How common is a false negative pregnancy test?

Calling all twin moms! I have a question, my period is a week late and I have taken 3 tests which are all negative. Twins run in my family and I was talking to my aunt about my period and she told me that when she was pregnant with twins, tests were coming back negative for her for the first few weeks…doctors said it was because she produced too much HCG for the tests to detect…how true is this? has this ever happened to anyone else?? Did you ever get a false negative?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How common is a false negative pregnancy test?

My HCG doubled and then some. That’s how they knew it was multiples.

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My hcg was almost tripping during each blood draw with my twins.

i was barely 4 weeks when i got a positive test with my twins.

Ik someone that was actually going to the doctor for tests, not over the counter and she didnt get a positive test til she was 8 mo pregnant. After months of all the symptoms and not knowing what was wrong because of negative tests she had to prepare for a baby in one mo.

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the best bet for you is to go to the doctor’s & ask for blood work.

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I kept getting negative urine pregnancy tests and only found out when I was taken to the er that I was having a miscarriage and then two weeks later I still wasn’t feeling right and my family doctor did blood test and ultrasound and I found out I was in my second trimester and I was having a boy and that the miscarriage was something called vanishing twin syndrome.


It’s definitely possible to get a false negative. It really just depends on when you ovulated and when implantation happened. Your aunt had something called the “hook effect” happen - which isn’t super, super common but does happen when your hcg is too high. If you are a week late and still getting negative tests, I would schedule an appointment with your doctor to go in for a blood test. If you are pregnant, the hcg in your blood will for sure be able to tell you :purple_heart:

*I also want to throw out there that higher HCG does not always mean multiples.

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Not for me. I was about 3 weeks and tested positive. Ultrasound about 3 weeks later showed twins. Now they are almost 15 months.

Even with twins if you’re only a week late your HCG levels would show up on a test.

The only sure way to find out is check with your doctor.

Positives at 4 weeks with my twins and my hcg was super high

Also…false positives are common with singleton pregnancies too :woman_shrugging:

There are more reasons a period can not show up

A missed period could be from stress also

Go to the doctor, we are not professionals.