How dangerous is it to give birth past 40 weeks?

Most doctors won’t let you go past 42 weeks. My first was born at 41 weeks due to being induced. My second was a repeat csection and was done at 39 weeks

My mom had me a whole month late she was in full labor already dilated and it just stopped once she found out my grandpa had died. The doctors said everything was fine

I was 41+4days with my firsg went into labor naturally had her 4 hours after my water broke. 100% smooth successful delivery and a very healthy 6lbs 10oz baby

41 weeks with baby #1, in labor for 3 days past my due date with baby #3… your body & baby will do what it’s ready to do. Trust that process! Safe delivery to you & your bundle of joy!

My baby was 10 days over due before I went in labor and was in labor for 42 hours so more like 12 days overdue and we were both fine.

I had 2 11 month babies!!

All my kids were at least a week late

My older 2 boys were 3 days late, my 3rd born was 39 weeks and 2 days, and the one I am pregnant with is due for induce at the earliest at 39 weeks. Were struggling with constant pain and other complications.

I went around 42.5 weeks with all 3 of my kids

with my first i went 6 days over before being induced, 3 days over with my second before being induced and then i was induced on my due date with my last. i think 42 weeks and beyond is when it starts to become unsafe to continue the pregnancy

I was 16 days late, then they decided to induce with a16 hour labor for my 2. Both kids healthy and smart adults, no issues.

My middle son was an 11 month baby and he’s perfectly healthy perfectly fine everything went well

With my first, they said I was due may 15th and I had him on may 27th with no issues. I went into labor naturally. I had a c section but that had more to do with me than him. I wouldn’t dialate

I was 15 days late with my first, he is 22 now and is fine

Please have your baby as soon as possible I knew a girl who went 40 weeks and 2 days and her baby was healthy and kicking and moving until one evening he stopped and she went to the hospital worrying and she had a still born baby so sad I have also lost a child it is so devastating p

The Dr’s are not 100% sure on due dates they can be off at least a week or 2 either direction

I went 42 weeks and was induced, everything went fine!

My no with My baby sister, she went 46 weeks & she had to get a emergency c section, (she was breeches) & they found out she had eaten some of her feces where she stayed passed her due date

I was born at 42 weeks and I’m fine :slightly_smiling_face: my daughter was a week early and she’s healthy to. Babies come when they are ready. Congrats! :champagne:

My due date was on the 9th an didn’t get induced til the 19th had him on the 20th he is 19 now…

I was induced at 41 weeks. Some even go 42 before they’ll induce. Your baby is fine.

My daughter went 9 days over due date with my granddaughter

I was 7days late with my son.

I work in a hospital, my coworker was supposed to be induced last week and is now 41 weeks. She is doing just fine, or as fine as you can be with an extra large baby sitting on your bladder lol. Hopefully a bed opens up soon or you go into labor so they HAVE to admit you. Best of luck new mommy

They come when it’s time

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I went almost two weeks over with my third :blush: overall my biggest baby, but just as healthy as my other two born 1-2 weeks before due date.

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I was almost 43 weeks . Was due 10/3 and induced 10/20 had him 10/21 . Perfectly healthy just a big baby lol

Girl friend… That baby will come when its ready as long as you feel movements and no bad signs keep that baby cooking… This is coming from a mom that has given birth at 22 weeks 32 weeks and 34 weeks… You want that baby in as long as it needs.

I was 40 + 16 days all fine quick birth in the finish up :hugs:

My due date for my first was dec 12th. Induced Dec 21st. Had him via csection Dec 23rd. He will be 15 this year❤️

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I went almost three weeks past my due date

I was 42 weeks with my first. No complications.

Try some nipple stimulation, sex and walking !

I would feel safe up to 43 weeks !

I have four grown children and back in the day you were only supposed to carry a child 36 weeks (that’s 9 months) so I think it’s odd that they let women go for 40 to 42 weeks now a days, I think it’s dangerous, I don’t care what the doctors say. My daughter delivered at 42 and a half weeks and I was scared for her and the baby. You know your body better than anyone even the doctors. When you know, you know

My oldest 2 where 40+7 and 40+10 both came on there own no induction, they usually allow to 42wks but say after this placenta starts to breakdown (no set rate but safe till 42wks then they like to get them out)

18 days over and then went natural waters went at 5.15 and he was born at 7.27

I went 18 days over n mu son was perfect xx

I went just over 2 weeks over with my daughter

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41 weeks and 3 days. Baby was perfectly fine.

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My first was due on June 9 and was born on July 10, my second was due July 24 and was born on August 26. Both very healthy. In fact the first just turned 30

It’s not. Their measurements/ dates can be off by 2 weeks. Let babe stay as long as needed unless life threatening. No induction!


I went about 42 weeks with my second child. She was actually my smallest baby

My doctor said this to me (I laughed) babies are like bread we dont want under developed, underdone, done on ok great, over baking is fine and no harm. 2 weeks over due.

I haven’t had a kid yet but my mom was 41 weeks with me. I broke her sternum to make room :joy::joy: true story lol. A lot of people don’t believe me lol. She’s fine. Sternum heals fast and fine.

I went to 42 weeks with my oldest and had to be induced and she still didn’t want to come out lol I ended up having a C-section because I don’t dilate at all! But she was fine no problems. She was 6lbs 11oz 20 1/2 inches.

I went up to 42 weeks with my 1st born 22 years ago a few complications through delivery so had to have a emergency c section but all was good when he were born and he’s never been ill :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

42 weeks , placenta was calcified and baby’s joints / folds were dry and bleeding . She’s perfectly healthy now but I wouldn’t recommend going that long .

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I had mine at 42 weeks. No issues at all.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How dangerous is it to give birth past 40 weeks?

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I was 43 weeks before I was induced. My daughter was great.

I delivered at 42 weeks and he was healthy as could be

42 weeks is as far as they let you go if i remember right. I was induced at 42 weeks with my first

Mom it is dangerous sometimes so better go and get induce ASAP. You don’t wanna take chances for sure . Personal experience. ):


It’s usually safe to 42 weeks because there is that 2 week window that you conceived in that isn’t always spot on the exact date of conception.


I delivered at 42weeks3days😅. The healthiest baby boy❤️


My son didn’t wanna come into this world lolzz I carried him for 43 1/2 weeks my doctor actually told me if I didn’t go into labor they were going to have to do a c section I went into labor the next day no problems healthy baby…

I also had my daughter at 42 weeks no complications

I gave birth at 41w 12days, at home as planned with no complications. In France you’re classed full term at 42 weeks (unlike England at 40w). If you’re worried, keep on eye on movements and you can always ask for a check up on baby. Goodluck with everything, and hopefully baby will come before induction xx

42wks here and had a 8lbs baby


I was induced at 41 weeks. She was healthy, but because she got so big and almost ran out of fluid for that extra week and was running out of room, she developed torticollis. Idk why they didnt induce me at 40 weeks but other than that she was fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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40 weeks is full term but if you and baby are doing good Yes you can go up to 42 weeks that’s called post-term blessings to you :blush:

I went 2 weeks past my due date, no complications, healthy baby, but that was 26 years ago

Go talk to your Dr. There’s a 2 week window. If you haven’t had any issues you should be ok. But still if worried talk to your Dr or midwife. Getting induced isn’t the best thing. My opinion. Stay positive and blessings

I was induced 37 weeks healthy baby but takes soooo much longer the labor I was in labor for 25 1/2 hours next time I rather wait

My daughter was a week late. Totally fine but she got really dried cheeks that I had to use aquaphor on her first couple weeks. I was told it was because that protective film that covers babies while in the womb, starts decreasing as you get closer to your due date and she was late. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Me 40 weeks and 4 days…healthy baby girl.

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I have 4 and they were all late 8-16 days

My water broke at 42 weeks! Healthy 7 pound boy :boy:

My son was born 10 days late , and he’s a happy and healthy 9 year old , don’t stress!

I went 41 weeks exactly and my girl is perfect.

Your fine. Its not like 50 yrs ago.

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I was one week overdue. My child was just fine. They were only going to let me go for a few more days and I would have been induced.

its usually safe up to 42 weeks … with my first i had two sweeps and had her at 40+10 (day before my planned induction) and she was absolutely healthy … im currently 36 weeks with baby #2 and have to be sectioned in 12 days due to placenta previa … all pregnancies are different but im sure you will be fine :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck chik x

43 weeks here, she was perfectly healthy, and very alert. Had to deal with a newborn that acted like a 1 month old :roll_eyes::joy:


my due date was April 28th my Son wasn’t born until May 16th so I went 18 days past my due date no complications but he was a big baby 9lbs 9 ozs lol

My first child was 2 weeks overdue and had to be induced she was very healthy at 8lbs 2 oz’s and 21 inches long

If the doctors aren’t worried then why are you?

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As long as you’re working with a doctor, all should be good.

Always go with your gut feeling your feeling not the dr or anyone else.

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I had all my 3 of children at 42 weeks. I’ve never gone into labor on my own.

They would only worry if there was some sort of a health risk, or baby gets “too big”. The longer you can safely carry the better for baby. Congratulations and good luck! :relaxed:


I was 42.5 weeks when I had my youngest

I was almost 42 weeks and gave birth to an almost 10 pound baby that looked like an Eskimo :flushed::flushed: I went in with no pain to be induced and found out I was in active labor. I didn’t even have time for any pain meds and in 3 pushes I gave birth to a huge baby. She broke her collar bone she was so big.

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42 weeks is safe. If you have no complications and you aren’t going into labor on your own yet your good. Baby is fine. Sit back and relax. Enjoy the last days of sleep and rest.


My sister inlaw had a stillborn because she went over 40 wks they told her bub got to big in her belly so he stressed out so much he made a knot in his cord :sob: I myself have 7 kids but always had them early (between 35-38 weeks) My third stayed in the longest 5 days before her due date.

I went well passed 40 weeks with each of my 5 Monsterz, no worries unless your doctors are :two_hearts: don’t stress yourself and rest up

40 weeks plus 11 days= healthy baby girl. It’s common to go over 40 weeks and as long as you and the baby are not having any problems then it is perfectly safe.

I was at 42 with my daughter. I think that’s as far as they’d let you go

41 weeks and 4 days was to be induce on a Monday @42 week went into labor that Friday

I was 40 weeks and 5 days. Had a healthy 10 pounder.

Depends on fluid left and placenta. We did my Csection at 40 weeks exactly because I didn’t have much fluid left and placenta was pretty warn down. That can effect oxygen to baby. Other than that, 2 weeks late is normal in some cases as long as everything else is okay

I’ve went 42 weeks . Everything was fine

42 weeks and everything was fine.

Well if the doctors aren’t concerned, why are you asking us? Do you think we know better than the doctors??


No contractions yet ?
My first is 44 years induction back then or c sections either unless an emergency.babies came NATURALLY.My third was about 10 days late.He came naturally and a healthy,strong baby

I was almost 3 weeks over with my first, and 2 weeks over with my 2 others. Induced with them all with fast labor and birthed them all within 5-6 hours.

The the dr who went to collage doesn’t seem to have a concern then why ask strangers ? Any concerns you have should had with your baby dr . Not trying to be "that person " buttttttttt

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Technically pregnancy is all the way til 42 weeks lol so 40 weeks is still a bit early in a way


The doctors don’t seem concerned but you want to get a second opinion from a bunch of strangers on the internet?? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: