How can you tell the difference between discharge and amniotic fluid?

Probably TMI…but could you post an anonymous question…I am 2 days away from being 36 weeks pregnant…I sat down today…only happened once…and felt something come out … not a lot but not sure if it was discharge or amniotic fluid…can any moms give me some advice or their experiences on how to tell the difference. Thank you


Sounds like maybe the Mucus plug


You can go to your ob or midwife and they can do a simple test to check if it’s amniotic fluid.


You can have your doctor check if it was amniotic fluid. It’s better to be safe

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I was two weeks past my due date and every time I sat down, I would pee a little even tho I already used the toilet and didn’t have to go again. My water had broken at the top and every time I sat down, the pressure forced a little amniotic fluid out. Best to be checked by the dr.

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Ask your OB to check your fluids. If it’s amniotic fluid it’s clear, smells sweet, and would be the same consistency as urine. If it’s a slow leak it’s hard to tell the difference from urine. If happened to me over a slow period and my son was in serious distress once it was discovered. Advocate for yourself and have them check if you think that’s it!


Amniotic fluid has a sweet smell to it. Lay down on your left side for a few and the stand up. See if you are leaking.

When my water broke I could hear it. Like a balloon popped inside me. It took a minute before I started leaking but it was a steady leak. With my first baby I stood up and gushed a lot of fluid like I had peed my pants.

Your doctor can check to see if it is or not. I had the same concern when I was pregnant and felt super weird asking and talking about gross stuff. My doctor just laughed and told me to ask all the gross questions I wanted. If it is amniotic fluid then that would be very serious and would require medical attention.

You could have what they call a hind leak… call doctor

Discharge is white , it happens all the time for me, but this kind of sounds like your mucus plug! Amniotic fluid is kind of continuous, if it happened once it’s probably not leaking

When I was pregnant with my daughter I got up and felt something on my leg when i went to the bathroom it was liquidy mucus (I hadn’t peed that morning yet) I decided to go get checked out turned out it wasnt my water but I was in labor and 6cm dilated

Best to get checked. I bent down at 38 weeks and thought i felt a small gush. Thought it possibly was my water slowly breaking but decided to wait it out for contractions. Those never came. By the next day I was feeling off so went it for an exam. Come to find out I had been ruptured for over 24 hours putting the baby at risk. Had to be induced immediately. Get checked. Better safe than sorry!

Call doctor they can do a swab to see if it is fluid.

Sounds like your mucus plug. Just call your dr or nurse (I had both I could call at any time at the health center I went to) they will let you know if there is anything to be concerned about. Or you can get checked at your hospital to see if your water broke. I had no idea mine did until I was in the er trying to figure out if I was going to be admitted

Amniotic fluid is clear, watery, and smells sweet. Only thing they can do is check your fluid levels by ultrasound but unless you have something they can test you won’t really know for sure. I’ve lost fluid with 2 pregnancies. Other discharge could be yeast infection or just normal hormonal discharge like pieces of mucus plug. You can lose that over and over as it grows back.

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Check with your doctor for sure. Definitely better to be safe!

At 29.5 weeks I suddenly started having to use 2 liners throughout the day (normal was just 1 liner a day)…wasn’t noticing anything else. Went to go make sure everything was ok and was 2.5 cm and contracting every 2-3 minutes and never even knew it! Had our son at 31w0d…1 week after I went to see what was going on.

I had the same and was a amniotic fluid leak. Went on for days. Finally I went in to get checked. Labor didn’t progress so they did a csection and my daughter was born with an infection and had IVs hooked up for days followed by 9 months of thrush due to infection. Please get checked

Amniotic fluid smell sweet like almonds. It’s clear And can sometimes have chunks as my husband has said when they broke my water with my first time it looked like chicken soup lol if it broke on its own it would also be a slow steady leak and it would also come out s little more with moving around.

Your 36 weeks. If you have shown no others signs of labor it is probably just pee!

if you think it’s a Mia not excluded call your doctor’s office ASAP go to the hospital and they will swab you and have a sit down to the lab to see if it’s your immune otic fluid

You would have to see if it happens again. You may be leaking urine when you go to sit too fast.

Put a pad on to catch anymore that might come out… Call Dr and ur labor and delivery… Your better off getting it checked out… yes it could be just pee but if you are losing fluid even a little bit you can put your baby at risk for infection as well as it brings a higher risk of fully rupturing the sac… And if it’s left like that to long it can cause death… always better safe then sorry… I had a slow leak in one of my pregnancies for weeks before I went in and it almost cost me big time… Hoping it’s just pee … And it most likely is …but don’t take the chance… Go get it checked

One way to check is to lay down on your side flat for 30 minutes then stand up, if you feel a trickle or fluid come out, it’s probably your water leaking.

I am going to assume that if you are able to feel it, it probably is your water and you should go get checked.

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Could’ve been urine as well did you smell it

It may be amniotic fluid happened to me.if its slippery then it may be white discharge but consult your doc for safety.

Get checked, if it’s amniotic fluid you don’t want to wait!

I had a slow leak- so I didn’t have the holy moly my water broke. I actually thought I had peed my pants. Went on for a bit that day until finally I was like ok, I’m calling the doctor.
I actually had complications afterwards getting all of my placenta out and had infection and wasn’t able to produce milk.
I’d call your doctor just to be safe. TMI on my part too, but that’s why we are here for one another!

Likely you mucus plug

I would get tested, they can swab you to figure out if it is fluid or not. I thought it was nothing and a day later my water ruptured with my first. He was born 35w6d. My second I felt a leak and went straight in to find I pPROM’d again but at 26w. They kept me to monitor fluid and baby until I had him.

It could be your mucus plug possibly but I would still call your OBGYN. Better to be safe.

I had that issue too and got tested every time, mostly because of history of early labor i would recommend being tested.

This used to happen to me. The doctor would tell me it’s normal, but 2 days after my due date I was told I have to be induced asap because I had very low amniotic fluid

It’s easy enough to get tested. Probably safer to know whether it is or not.

I would go get checked at hospitals just in case, better be safe then sorry

I couldn’t tell. My Obgyn didn’t know til month after I told them I though I was leaking. My ob did the swab in the underwear and said there was no sign of fluid but then did a bag swab and said yeah youre leaking and I was induced that day. (37 weeks)

Water bag. Is when you feel you peed yourself and when you go wipe yourself its clear, you should go directly to hospital.

The difference is smell and color.

If it feels like you peed yourself, go to the hospital now! If its constant, your water broke, but not completely and your child is susceptible to infection. They need to break it for you. Had that happen to me.

Call the doc! Same thing happened to me and I thought it was discharge and My water actually broke.


That happened to me. I was on my way to the bathroom and I ended up wet, but not much. I thought I had peed a little (it was first thing in the morning). At some point I lost all of my amniotic fluid and never even knew. Its was about a tablespoon amount at that time so I never even thought that’s what it might be. When it was my due date, I had an ultrasound done to see if I should he induced and had no amniotic fluid left. I would get checked just to be on the safe side.v


its simple to get checked, better to be safe than sorry … my first pregnancy I had a slow leak, and it caused some early health issues for my son … I had 3 other pregnancies no issues … Mostly likely nothing to worry about


Most likely your mucus plug. I was 37 weeks when my water leaked then healed itself shut. Your mucus plug sometimes comes all at once, sometimes you just loose a bit at a time. It will be clear or light yellow and usually will have some blood. Id call the Dr and see what they say. I qouldnt freak and rush to the dr, but then again I’ve had 3 kids and know my body/the process pretty well. Lol


Could hace been the mucus plug which can come out when you are close to going into labor. no problem if that is what it is, just a normal process.


Probably a little bit of the plug coming out…2 weeks before I went into labor It started to come out and I thought the same thing, that I was gonna go into labor soon.

My water broke and I didn’t realized it because I was at the beach. Later my daughter turned and was breached. Dr. Could not do c section she too far in birth canal. I almost lost her but she came out just fine and healthy.

My plug came out and water broke at the same time. Everyone is different, but I know when my water broke I was soaked

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Well, honestly amniotic fluid has a very distinctive and strange smell but is like watery…plus the mucus plug usually comes first but not always-never hurts to call your OB

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Amniotic fluid pretty much feels like pee I had a pinhole leak with my second so any time I moved coughed or sneezed I thought I was peeing my self the only way to check for that is a Dr visit so call your ob


Go to your hospital they are trained to test the fluid and determine if it is in fact amniotic fluid. You can’t always tell by how it looks or smells. I tested many samples in my career. Your baby’s health depends on you.

Definitely a call to your Doctor ,not us… make the call today. Let us know because now ,we will all be worrying about you, lets get the answer from the Doctor . Let us know what he tells you.

Sounds like mucus plug (or part of…) but it’s best to call your doc/midwife, and discuss with them.


The only way sorry to say is go to the hospital and have an amnisure test. Said from a labor nurse

My advice is to call your doctor and not look for medical advice on the Internet!


Discharge is usually a milky creamy type consistency. amniotic fluid is clear, when mine leaked I thought I peed myself.

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I’d go to the Dr. You sure you didn’t just pee your self it happened to me several times later in my last pregnancy

Doesn’t hurt to go get checked. Might have been your mucus plug.

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Negative Nancy’s on here. Geesh… no need for sarcasm.


If it’s fluid, it won’t stop. It will be constant. Discharge is here and there and is a little thicker.


Could be your mucus plug ( that comes out anywhere between 2-4"weeks before labor). Could be you peed a little ( uterine pressure on the bladder from baby). If you had sexual activity with your husband recently, it could jyst be vaginally discharge. If it’s bloody, continual leaking, or accompanied by worsening contractions ( not braxton hicks, then call your OB. If you have any question at all, you can call your OB. That’s what they are there for.

If you’re wondering if your water has broken you cough and if it shoots out its broken

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Most likely mucus plug. Call your doctor to be sure though.


Call the doctor or go directly to hospital.

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Go to your Doctor. Do not get advice from non medical people on line.

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Anytime any kind of fluid comes out when your pregnant you need to contact your doctor, your almost 36 weeks it could be your mucus plug or fluid and if its fluid that means your baby isn’t being fully protected. Get to your doctor


Instead of posting that question on FB you should be calling your Dr. !!


Contact you physician or go get it checked at the ER


Call the Dr to be on the safe sife

Prolly the mucus plug

Possibly part or all of mucus plug. Go see your doctor

Mucus plug. Call your Dr, never hurts to be too safe. Congrats on your baby!

Didn’t you look. I would have

Why in Heavens name are you asking here? GO TO YOU DOCTOR!!! NOW!


Call your doctor to make sure.

Call your doctor immediately

Contact your doctor.

If you are pregnant and leaking, get it checked out. Babies need all the embryonic fluid to stay intact in the sac until birth. Too low or leaking and they may need to induce you.

Get checked. ASAP You can leak amniotic fluid before ready for labor, which could be harmful to you and baby

You sure it wasn’t your mucus plug

U have what they call a mucus plug it comes before the baby is due