How dangerous is it to give birth past 40 weeks?

I am currently 40 weeks and three days with my first pregnancy. My set induction date was 7/6 (not for serious medical reasons), but because of a baby boom, the hospital I’m supposed to deliver at has been ridiculously busy. I am wondering how long mamas went without complications? I just want to make sure my baby is safe in utero. The doctors don’t seem concerned.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How dangerous is it to give birth past 40 weeks?

I gave birth at 41+6

I’ve went to 42 weeks and had to be induced still :weary::rofl:

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You can go up to 42+ as long as you and the baby are healthy, no distress.

I was 42 weeks and had to get induced. Everything went fine for me! Every dr is different of course

41+3 with 2 of mine, both born healthy (one after induction)

I went 13 days over with my 1st

I delivered at 42 week with healthy baby

I was 41 weeks 6 days when i gave birth no complications!

11 days over due date, she was fine.

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My mom gave birth to me at almost 43 weeks. Lots of sex and walking, did squats with my boys and went into labor naturally.

I made it to 43 just fine

My mom went 41 weeks with my younger sisters. They (twins) were 7lb10oz and 8lb2oz when born.


I went 41 weeks 6 days with my 3rd baby.

Went two weeks two days over with my kiddo she is now 20yrs old and as healthy as can be expected my only concern would be pain management during birth my baby was face up and i didn’t have the epidural option back then so it was massively painful

Due dates are an estimate. Your baby will come when it’s ready. Be in tune with your body relax and let it happen naturally.


42 weeks and 3 days with my first one 41 weeks with 2nd one 42 weeks with 3rd one being induced

I was 9 days late and my baby was healthy. No worries

My last pregnancy i went to 42 weeks, they got my due date wrong. He was perfect

My son came at 40 weeks and 4 days. No complications

I went into natural labor at 40 weeks and 6 days. I was scheduled for that day induction amd ended up going on my own early. She was my largest baby at 8lbs 11.3oz but by far my easiest labor out of them all! No complications just a very uncomfortable momma up til i delivered

I was almost 41 weeks when with eldest back 2000. My 3rd daughter was the almost 41 weeks in 2006. Drs will not let go for too long. You’ll be fine.

I was induced at 39 due to medical issues but was in labor for only 14 hours and pushed for 1

41 weeks and my baby girl came out a whopping 9lbs 4oz and was perfect

I was 9 days over with my first

I went into labor at 40 + 6 days naturally! My induction was set for Friday and I went into labor Wednesday night!

I went 42 weeks and one day. My son had a BM in the womb after being induced. Had to have an emergency c-section.

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I’ve gone 2 weeks over before being induced. With my second pregnancy he finally induced me my son was healthy and still is at 10 now

41 and 42 weeks with my last two babies both perfectly healthy. But I will say they were each 1 to 2 lbs bigger than my other 3 and they were my most complicated births I think because of their weight but we were all still healthy at the end

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I went a week over on my first before they induced. Ended up in a C. My 2nd was a scheduled C. Mine were both over 8lbs.

Well I mean if you’re past 40 Weeks and he/she isnt ready to come out yet… Then wait til the Dr has you go in. Baby’s have been coming out on their own for centuries, in case you forgot. Due dates are just an estimate anyway. They do tests to be sure your baby is safe in utero… Did they not check?

My doctor let me get to 42 weeks and then we induced. No complications, my baby girl is healthy 6 years later.

I was 42 weeks so try my first one, but I had to have a c-section he was 11lbs and unfortunately became stuck.

I gave birth to my 2nd child at 42 weeks and she was perfectly healthy.

I was between 41-43 weeks with all three of my big ass babies, hang in there momma it’s almost over

41 weeks with last 4 pregnancies and they are all ok

As long as your fluids are ok and you havent had problems baby should be fine

My hospital changed my dates 4 times and ended up being completely wrong my little boy was originally due 2nd Sept then 10th Sept then 16th then they said no it was the 20th I went over due they brought me in to induce me with the balloon catheter it failed and I didn’t want the drip up for him to come if it could potentially end in another emergency section after so long in labour they sent me home on the 3rd October brought me back 4th for a section when they checked my placenta his gestation was 44 plus 3 he was completely healthy and fine but the placenta was starting to shut down but normally now as far as I know they induce you 10 days after your due date xoz

I had mine 41+6 u will be fine

Always a week plus late last one induced and a nicu baby after perfect delivery got resp infection one week in hospital but healthy now and 16. Enjoy this the baby will come when he/she is ready unless your induced ,congrats n good luck

My dr wanted to induced me at 39 weeks but they couldn’t get the iv in so I left and went back a couple days later. I ended up having her on my due date but my second child I carried for 42 weeks and he was fine except he had dead skin peeling off for a month which I hated.

I went four weeks over with one and two weeks over with another , both needed induced but we’re healthy . My Dr just wanted me in more frequently to make sure the babies were ok

I was very late with my first one. Every doctor I saw said it was fine, the baby will be born when he’s ready and that their calculation of the due date is not always correct.

My first was 41+5 she had a BM but she was healthy and my biggest at just under 9lbs

40+ 11 with my daughter. Every day feels like a week but baby will be fine :slight_smile:

Your baby will come when it’s ready. Due dates are only estimates.

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I was induced 12 days over due with my eldest daughter she was fine just didn’t want to leave lol x

No some go to 42 wks

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Your body knows what to do

I Was over due with all 4 of mine 42 weeks with the first 41 +2 with second 41+3 with third and 40+1 with fourth. They all were healthy no more complicated than one born before 40 weeks. Good luck hope delivery day is soon for you.

Back in the olden days when I had kids, it was common. I went over 3 weeks over due twice. If you have concerns call your doc.

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I was 41+4 days day before my induction waters broke still got induced I had lots of complications but nothing life threatening. Just stress on baby struggle to come out and high got temperatures and lots of loss of blood but all worth it. And a big baby for my tiny body size. 3.8kg and 54cm long

They always say to add and subtract 2 weeks to your due date. So you could deliver at 38 weeks and still be full term, same with 42. The due date is just a guess from your LMP and size of the baby.

I was way over! I was the first person in the hospital to get an ultrasound. It showed I was 6 wks over. Scheduled c-section for the next day. He weighed a whopping 10.5 lbs and was 24 1/2 in long.


My fiancé’s mom said she was pregnant with my fiancé for a month past her due date and was fine and she was 3 weeks past her due date with her youngest daughter too. If the doctors aren’t concerned and it isn’t causing any complications then you should be fine.

40+1 with first
41+5 with second
40+6 with third

My kids hated me from the jump. Lol I’m sure they will check your fluid at some point ( ultrasound ) but that’s really it. The risk of baby having a bm inside increases as well.
Due dates are usually off. They are an estimate. I was always told anywhere between 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your “ due date “ is normal :slightly_smiling_face:

I delivered at 40+5. Only “complication” was meconium in my fluid but my daughter was totally fine and delivered vaginally

I was 42 weeks with both my kids. They had to be forced out. Everything went well though

Baby will come when ready. I was 43 weeks when I had mine.


2 weeks late… no issues… that baby will come when it ready


I went 20 days over with second. I still had to be induced. 5 full term pregnancies and I’ve never gone into labor naturally.

There have been occasions where a doctor measured wrong my niece was born in 43 weeks. Come to find out the dates were wrong. It could happen.

I was 2 weeks no problems

I carried 41wks and he’s healthy came out 19in 8.3lbs

I had my daughter at 41+6 by induction, she did not want to leave lol x

You’ll be okay. As long as no serious concerns. Enjoy your last week of pregnancy and get some rest. All will be just fine. 42 weeks is the max I believe, your body knows what to do.

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I think they give or take 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after due date. Bc they arent 100% on the due date they give


I was in labor for 3 day, past my due date. The wanted to induce but hospital was full. They finally had a bed open up, I showed up early hoping to maybe get some sort of pain meds and rest… I showed up at the hospital at 11 am dilated ti 7 no pain meds had a 9 pound baby by 2:47 pm lol

Mine went 22 days past 20 days before they induced.

I delivered 41 weeks 1 day

You’ll be fine most likely they got your conception date wrong and your probably not even 40 weeks for real

You will be fine I was 41 wks with my first son I was only 14 induced and he was 9 lbs no complications.

Almost 2 weeks over with my son and he was born 7.11 and 21.5 inches so pretty average

My daughter was 3 weeks late. I know this because I got pregnant when home on leave from the NAVY there was only a 3 day window I could have gotten pregnant. We were fine.

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I was 42 weeks with my first two babies!

2 weeks past with mine.

I was induced at 41+3. Induced 10 days over had my son naturally after 13 hours. Perfectly healthy!

Well in 1976 I was due 10/31 was not born til 12/4. I had my head stuck in my mom’s pelvis so when It was time for me to come they had to do a c-section. I was 12 lbs 11oz 26 inches long basically the size of a 3 month old lol my mom had gained about 100 lbs. They know now that she was a gestational diabetic. Which wasnt figured out til 19 yrs later when she was pregnant with my sister :woman_facepalming:t5:

I delivered at 41 weeks perfectly fine

I went in to be induced at 42 weeks, baby was 10lb 2 1/2… Got shoulder distoscia and got stuck during delivery… When they eventually managed to get her out she had 2 completely dislocated hips having ran out of room and me being left for so long!!! NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!

My oldest was 10 days overdue. No complications at all!

I went 41 weeks and 3 days before they would induce me. Baby was born completely healthy.

I remember that feeling all too well. My momma told me something that stuck and kinda made me feel better. Theres never been a woman in history of all women walking around with a toddler inside of them. They all come out eventually. :rofl: My first was almost 2 weeks “late”, my second was almost 2 weeks “early”, and my last was scheduled induction a week before due date. I figure it evened out :rofl::relaxed:

11 days after due date

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I was 42 weeks and it was totally uncalled for. My labor was AWFUL. a failed induction resulted in a c section with painful healing process in both areas.

I was induced at 41 weeks

As long as they check her fluid levels and they are fine your ok… my last had to be induced due to low fluid but my oldest was 3w4d late!! :woman_facepalming:t3:

My first was born at 41+2
My second 40+6
I’m 38+3 with my third and miserable.

I think they won’t let you beyond 42 weeks.

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My son was due October 6, 1978 - before the weeks and days were counted! He arrived on the 19th…. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I was finally induced @42+4 lmao my fat boy wasn’t trying to leave :rofl: he was doing good and my dr wasn’t concerned

The concern with being overdue is the aging of the placenta and the resulting lack of oxygen to the baby. The doctor usually keeps up with that with ultrasounds taken throughout pregnancy.

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I was 42 weeks, perfectly healthy 10 pound, big baby boy. They did a c-sec cause he was too big

I went 2 weeks past my due date on my first and 1 week past on my second and both were perfectly fine

I went over with my first she came out fine except she had the cord wrapped around her neck twice and had 2 knots in it.

I went 12 days over with all 3 of my kids

I was due on the 19th of January and had my daughter the 29th.

I was born 13 days late and was perfectly healthy and so was my momma!

My mom had me at 44 weeks. They don’t allow that anymore though