How dangerous is it to give birth past 40 weeks?

I went til 42 weeks and they finally induced me so as long as your doctor’s aren’t concerned I’d say you’re good!


My son was born at 42 weeks. He was almost 10lbs. Delivery went horribly wrong. Shoulder dystocia. He got stuck. Broken collar bone, dislocated hip. Blood infection from swallowing meconium. He was in the hospital for a week.

I went 2 weeks over with my first child… no issues no complications and he was and 21 years later is still healthy!

You will be fine. You aren’t supposed to go past 42 weeks !

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I went until 42 weeks with my first before they finally induced me. What a rough summer that was :hot_face: hang in there Momma! Almost there!

I went 42 weeks with all three of my kids. It’s perfectly normal. For all the rest of you bashing her for asking here…. You ought to be ashamed of yourself… maybe you need to remember back when you was pregnant with your first and all the questions you had. I think it’s perfectly normal to have questions and to ask outside of the medical profession. It just simply gives reassurance!!!

I went 41-42 weeks on all 3 of my children so try not to worry x

They induced both my babies at 42 weeks: #1 was delivered by caesarian, #2 natural childbirth. The risk is to the Mother, because the babies grow so fast in those last weeks. Both my babies weighed almost 10 pounders.

I was induced at 41 weeks with my first and had no issues! I actually had more issues with my baby that was induced right at 40 weeks (but I think that was the doctors fault tbh!)

I went 2 weeks over with my first so you should be fine your Doc would let you know if you needed to be concerned

I’m here to give you something positive.
1.Fuck these negative ass women and their negative ass comments
2. These doctors don’t know everything. Every pregnancy is different.
3. It is perfectly fine to go past 40. If it becomes too much you can go to the hospital on your own. You don’t have to wait on the doctor.

I went 42 weeks and got tired of trying everything to get my labor going. Went to the hospital and they agreed on inducing.
I do understand you said the hospital has been busy but it’s a hospital hun. They’re all busy.

I was due on September 5 with my first child and had her on October 1. She was fine

In france, they’re ok with letting a woman carry their baby til 43 weeks.

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ask for a membrane sweep!!! I went into labor after like 40 hrs after i had mine.

I believe most average times of birth range between 38 to 42 weeks, after 42 weeks if the babies become too big then they will give you a c-section. Honestly the longer you hold them in the better but obviously your full term so if you’re uncomfortable of membranes sweep is a great option!

Well full term is 42 weeks so not at all

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Found this on England’s NHS website maybe it may help you not sure what’s it’s like in America

There’s a higher risk of stillbirth if you go over 42 weeks pregnant, although most babies remain healthy. At the moment, there’s no way to reliably predict which babies are at increased risk of stillbirth, so induction is offered to all women who don’t go into labour by 42 weeks

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Both of my babies came on their own at 42 weeks. 1st one I had gestational diabetes but it was under control so they let me carry til I popped.

I was two days shy of 43 weeks with my first, it was scary when she was born, luckily she made it and is now 20… if it doesn’t feel right speak up, you know your body!

“Full term” is anything between 37 and 42 weeks. Try not to stress… (I know easier said than done!)
My first was born at 41 wks. My second 40+3, third 39+6, forth 39+4 and the fifth 41+6!!
To a large degree you need to trust your body and your doctors. Good luck and enjoy your new bundle of joy!

You can go to 43 was although most midwives/obgyns will induce you at 42 since the placenta can start dying.

Hope bub comes naturally for u before that date.

Most hospitals won’t induce you until you are 41 weeks unless there’s a medical reason to do so before. Many women go past their due dates& babies & mom are fine… if the doctors aren’t concerned I wouldn’t let it concern you…if you want to try having baby already, walk alot & sex can help induce labor also

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I went 2 weeks over my 40 weeks.had a very healthy son.
I did have to be induced though.

I had my fist at 42 weeks. Everything went fine but I was induced.

A due date really is only a guess.
When the lungs are fully developed, they secrete an enzyme that let’s your body know it’s time to go into labor.
C sections are not preferred, they are done mostly out of necessity.


I have went 10 dayts over with 3 of mine

I was to have my 2nd child on June 3rd she didn’t come til June 19th as long as the heartbeat is good and no other problems I think it will be ok

42 1/2 weeks hospital wouldn’t let me go any longer

41 weeks and had a normal delivery. Once you hit 42 then you are medically induced

2 weeks is where it starts getting dangerous for baby

38 to 42 weeks is ideal but the longer you go theres a chance that the baby could possibly swallow a bit of his or her poop in the amniotic fluid which is not good for them


My girl was 9 days overdue. Doc wanted to induce at 40 weeks but I wanted my body to go into labor on its own time.

Carried all three of mine exactly 40 weeks and 4 days.

Some people are just so rude! :angry:

I went 11 days past my due date before induction, he still didn’t want to come but was never stressed. I was so ready to have him out I didn’t mind a bit :joy:

My daughter was a whole 15 days past her due date I was technically 43 weeks 4 days when she finally came out. The complications I had during labor were purely because of my body not cooperating - I died twice from my epidural- but baby was perfectly fine!! She will be 12 years old this december :slight_smile:

I was 3 days past 40 weeks and he weighed 10 lb., 5 oz. so I’m glad he didn’t wait any longer to make his appearance!

I was 10 days overdue with my first. The night before I was supposed to be induced I went into labor on my own. He was perfectly healthy and is now 30 yrs old.

I was 42 weeks with my first when the induced me, they normally won’t let you go past 12 days and you should be getting closely monitored

Not the most comfortable thing to do… Well it wasnt for me atleast! But all the nerve endings to your whole body are in your feet. With that being said go get a intense foot message. This will trigger labor naturally. I did this and was in labor with 24 hours. Im talking about deep tissue message. Prayers for you and baby.

When my mom was pregnant with my sister she had her 2 weeks after her due date and everything was fine me and my sister make jokes about it all the time since I was born 2 weeks early and she was 2 weeks late if the doctors arent worried then dont stress yourself out the baby can feel it just take it easy or you could try to induce labor yourself by eating fresh pineapple, spicy food or sex lol

My Dr. Told me I could go into Labor 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after my due date. So I wouldn’t worry. Granny alway said" The peach doesn’t fall until its ripe"

After term you need to nake sure baby is getting enough oxygen

I went to 41 weeks with my daughter having a little meconium staining and almost 10 lbs.

I went 2 weeks over my due date before they induced me

I went 43 weeks with all 3 of mine… they come when they’re ready.

Going pass your due date is common. I actually was 10 months with my son. The doctor was going to induce labor the next day but I finally went in labor the evening before.

I was 15 days past my due date, from induction to delivery it was around 6 hours. My little lady came out weighing 6.5 pounds and required to be on a heated cot as she couldnt sustain body temperature for 24 hours. Other than that she is now 3 and wild. Good luck with everything! X

My son was 10 days late

The doctor should be able to tell you but a week or two after 40 weeks is nothing major. The issues is that nice safe place for you baby was only designed to last 40 plus or minus a few weeks. I’m sure there is nothing to worry about.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How dangerous is it to give birth past 40 weeks?

I had my first two baby a couple day past 41 weeks. Both happy and healthy 4 year old and 6 year old.

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You can go up to 42 weeks as far as I know

I was 41 weeks and 1 day

I went 6 days over and its was fine all 4 of my kids were late I’m sure dr will intervene if it goes to far

Babies come at their own pace

I was 41 weeks 2 days got induced

I went 42 weeks with both of my boys and had no complications, just had big babies. Every person is different though.

I went 41 plus 2 days. And my baby was 100 percent healthy. He was just really comfy. The only issue was I had to have a C Section. But even then, it wasn’t terrible. I had a good recovery.

I was 10days over with my first. And remember it’s just an estimated delivery date

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My doctor said up to 41 weeks is perfectly safe, some women even carry 42. You may go into labor naturally while your waiting

I went to 42+2 with my first! Baby was absolutely fine :relaxed:

I was exactly 42 weeks when I was induced. No complications during labor, everything went smoothly!

I had my 5th baby at 41 weeks it can go up to 2 weeks after due date for most new mamas

I had my baby at 41 weeks 6 days they made me wait :sob:

I delivered my first at 42 weeks… I think thats the longest they will let you go is to 42 weeks

I was over 41 weeks and I was fine nothing wrong with baby being a little late. I got induced and they told me I was having contractions and I didn’t know it. So be patient it was happen.

I was 15 days past due before they called for an inductions no issues at all except being mad all the time lol

I was almost 42 weeks by the time I had my first kid it’s not technically dangerous until after 42 weeks

I was 42 weeks with my middle child

I was 2 weeks past my due date with my son …27 years ago… and 8 days past my due date with my daughter…

41+2 and 41+3 went into labor naturally with both

I was almost 43 weeks when I got induced with my first

Ummm pushing out them big babies is what would worry me :crazy_face:

I was 41w2d with my first, i did 20 hours of labor and then they told me I can’t have kids naturally due to my hips not being able to spread far enough and some other stuff :woman_shrugging: poor thing had been trying and had a cone head for about 48 hours after. She was still very healthy and no complications for her tho

I was 40 weeks 3 days. & had 2 hour 22 minutes labor.

My doctor told me the week of Christmas there was no way i would go past the first of the year ha i had my baby on the 26th of January and they induced baby weighed 8 lbs.

I was 2 weeks past my due date with my son, first born. Both my girls were 3 weeks early. Each one was just fine & went home with me with no complications.

Due dates are just estimates.

Depends on the doctor honestly. My doctor induced me at 40 weeks (due date) but my sisters doctor induced her at 43wks 1 day. My son was 6.12 & hers was 13.7 :sweat_smile:

My first kid almost 42 weeks… misery

I was 42 weeks as well and had zero complications, went into labor naturally and had natural birth too.

With my third I went 43+3 doc wouldn’t induce he was for lack of better words a poor doc

I was 41+2, everything was fine. Don’t worry mama, it’ll be okay!!

They allow upto 42 weeks which I went.

Depends how far past. Stillborn is a big risk

My son was born at 42 weeks I don’t recommend he was 10 lbs 6 oz I had him naturally :laughing:

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7 days after due date

Most OBGYN doctors that I have worked for won’t go more then two weeks but like to keep it no more then 1 week.


I was 10 days overdue with my first no issues

I went 41 weeks and 5 days with my first before I was induced. No complications!

With both my boys I was 40 weeks 3 days, my second from the time my water broke till he was born was 5 hours, no complications. I know of moms who gave birth naturally close to 42 weeks

I went 2 weeks late with all my kids

I was a week late w my daughter depends on baby’s size and if you’ve been losing fluids.

I went to 42 weeks before I was induced for my first. And 41 weeks with my second both were fine.

I was exactly 14 days over with my 1st. I was induced on a Saturday and he arrived in the Monday - the Monday was the 14th day. He was 8lb 13oz and no complications

My first born got induced a week late not a problem unless your over 30 or in your forties more risk

41+5. You’re fine! Past 42 weeks can be concerning but due dates are just estimated

42 weeks is still full term.
My son was born at 42 weeks and no complications. I knew he was going to be a late baby. I HIGHLY recommend letting baby come when they are ready. If the doctors aren’t concerned, you are good mama. Don’t let them pressure you into an induction because they are busy. This is your body, your baby, your choice and your birth plan.


Due dates are totally an estimate.if you feel uncomfortable you can go to the ER at a nearby hospital the doctor doesn’t attend.