down that my 2nd was a girl, even called “her” Jaycie Lynn the whole time. Every pregnancy is different :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I actually was very sick for my first son, my second son just the beginning as well as my daughter. It doesn’t matter the gender

I was honestly willing to bet that I was having another boy while pregnant with my daughter. So many similarities, only difference was that I had less of an appetite and was more prone to morning sickness.
I do hope you get your girl! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy.

I was constantly sick I had nausea just not everyday morning sickness certain things make me feel nauseated but I don’t actually throw them up

All 4 of my pregnancies were different! I have 2 girls and 2 boys. My first girl I only had morning sickness when I brushed my teeth. If I didn’t have to brush my teeth right away I was fine. My 2nd girl I had all day sickness not just morning. Both girls was only the 1st trimester. My 1st son I was nauseous the whole pregnancy only threw up 1-2 times but had to take diclegis at night zofran in the morning every day up till delivery or felt sick. My last boy same nausea whole pregnancy never threw up. Same with taking both meds but I could not drink water till later in the day or I’d almost get sick. I could drink chocolate milk or hot chocolate but not plain water. I was eventually able to drink sparkling water. I mainly drank water so it was not easy. Even if ate then drank water I’d feel sick.

I had 4 babies. 1 boy. 3 girls. All were different. I carried differently with each one. Gained different amounts of weight. Never had morning sickness.

I was sick all day every day for four months with my daughter.

My boys- I was MISERABLE. Until the day I gave birth, I was sick. I was dead tired and almost couldn’t even function.
With my girl I was sick for a ten week stretch but fine now. I’m tired but not nearly as bad.

I had 2 girls, 2 years apart, & my pregnancies were night & day from eachother. First was a breeze. Second I was sick all the time, from conception til birth!

I have 2 boys and now a 3 week old daughter. Granted I was sick with all 3 pregnancies, with my daughter it was much less. I had way more morning sickness with the boys

I had 4 pregnancies, 4 girls, and every pregnancy was different for me.

I have three girls, all three were very different symptoms. I though my lady was a boy because I wasn’t nauseas. Still a girl.

All 5 of my pregnancies where different. Not one of them was the same

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Girls… Craved sweets…boys craved salt. Being sick is a sign you’re less likely to miscarry

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My pregnancy with my son was amazing. Down to the birth I am now pregnant with a girl and things have been total opposite, sickness, eating everything, nauseous, hormones all over the place. And the list goes on. Could be your having a girl or this boy is being nice lol. Good luck

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I had a girl then a boy and both pregnancies is were the same.

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When I was pregnant with my boy it was like you said the 1st tri was horrible for me I felt miserable

All my pregnancies were night and day. Three ways lol so honestly I have no clue haha

My 1st I had the worst of all symptoms and my second I was pretty good

My first two were pretty easy going & similar in symptoms, now almost 6 years later on baby #3 & I’m sicker, & more tired than ever! Good luck mama!


  • in plantation bleeding
  • didn’t miss a period till the 2nd month
  • Always tired/sleepy
  • broke out (acne)
  • no nausea
  • always wanted fresh veggies
  • didn’t show till I was about 7mths

2nd(boy 5mths along)

  • missed period
  • Never hungry
  • no cravings (just yet)
  • no break outs
  • sciatic nerve pain
  • only get exhausted around 9pm
  • someday’s I can’t stand the taste of red meat or milk
  • felt movements at 14wks
  • starting to show at 23wks
  • forgetful at times
  • clumsy
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My best friend just had her second, both completely different pregnancies, both boys

Yes I think you are having your girl. I have 2 boys and I was sick the entire time with them. Now in pregnant with a girl and have had slight morning sickness 1st tri, none in the 2nd tri, and it came back the 3rd tri. I think you are having a girl

All 4 of my pregnancies was different. I have 2 girls and 2 boys.

I have 3 girls and each was different

I had a girl and a boy and was never sick I’m pregnant with third and I have been sick though the whole thing and I’m only 13 weeks the only thing that helps me right now is smelling cut lemons

Really sick with my daughter and craved sweets and fruit and with my son a little nauseous at the start but no actual sickness and craved a lot of savoury foods x

I have 4 girls and my pregnancy symptoms were completely different with all 4 of them . some I had morning sickness some I didnt the last one i had hypremesis and lost 20 lbs in the beginning but ended up gaining that and 20 more lbs by the end because of preeclampsia .craved all different foods for all 4 ranging from sweet,savory and spicy . a lot of these symptoms for specific gender are old wives tales

My first pregnancy(girl) I was really sick til 20wks and craved blueberries and green beans.
My second pregnancy(boy) I was all day nausea until 20ish weeks and I craved fries, loaded baked potatoes and cherry icees.
3rd pregnancy(boy) I had all day nausea until 30wks and craved Chicken Taco Salads and French Toast.
4th pregnancy(boy) I had all day nausea til 35wks, craved beef & cheese sopapillas, pretzels or toast with mustard, and seaweed snacks.
5th pregnancy(girl) felt really sick the entire pregnancy and craved anything fruits & veggies which is what made me suspect it was another girl. She was our surprise baby and our last, my age and the rough pregnancy along with 4 other kids to care for we closed up shop lol

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I felt like I couldn’t breathe when I was pregnant for my girls.

I have five children my boys made me horribly sick and my girls didn’t :blush:

Ive been pregnant with boys and girls, but my boys end up being angels so my pregnancy symptoms for them is limited.

With my daughter though, I gained weight EVERYWHERE. Had constant acne, craved sweets and fried foods, didn’t have much morning sickness(this has been the case for all of my pregnancies though), I was fairly in a decent mood most of the time, pregnancy dreams were a bit weird though :joy:, little to no back pain but a TON of leg cramps.

With my angel boys i craved savory and spicy foods, gained weight all in my stomach, again not much morning sickness, had a lot of lower back pain, fairly clear skin(I’d get the occasional zit but nothing like I got with my daughter), extreme moodiness-holy shit my mood swings were terrible :joy: not a whole lot of pregnancy dreams.

With my first son I was sick the entire pregnancy. With my daughter I was barely sick at all. Now pregnant with a boy and I’ve been nauseous but haven’t really been vomiting, and I’ve been ridiculously tired.